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Lucas Papaw Ointment 25g for $2.99 (RRP $6.60) + Free Shipping over $99 at Australia Vitamin Direct


Lucas Papaw Ointment 25g is now selling at $2.99 (RRP$6.60) only at Australia Vitamin Direct. Free Shipping on orders above $99.

Limit of 5 units per customer.

Hurry while stocks last. Offer ends 21st May 2018 AEST 0900.

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  • Shipping is ~$10, therefore this is not a deal, and the $99 minimum spend for free shipping is ridiculous.

  • Contains petrochemicals mmmmmmmmmm
    - contains just four per cent of the fruit - and NINETY-SIX PER CENT petroleum jelly.

    • To be fair, most medicines are not 100% medicine and 0% filler. For example, tea tree oil is generally sold in 10% percent, but we don't hear any whinges that it's too dilute.

      Medicinal products are almost always supplied in a mixture for proper potency. This product (Lucas Papaw) has used this proportion for a long time, and prices it reasonably competitively. If you could really just add a negligible quantity of papaw to vaseline and print money, dozens of other companies would be doing the same thing.

      • To be fair, other Papaw Ointments on the market disclose the use of Petroleum Jelly in their products if they use it, however for some reason Lucas Papaw doesn't do that (and not sure why they don't have to). You need to search on their website to find out. Most people will just read what's on the packaging and may be mislead to think that Lucas Papaw is 100% fermented Papaw.

      • there ARE other brands of papaw ointment that do NOT contain petrochemicals…they are the ones peeps should be using

    • I'm fairly certain it also contains 1% magic. It works way better than vasoline and fruit should for so many things


      Nothing wrong with petrochemicals its the actual ingredient which works. It seals the skin to stop germs from getting in via the wound (assuming you've cleaned it first).

      Next time you get a few paper cuts, wipe vasoline on ine, this on another & nothing on another. You'll discover that vasi & this will heal up about a day before the other wound. If you use Betadine/antiseptic (like eucalyptus oil) under the vaso it'll probably heal up even earlier.

      Yep done the experiment a few times, even tried it on the kids for scratches & scrapes.