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Swann NVR8 7400 8 Channel 4MP with 8 Cameras $979 @ Swann Store


Am looking for a security system and found this on the swann website. Im assuming it is part of the Click Frenzy but the page isn't tagged as being so Im not sure. Anyway this looks like a fairly good deal as it includes 8 cameras and is 4MP instead of the usual (1080) HD cameras usually promoted.

Last time I was looking for a system we bought a 4 camera system and within weeks added extra cameras - this is why Im keen on this deal.


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    Definitely invest in something other than swann

    A quick read of reviews is always a good idea https://www.productreview.com.au/p/swann-nvr8-7200.html

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    I have this unit - with 4 cameras and as @hordern says, you can always use additional cameras. The cameras separately sell for around $200 each, so you don't want to be buying them later. Even if you don't use them all, it's good to have a spare.

    The version I have uses 3MP cameras and they give a good pic. The 4MP with this deal will be better. At night, if you can get two to overlap their coverage the combined infa-red lighting gives you a good picture. (Attracts moths though - so lots of motion alerts at 1am)

    The review link from @Mikinoz refers to an older unit that is lower resolution, but the main complaint is the noise of the cooling fans in the recorder. That won't change with this unit. It is quite noisy and does get warm, so if you can house it somewhere with good ventilation, but away from where you spend most of your time, do it. I might try buying better quality fans, but they are the small ones- like a 50-cent piece - so noise is always an issue.

    The monitoring software is a bit clunky because it is the older version, but I have no trouble finding events and can view all cameras on my phone when we are away.


    Also worth mentioning - Installation should be easy for non-installers like myself. Cameras are POE (power over ethernet) Simply have to run a single cable per camera. Im committed now :)


    8 poe cameras using potentially 8 cca patch leads doesn't sound great… Why not just get it done properly.


      By properly do you mean supplying own cables?


    If you dont need as many cameras and prefer 5mp ones, jb hifi have $400 off the Swann 8 Channel Security System: 5MP Super HD NVR-7450 with 2TB HDD & 4 x 5MP NHD-855 Bullet Cameras



      And that makes it $899. Newer system and monitoring software… but as you say 4 higher-res cameras. It's attractive if 4 cameras is all you need.

      I assume you are offering up your "exclusive code" for someone else to use? The JB HIFI deal ends on 20 May.

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    hi guys if you are need qualified installer ( MELBOURNE ONLY ) i recommended use https://www.facebook.com/indosatellitemelbourne/ they were charged me $100 each camera for single story house.


      $100 per cam? Wow you better off hiring an electrician at $100 per hour to lay cat6 cables around. Max 2 hours if they know what they are doing.


    got a $400 dollar swann systen for xmas from mum. absolute garbage picture and cant even get the no plates of the fools doin burnouts up our street.


    75d angle cameras. Unless you have specific spot you want to monitor, 75d is very narrow.