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10% off iHerb Order


Get ready for winter with a 10% extra discount off your next order! Please note that this coupon is limited to one order per customer and ends May 24th at 3:00 am AEST.

Stacks with 10% off 15% off

Thank Nismo

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Referrer gets 5% credit or 10% credit for iHerb exclusive brands. Referee gets 5% off or 10% off iHerb exclusive brands.

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    There's also:
    Summer Sports 15% Off Select Items

    I've checked and the AUSTEN code works on these items.

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    came in thinking it's a weed site. nvm.


    Thank you great timing for re-order :)


    I find vitacost cheaper for most things

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      Shipping kills it with vitacost usually.


        Yeah, iHerb is cheaper on some items sometimes, but that free shipping for purchases over US$40 wins it every time for me.

        And shipping to Australia Post Parcel Collect or Parcel Locker is a nice bonus.


          Good to know. I will do a side by side comparison

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          Just checked prices on a few things for myself. VitaCost shipping prices have come down since I last looked a few years back. Nice.

          • VitaCost: Flat rate of $15.99 up to 3.6lbs. $3.50 per extra pound. Packages delivered by Australia Post. Full tracking. Estimated delivery in 5 to 9 business days

          • iHerb: Free shipping for orders $40-$120 up to 10 lbs (4.53 kg). Australia Post with full tracking. Estimated delivery 8-19 days

          From my experience, delivery from iHerb to Sydney has been ~5-7 days. I often split orders to keep things under 10 lb, but I typically order things for the rest of the family.

          iHerb also has "loyalty credit" effectively making its prices 5% cheaper if you're going to shop there more than once.


    Thanks OP.


    Thanks OP


    Placed an order on Monday. Why does this keep happening to me!


    Thanks OP! :3

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    remember to use your no international transactions fee card to make the payment


    Also, some items have a quantity discount (e.g. buy 3 get 5% extra off)… going to buy more creatine capsules and carnitine.

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    … also cashrewards 3% cashback!

    I did not notice this until just then… but might not be valid with coupon, but maybe!


      Thanks for this, I wouldn't have thought of Cash Rewards if I didn't see this comment!

      I love iHerb, they stock Kaged Muscle, very hard to get in Australia as it's very sought after, therefore attracting a very expensive price tag.

      I was able to buy 3 preworkouts initially costing $53.26 each, totaling $159.78, but after this code, cashrewards AND receiving 5% store credit I was able to reduce the total cost to $126.xx, or $42 each :) Very happy, thanks !!

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        how good is that? i never heard that brand before but you sound like it is supreme?


          The brand is damn good.. but its pricey indeed. the products are qualitative. iherb is the only option which is feasible to order.

          i have used their PIP stack - Pre-Kaged (Pre Workout) ; In-Kaged (Intra workout) and Re-Kaged (Isolate protein)

          All are damn good products. however, the Re-kaged is expensive for a 940 gm .

          This time i have got another protein, but i am still using their pre and intra workouts which are really good.


          Cool. Thank you.


    Has anyone notice the postage costs have increased over the years?


      yes. And these 10% offers are no good for me as they drop the price below the threshold where free postage comes in so I get 10% off but lose free post. And can't add more items as I go over weight threshhold. Very frustrating.


    Awesome timing! I've been holding out on an order and this will help.


    I also used same code last night to order Dymatize Nutrition - ISO 100 protein - 2.3kg whose usual cost is $110-$120, but i got it for a cool 93$ (after $1.5 loyalty credit usage). So all in all a pretty cool deal.

    I wanted to order kaged muscle Re-kaged (but their prices are already expensive - $60 (or more) for 940gm. I love this product, but definitely, cannot afford to order 2-3 boxes each month. Really sad about that.

    I really hope they launch new products with more servings and price it appropriately.. !!