Any 2 Pairs of Single-Vision Glasses & Sunglasses for $199 Storewide (Including The $399 Range) in-Store & Online @ Specsavers

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Good morning! This deal it's back!

Get any 2 pairs for $199, storewide!
With single-vision lenses. Limited time only.

The Specsavers Specstravaganza Storewide Sale is on now! Get any two pairs for $199 with single-vision lenses. Yep! You can choose from all the frames and all the designer names across the store. T&Cs apply.

Use code at checkout: ANYTWO

Terms and conditions
Any 2 styles for $199
Offer available in store for all prescriptions and online for +/-6. Includes single vision lenses. Both pairs for the same person. Excludes the $149 range or below unless purchased together with a higher value frame. Other lens types and options available at an extra cost. Use with other offers restricted. Plus get 20% off lens options in store only. Offer valid 28 March to 1 May 2023.

Question: Does this stack with Private Health Fund?
Answer: Yes it does.

Question: Is this their normal deal?
Answer: This offer it's different. You can get any two glasses for $199 (including the ones from the $399 range.)

Question: Can I stack with the 20% off lens options?
Answer: Yes you can. But you can do that in-store only.

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  • +2

    Damn I just got a couple of pairs last week from $199 range.

    • RIP 😞. Did you receive your glasses, or not yet? Maybe you can return and get something else?

    • I believe you can go back in store to refund the difference. They have a no worries, no fuss refund policy.

      • +1

        They changed it, now some stores have a “we will make it right policy”, which basically allows u to exchange but not just refund for change of mind or because a promo appeared a month later.

  • +1

    Expires end of month?

  • +12

    Awesome, I have an appointment this week, now I'll spend 5 hours looking at glasses instead of my usual 2-3 🤣

    Thank you for sharing!

  • +7

    me about to ask "isnt this their normal deal….?"

    Question: Is this their normal deal?
    Answer: This offer it's different. You can get any two glasses for $199 (including the ones from the $399 range.)

    • +1

      So you're not stuck with the ugly cheap feeling ones. Genuinely, great to know!

      I got my prescription from specsavers, then bought online from 'Clearly'.

      Can't complain. And when i realised the sizing on the pair i bought was no good, it was as smooth - good even - as you can expect to return and exchange for a pair that fit. The glasses, my sunglasses were my correct size. Should of sprung for the 'less smudges' coating though.

  • +21

    Lens options makes these prices almost false advertising. Funny how plenty of online only optical dispensers offer free basic options. FFS.

    • +2

      They just choose to make their money in different places. Pick your poison.

    • +1

      Yes they should add basic lenses at single vision in the ad

    • +5

      Yeah, my prescription always needs something called grinding that is always extra, unable to not get it.
      Then there's high index anti reflective potato tomato super amazing please give me your credit card.
      I've never paid any of the special prices.

      • +12

        my prescription always needs something called grinding that is always extra

        I think I saw that app.

        Didn't help my vision, but the most lovely people.

      • +2

        Specsavers always says the same thing in my case and they insist for that extra cost grinding, however when I insist I don't want it, it turns out fine.

        Strangely oscar wylee next door never say anything about grinding.

        • There isnt an option for “grinding”. Its either thinned or a coating of somesort. Grinding lenses just means cutting them and SS dont charge for that. There is surfaced and finished lenses but the company doesnt charge u for it.

      • It's nice not having the coating on every pair you own. Without a coating you can clean it with detergent or put it in an ultrasonic cleaner.

  • -8

    Laughs in private health

  • +1

    Ordered couple for $94 out of pocket total. One $400 frameless one with 1.67 index transitions lens, another $350 range titanium with polarised glasses.

  • 20% off lens options? Where is this listed and when does it end?

  • Is there any link to 20% off on lens options?

    • +2

      You can stack that one in-store only.

      Plus get 20% off lens options in store only.

  • +2

    The markup on glasses is crazy. Got a pair of transitions for less than $25 from Aliexpress and the build quality was even better than Specsavers.

    • Link please?

      • +3…

        Remember to click 'custom prescription'. After you order, you just message them with your prescription.

        • Thanks!!

        • +1

          Anyone know of any Aliexpress products that can do high index lenses? I'm -5 and really need something that is a bit thinner…

          • @LuisT: Check out FONEX store on Aliexpress. They offer 1.74 index lenses and the glasses I ordered from them were excellent quality.

        • Thankyou for mentioning this as an option. Will be giving it a try.

    • -2

      how do you go about knowing the fit will be good but i guess at 25 dollars it doesnt matter
      also with online buys are they rebatable

    • Interesting. I have a bit of a complicated prescription, but for $25 I'm definitely giving these a crack.

  • the 20% off lens options

    oh what's that?

  • +3

    I stopped going to Specsavers as everytime I go, they seems to advise that my lens are not compatible with the branded glasses and they 0push off their own brand name glasses advising it fits my lens better. Maybe it was really true that my lens are not compatible but maybe not. Anyone experienced this issue.

    • +5

      You probably have a high prescription which usually means thicker lenses. The lens will poke out of the frame it’s too big and more likely to fall out from knocks and bumps.

    • +1

      No, quite the opposite. I was encouraged to make sure that I also saw all the different "brand names" available too when making my choice.

      The only time I was "swayed", was when one pair I chose were too small for my head.

    • Their glasses are shit quality, and I never get these deals I'm always shocked when getting the bill how much I'm out of pocket even with health care benefits. Getting my eyes tested, getting my script and going elsewhere

  • +6

    ANY two pairs?

    From experience dealing with Specsavers I'd bet you anything you like that if I went in for two pairs of glasses, they'd find a reason why the bill would be more than $199. Oh, you want that, that'll cost more. And you want those, they'll cost more. And so it goes. Every time I've dealt with them.

    • +8

      well if you're fussy and want actual lens in them..
      Don't forget the AIfluxcrytopacitor 1 & 2 coatings, you'll need that too. It's only #249.95 per lens and another for the frame. oh wait you want an actual frame that in stock in Australia? oh well that limits what's available.

    • that's all opto's unfortunately …it's the super thick basic lens, any upgrade is as much or more than the $200 per frame …and I'm now multifocal so thats even more, I'm not even fussy but I don't want bottom of coke bottles that are being recycled as my lenses… Lol

      unfortunately these deals are just to get you in, to then upsell the better lenses etc.

      • I don't want bottom of coke bottles that are being recycled as my lenses

        I see we've got another pepsi connoisseur in the house.

  • One of the worst businesses to deal with, got a pair of glasses and the they had installed clear lenses in the Sunglasses, they fixed that after a month. The reading glass was very foggy and not clear, they tried to clean it many times and askedt to bring my old prescription and glass and no idea how that was going to help them resolve the bad lens on the reading glass. They took it back and after a month it was still the same and they said I'll need to go get used to it when it is clearly foggy as if it has finger prints all over it.

    They still haven't fixed it and I have given up.

  • +1

    Expired? 1 may 2023

    • That should be a type error from their behalf.

    • OP should've gone to Specsavers

  • I wish that they would give a straight, genuine discount on a single pair with any lense option instead of continuing with these useless 'discounts' for most people

  • +1

    I got this deal last year - 2x frameless $399 pairs. Paid $80 for transitions for a total of $279. No issue for me, good deal.

    • $80 extra for transitions lens (Fully Clear Indoors & Darker Outdoors), are you sure?
      I cannot see this option, only CLEAR or SUNGLASSES.

    • Oh you can do 2x frameless? I thought one of them has to be sunglasses.

      It is perfect for me as I need one for reading.

  • Honestly surprised by some of the responses here. I met a girl on Tinder back in the day who worked and she looked up my records, which I found a bit creepy, besides that I've never had a bad experience with them.

    • +2

      What would that have told her? That your prescriptions were compatible?

      • +10

        That love is blind?

  • can you use a gift voucher after the health fund portion?

  • It doesn't seem the private health fund is stacking with the discount. I'm using bupa and total price to pay is still $199.

    • +1

      It should stack, I have used this deal before with my Private Health Fund, but that was in-store.

      • +1

        Yeah it also work for me instore in the past. Maybe private health fund claimable in store only.

  • anyone tired the ultralight brands? are the frames better than the $149 range?

  • +3

    This stacks with the $30 Medibank app credit also.

    • Really? I tried to redeem the $30 voucher but staff said could not stack. It was this one or the other

      • What do the T&C say on the medibank voucher say? I believed it was available for any out of pocket expenses.

  • Is it not possible to purchase online and claim through the health fund at the same time?

    • +2

      I have never purchased online, I always prefer to go in-store to try and see the glasses I want to purchase.

  • I’ve never had glasses before, but I have noticed in dark light my eyes have started to struggle a bit focusing on screens.

    What’s the hidden costs I have to look out for when going to Specsavers?

    Have top private cover with BUPA so assuming they will cover the full $199.

    • My private insurance cover for glasses it's $250, so I think it should be sufficient to cover the full $199 cost.

    • Assuming you understand the custom prescription lens is additional, the added costs are the type of coating on lens you want…..anti-glare, polarised, protective coating to minimise fingerprints, blue light filters, etc.

      Jump on the website, and go through the checkout with a pair of glasses to see potential options and costs.

  • Thanks!

  • i get my glasses from for ~$17 delivered. - current deal has them from ~$6 delivered for basic glasses+lenses.

    • is another brand for luxottica, one of players who control the specs industry.

  • anyone can recommend a couple of good brand sunglasses?

  • +1

    Unless you have a basic prescription the total NEVER comes out at $199. Plus, the markup on frames is a giant scam. I've gotten sick of Specsavers antics.

    • Even with a basic prescription it's rarely $199! All coatings and stuff are extra.

      My mother tried the zero options basic, two sets of glasses that end up being "free" under her private health insurance and returned them. Turns out antireflective coatings are almost mandatory (especially if that's what you've known) and they were starkly different to her old ones. She returned them and had them remade with the extra coating and was then happy with them.

      For someone with multifocal lenses I think my average is more like $500+ once you factor in high index lens' and coatings.

      • Yep. I wear multis at -6.00. My last pair were over $500. Never again.

        • I used to use an independent optician who provided much better customer service, nicer frames (IMHO) and an all round better experience. For scripts like yours and mine, the "savings" are minimal at best.

  • +1

    The service at Specsavers was exceptionally disappointing during my visit on today 03 April 2024. Despite advertising two pairs for $199, they quoted $280 for a single pair of lenses. When I wanted to stick with the basic option, they were extremely rude, saying, 'I'm 100% sure you will hate it blah blah' and their attitude was disrespectful. I will never return to Specsavers ever again.

  • This is a solid deal for 2x rimless if you prefer going to a shop.
    It's even better this year for me - $199 for 2 with 1.67 thinning (compulsory). It only goes up to $299 if I want the next tier of lense-thinning which I tried once but it's barely different thickness.
    Last deal in 2022 I paid $242 because they charged for the 1.67 I think.

    I spent 10 years buying online for maybe $120 per two-pair but service is minimal - Specsavers will happily adjust my frames/replace nose cushions anytime, even reinstall lenses into a previous frame when they break.

    My only gripe is the design - 2 small pins is all that holds them together so you have to be careful to take them off with two hands to minimise pressure on that weak joint.

  • Do I need to prove a prescription to anyone to get the private health insurance rebate? Free sunglasses is an appealing offer.

    • I believe you do need a valid 12 month prescription, I am not sure. That's what they said to me last time. But that was free for me with my Medicare card.

  • Can you pick sunglasses frame for prescription glass?

  • Hey guys, when I opted in for this deal a year or two ago, I was really pleased to find that the rimless options came with free thinning and potentially ultra-clear / anti-reflective lens. Nil extra out of pocket costs. Worth calling up or asking in-store!

  • Whose sales affliated in this thread . It's SPECSAVERS here again.

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