expired Children Educational Toy DIY Assembly Model Wind Power Beast - Wood US $2.99 (AU $3.91) Shipped @ Gamiss

  • DIY & Assembly: requires no special tools, assembly time is approximately 90 minutes and is suggested for ages 8 and up
  • Fun and Educational: kids will learn the science behind "wind powered " with our educational guide
  • Wind Powered: walk on the wind by hand or by blowing against the propeller, no external power needed
  • The best gift for children and family

Products Type: Wind Power Beast
Style: Popular
Material: Plastic
Package Contents: 1 x Wind Power Beast

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  • +1 vote

    Toy - Wood

    No it's not - Material: Plastic, Color: WOOD

    Need to sign in to use code & unclick Shipping Insurance to get at this price

    Good price - cheaper than aliexpress & banggood.

    The original full size design is amazing.

    Video of model walking

    Kit assembly & testing video

    3.9/5 Amazon reviews
    Easy to understand, even though it’s mostly in another language. Wouldn’t expect a child under 10 to build this (unless you are “helping” them (cough) letting them watch and hand pieces). My son (6) loves the finished product, but he accidentally disconnects parts even when he’s gently picking it up. It took two adults (neither of us are model builders) to do it in roughly an hour.

    Missing parts—-unable to put together. (multiple complaints)

  • +1 vote

    And I'm sure the original artist/designer Theo Jansen get absolutely zero royalties from these versions of his toys.
    I'd like to neg this bargain for that, but won't.


    Thanks op, got one