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50% off Europe + 71 Destinations 12GB Travel SIM Card + 3000 Mins (EU & UK) + 3000 Texts (EU & UK) $32.50 Shipped @ Eurosims


Hello Again Ozbargain!

Please Don't Forget to Use Discount Code: Euro12 at the checkout to claim your discount!

Jacob from Euro Sims here again, I would just like to thank all the ozbargainers who purchased from our previous O2 deal post here

Due to the tremendous success of our O2 Post we thought it would be a great idea to release another 50% off Sale for our Three AIO 20 SIM Cards which not only work in the EU… but also 71 other destinations worldwide making it the perfect all around SIM Card if your travelling outside the EU or within the EU!

Advantages Of The Three AIO 20 SIM

  • The SIM activates immediately in any of the 71 destinations - just turn data roaming "On"
  • The SIM comes loaded with 12GB of Data - more than enough for even the most social savvy traveler.
  • Hotspot Enabled (Mobile Only): You can hotspot the data from your phone and share that data between you and other devices
  • No shelf life hold onto the SIM for as long as you need! So you can have your Euro SIM sorted well before
  • The SIM also works in Australia - which means, you can pop the SIM into your device in the AU… ensure it's working, and then have peace of mind when you land
  • No Id needed: You can plug the SIM in and be on your way!

We have stock displayed on our website - we have the SIM cards ready to go and your orders will be dispatched within two business days

RRP: $64.95

Discounted Price: $32.50 (Shipped)

What you get in this bundle

  • 12GB of 3.5G to 4G LTE data to use 71 destinations
  • 3000 minutes calls - you can also make calls between numbers in the UK and EU just be sure to use the country prefix
  • 3000 texts (UK + EU numbers only)
  • Allows Mobile Hotspot for phone use only.
  • Valid for 30 days
  • Comes in a triple cut sim that fits all smartphones

Activating Your Three SIM:

  • Pop out the right sized sim card out of your Euro 3-in-1 sim pack
  • Insert the sim into your mobile device
  • Go to your mobile settings in your device and switch 'data roaming' to "On" this will allow you to use your data in all the destinations listed below

Where does the SIM Roam?:

South America: (Work on 3.5G Speeds in South America)

Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Panama, Peru, Uruguay, Brazil, Guadalupe

South East Asia: (Works on 3.5 G data speeds except vietname):

Vietnam, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macau, Singapore, Sri Lanka

USA: Uses 3.5G data Speeds


UK (England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland) -
(Works on 4G speeds in Uk & 3.5G Speeds in Europe)
Åland Islands, Austria, Azores, Balearic Islands, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canary Islands, Channel Islands, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, El Salvador, Estonia, Finland, France, French Guiana, French West Indies, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Isle of Man, , Italy, Jersey, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macau, Madeira, Malta, Martinique, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Republic of Ireland, Reunion, Romania, Scotland, Saint Barthelemy, Saint Martin, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, , Sweden, Switzerland, Uruguay, US Virgin Islands, Vatican City,

Middle East:

*Israel (3.5 or HSPAs + speeds)

Postage and Handling:

  • Australia Post Priority Letter Service (Free Shipping) - 2 - 6 Business Day's
  • Australia Post Registered Signature On Delivery Service - $2.99 - 1 - 5 Business Days Guaranteed
  • Australia Post Express Postage - Next Business Day - $9.99

Also, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries at all we're here to help out: [email protected]

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  • Hi ozbargainers

    Any questions you have, don't hesitate I'm happy to help out with any queries you may have.

    • Jacob
    • What about Canada?

      • Hi there

        Sorry Canada is not included in the feel at home destinations

        • Jacob
  • Hi, when the 30 days start to count? I have a planned trip for Sep/2018 not sure if I can activate like one day before boarding the airplane?

    • Hi there

      The 30 days begin from the moment you insert th e sim into your device :)

      • Jacob
  • How do I get to this country?


    • Our apologies, merely a typo :)

      • Jacob
  • Just bought one. Finally got it to work using PayPal. Was trying to pay via credit card on the website but it kept failing saying I hadn’t filled in all required fields (everything was filled in!). If you have this issue try PayPal!

    • Hey There

      We have just checked, and it seems to be working fine champ

      nevertheless if anyone has any problems our support crew are at your service

      Regards Jacob

  • Where does the RRP come from? Is that just what you normally charge?

    • +1

      Hi there

      Yes that's correct, the RRP stems from the costs of actually bringing the SIM cards into the AU and it is then adjusted by the demand of these SIM cards which is really high because you can activate them in any of those destinations.

      • Jacob
  • Any deals for Russia?

    • Hey Cody

      Stay alert Russia will be arriving very soon

      Regards Jacob

      • Hi, any news on the russian sim? Will that be a separate sim or included in the europe sim?

        • Hey Chard,

          We should be putting a special next week

          Regards Jacob

  • Does USA include Hawaii

    • +1

      Hey Champ

      unfortunately USA is not part of the 3 network and Hawaii is not included

      Regards Jacob

  • Jacob just wondering if you guys were linked to SimsDirect at all?

    Noticed you are posting deals at similar times.

    • Hey Dave

      no champ we are not related to sim direct,

      We are here to ensure we provide, excellent service, fast delivery and great customer satisfaction

      Regards Jacob

  • If we are traveling in November, are these worth buying now (and will they last till then) or should we wait?

    • Hey Vook

      the beautiful thing about these sim cards is that they have no expiration dates and, once activated last you and entire year

      so if you are planning ahead, then this sim is perfect

      Regards Jacob

      • I thought they only lasted 30 days from activation. If the calls and data does last a year that’s amazing!

        • Hey Champ

          the 3 sims actually last a year, truly amazing!

          Regards Jacob

        • @Euro Sims: Hi, I am going to Europe in for about 38 days in September, the info above says 'valid for 30 days'. Does the 12gb data / calls last a whole year from activation?

        • Hey there,

          My apologies i was mistaken with the 3 internet with legs (which last a year)

          this sim actually is only 30 days from activation

  • Have you got a sim deal for nz?

    • Hey,

      Unfortunately we do not supply New-Zealand sims, as our focus market is Europe

      Regards Jacob

  • Can you use the sim( well just the data) in a IPad?

    • Hey there,

      if you are referring to the O2 deal, you sure can use it in your Ipad

      Regards Jacob

  • Hi OP, is it rechargeable/reloadable, if so how? Website? Voucher etc??
    Do you have info on how much additional data would cost.

    • Hey Chav,

      Yes you can recharge through us, if you message the support team they would surely look into the top ups for you

      Regards Jacob

  • "Hotspot Enabled (Mobile Only)"

    just to confirm understanding -> so this will not work on a pocket wifi device?

    • Hey There

      unfortunately it does not work on pocket WiFi devices, only Mobile devices

  • Hi OP,

    would it work in Bosnia?
    Thank you mate.

    • Hey,

      Sorry but Bosnia is not included, only the countries listed above,

      Cheers champ


  • awesome, will work a treat for our eu honeymoon later this year.. ty

    • Hey Lulu

      congratulations in advance, this sim surely would be awesome for your occasion

      Regards Jacob

  • hi OP,

    really missed out on O2 deal. as im planning to travel Switzerland think it is far better than this one, 4G and O2>3 etc. Is there any possibility to buy 2x60GB O2 sims on previous deal price,
    much appreciated

    • +1

      Hey Sapz

      if you message our email support system on [email protected]

      they can find definitely a solution for you when they are in the office tomorrow morning

      Regards Jacob

  • Hi Jacob. Just to clarify "Hotspot Enabled (Mobile Only):". So does this mean, if I slot this SIM into my phone and create a hotspot, I can connect my laptop to this hotspot?

    • Hey Champ,

      That is absolutely correct, from your mobile device, you can hotspot other devices,

      Regards Jacob

  • Will it work in my little portable (mobile?) WiFi hotspot making device?

    Will it allow me to tether it by USB cable to my laptop?

    Will it work in my iPad?

    • -1

      Hey Smith

      This sim only works with mobile devices, however using your mobile you can WiFi hotspot those devices

      Regards Jacob

      • Don't act stupid. An iPad is a mobile device. A little handheld WiFi maker is a mobile device. If your SIM is limited to working in MOBILE TELEPHONES ONLY then say so in plain English. Yes, a mobile phone is also a mobile device, but so are all the others that I mentioned. If your device only works in phones then say phones, not "devices"!

  • I just bought one for a trip to England, Scotland and a couple of Isles.
    Thank you


    • Hey Raindear,

      thats glad to hear, all our orders have been fulfilled and sent out, so you should get it in no time

      Regards Jacob

  • These guys are awesome!!!

    Ordered this deal on Monday night, received on Wednesday afternoon.

    Thank you for all of your help and speedy delivery Jacob, love your work.
    You will come highly recommended for anyone in need of a travel sim.

    • Hey Trav,

      We are delighted to hear this type of responses,

      Thank you dearly and we are glad for your feedback.

      On behalf of the Euro Team, we wish you a safe flight and a marvelous journey

      Regards Jacob

  • Hi Jacob,
    I'm travelling to the UK for 3 weeks and Paris for 1 week in August of this year. I've already purchased two 3 Sims from you late last year.
    I'm also taking my Tab A 8" 4G tablet with me for data only purposes.
    Can you recommend a data only Sim that will cover the entire UK and Paris with the most data.
    Regards Peter

    • Hey Peter,

      According to your situation, This 3 Sim is capped at 12GB, which is the most compared to other services,

      Also, if you have no issue mobile tethering, to your iPad, then i recommend to go for this sim,

      However if like a sim that works for your Ipad, have a look at the O2 deals (capped at 10Gb, outside UK) on our website,

      Regards Jacob

      • Thanks Jacob,
        I'll check out the website.
        Are there an OZB deals on those data only Sims?
        Regards Peter

        • Hey Peter,

          The deals for the O2 just finished, but you can stay tune, as we are constantly running specials

          Regards Jacob

        • Will do Jacob, many thanks.

  • Paid on Sunday night. No card in the mail. No postage notification. Is that normal?

    • Hey Champ,

      all 3 orders are shipped, Send me your order number and ill post your tracking in 1 minute


  • Hello I need a sim for Greece for 2 mths can I pay for 2 mths worth? ie 2 X $32.50 = $65

    • Hey Champ,

      What you can do is purchase this sim (lasts 30 days) and them via our website you can purchase a top up for another month.

      Regards Jacob

      • Hey Jacob, can i then purchase at the same price or will it cost me more? August Sept 2018

        • It depend on the special price, we have around that time,

          you can either purchase this sim from now or wait, totally up to you mate


        • @Euro Sims: If I purchase one today can I start using it in August?

        • Yes ofcoarse, there is not shelf life on this sim, however once activated it last 30 days

  • Any SIMs for Canada with phone calls back to Australia?

    • +1

      Hey Champ,

      sorry, we do not have Canada supported sim, hopefully in the future.

      Regards Jacob

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