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adidas Ultra Boost 4.0 Running Shoes (Noble Red) $99.98 Shipped @ Wiggle


Great price for a pair of Ultra Boost 4.0s if you don't mind the colour.

Free shipping on Wiggle on orders over $80.

Sizes are in UK sizing, make sure to check the size chart before ordering as eg. UK 9.5 = US10 with Adidas.

$99.98 AUD if you are new customer using code "GETTHERE20", thanks wlqrichard

Original GETTHERE20 deal

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  • Down to $99.98 AUD if you are new customer using code "GETTHERE20"~

  • 7.5 AU$187.00, size discrimination

    • I really dont understand why they price differently for diferrent size…. Must be popular size

  • I bought a pair on the previous deal but might be mens 7 instead of women's =_=

  • which ultraboost is this

  • ahh why red!

    • +5 votes

      Because thats the one not selling so well. Not going to discount the ones selling so well now. Will you?

      • Which is the reason why it's not selling so well. It's just so ugly that no one wants it.

        • +3 votes

          I see colours like in this shoe as a preference. Some like it. Some don't. In this case many don't but saying no one wants it. Questionable.

          Saying its ugly is your opinion. So you are entitled to it.

        • @serpserpserp:

          hollykryten said it was so ugly no one wants it. No one. Not one. Nobody. That is what I am saying is questionable.

          Not debating whether hollykryten and your opinion of the colour of the shoe is ugly or not. That's also your opinion. So you too are entitled to it.

          In comes Dusto saying they love the red colour. That counts as at least one person yeah? Do you not agree?

          The point I am making is. There is always going to be someone who will like something that does not do it for you. Like red shoes. For me its camo coloured shoes. Or military green colour shoes. Its all about the preference. Granted many don't prefer the red shoes thats why its on sale. Win for those who like red shoes I say.

        • @xoom:

          The question is. Would you have bought this red colour shoe if it was full price?. I bet you wouldn't. And if it was selling at all they wouldn't have slashed the price so much.

          Otherwise you may be insane doing so since it's not the best looking shoe according to what most people would think. They are clearing out a non popular shoe which didn't sell very well at the RRP. That's why i said what i did.

        • @hollykryten:

          Would you have bought this red colour shoe if it was full price?

          I wouldn't buy any colour ultraboost at full price. We are on ozbargain and you are asking someone here if they would pay for stuff at full price? Not sure if serious.

          They are clearing out a non popular shoe which didn't sell very well at the RRP.

          Now this is more correct. There are people who like the red colour in this shoes but not the price. The discount is great for those who like the red colour.


          Huge difference between few people bought the red ultraboost at RRP to nobody wants red ultraboost.

    • These shoes will make you faster then wearing other colours.

  • Wtf.. Bought for 150.. Do they do price refund?

  • just realised ultraboosts shoes drops are huge its like 13mm

  • Wtf…what am I supposed to do now? Got an ub st and an eqt 93/17 from a previous sale that I haven't worn. Currently going through new balance fresh foam and a puma evoknit low…

    • +1 vote

      Switch to buying a brand that never goes on sale. Like saucony, Brooks, Hoka, etc.

      Or exercise more. But I think that will get downvoted…

      • -2 votes

        Why would I do that? This is ozbargain not ozexpensive. You're in the wrong part of the internet if you wanna be buying rrp.

        I think I do OK cf most people. Hard to do more than 6 days a week, don't think I'll be able to do more than that =S

  • +12 votes

    I love the red I’m jumping on for sure. I guess it’s down to personal preference

  • Are these shoes good for running?

    • Made for running but some people find them too soft and the Continental Rubber out sole tends to wear down quite quickly.

      I say most people who purchase UltraBoosts don't run in them, rather just use them as a lifestyle shoe.

      Want something more durable and for the purpose, get something from Asics or Brooks. Only thing is, the good ones don't go for $99 and the "cool factor" isn't there.

  • Cheers op too cheap to resist!!! :) I think the colour is awesome.

  • never thought id buy bright red shoes….but there I've gone ahead and done it. thanks ozbargain

  • Bugger size11 sold out

  • Anybody know which ultraboost model these are? 1.0-4.0?

  • Cheers, just hope the ultra boost fits same as pure boost size wise.

  • Ahhh why red!

  • Thanks OP! Copped a pair.

  • 2.4% Cashrewards

  • lucky me I've managed to pick up a pair last night.

  • I really like that colour but none in my size :(

  • I feel like if you're going to wear a crazy colour, make it your running shoes. Purchased.

  • Got one. Can't beat $100 ultraboost ;)

  • Using code “GETTHERE18” makes the order $99.94 which is 4c cheaper than OP’s price. Thank me later :)

    EDIT: actually for real, “GETTHERE19” makes it $98.94 so you save $1.04 more than OP! Enjoy :) I’ve gone through and tested everything from Get there 1-20

  • Thanks op! Another red shoe added to the collection

  • Cheers op. I paid in GBP on my 28° m/c & paid AU$94.86!

  • Grabbed a pair! $98 for a pair a Ultra Boost is as best at it gets :)

    Thanks OP!

  • Might drop by the local insport and see if they have a pair to try out.
    Genuine question - are these actually good "running" shoes? Have been wanting to get out there and do some exercise, a pair of good shoes would be a good start as I don't have a pair of runners.
    Most of the reviews I'm seeing on youtube highlight how they look more than anything…

    • The shoes itself is very light and comfortable.. I used it for hit training..i am not sure the criteria of good running shoes..

  • just bought a pair, thanks!!

  • Bought a pair.. I happen to like the red one..

    • It's not just red, it's a really nice mixed pattern of red and dark grey. Very nice.

  • First boosts, thank you kind sir

  • This shows how ripoff Australia shoe prices are. I havent bought any shoes in Australia for the past 10 years. All from overseas.

  • I am using uk size 9 on my ASICS Kayano. Would size 9.5 on this adidas suit me?

    • These are true to size so if you wear "UK 9's" as your general shoe size it should fit. Worse case go 1/2 size higher.. it's only 5mm difference.

  • Thanks OP! Used the GETTHERE19 code for $98. I think cash rewards fucted up though.. but at sub $100 for Boosts I'm not going to argue about $3!

  • Received this and notice the continental black rubber not cut to the size of shoes? Still some left over at the back of ahoes

  • I just received the shoes and the right one looks grayer the left one. The fabric has significantly more of the grey thread through it. It looks odd. Does anybody have any experience with Wiggle and their faulty item exchange process?

    • I would contact them before doing anything. Don't wear them. I'vefound their service to be good.They have to look after you or else you CC company will as a last resort.