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Amazon AU: 5% Cashback (Was from 1%) via Cashrewards


UPDATED: Cashrewards have increased their cashback offerings now to a whopping 5%!!!! flat rate for all Amazon AU categories. This is now a MUCH better deal then their launch offering of up to 10%. See below for updated changes

Cashrewards has changed Amazon AU cashback offer as per previous post from up to 10% to a flat rate of 3% 5% cashback.


This has increased the cashback rate of some categories and reduced other only 1 categories category, so overall the deal is not entirely worse off MUCH BETTER, however whether previous cashback offerings will be honoured is yet to be determined as I still haven't received cashback from deals I purchased since the cashrewards launch, as 21 days has yet to pass. Recieved email from Cashrewards saying they will honour all purchases, just need to email invoices.

Increased Cashback cateorgories;

Cashback for Ebooks: 1.00 % NOW 3% NOW 5%
Cashback for Consumer Electronics & Accessories: 2.50 % NOW 3% NOW 5%
Cashback for Mobile Phones: 2.50 % NOW 3% NOW 5%
Cashback for Televisions: 2.50 % NOW 3% NOW 5%
Cashback for Gift Cards: 1.00 % NOW 3% NOW 5%
Cashback for Music, Movies, Video Games and Software: 2.50 % NOW 3% NOW 5%
Cashback for Major Appliances: 2.50 % NOW 3% NOW 5%
Cashback for Tyres, Bicycles and Heavy Gym Equipment: 1.50 % NOW 3% NOW 5%

Decreased Cashback categories;

Cashback for Kindle and Alexa Devices: 5.00 % NOW 3% NOW 5%
Cashback for Apparel & Shoes: 10.00 % NOW 3% NOW 5%
Cashback for Health & Personal Care: 4.00 % NOW 3% NOW 5%
Cashback for Books: 4.00 % NOW 3% NOW 5%
Cashback for Cars, Motorbikes & Industrial Products: 4.00 % NOW 3% NOW 5%
Cashback for Toys & Baby Products: 5.00 % NOW 3% NOW 5%
Cashback for Watches & Jewellery: 5.00 % NOW 3% NOW 5%***
Cashback for Home, Kitchen and Kitchen Appliances: 5.00 % **NOW
Cashback for Personal Care Appliances: 4.00 % NOW 3% NOW 5%
Cashback for Fire TV Stick: 5.00 % NOW 3% NOW 5%
Cashback for Luggage and Bags: 5.00 % NOW 3% NOW 5%
Cashback for Sports, Fitness and Outdoors: 5.00 % NOW 3% NOW 5%
Cashback for Office and Stationery: 4.00 % NOW 3% NOW 5%
Cashback for Musical Instruments: 4.00 % NOW 3% NOW 5%

Special Terms

Rewards may take up to 21 days from date of shipping to appear in your Cashrewards account.

Items added to your shopping cart before clicking from Cashrewards will not earn Cashback.

Cashback is only available for purchases made at Amazon Australia (not Amazon US).

A maximum of AU$75.00 Cashback may be earned on any single transaction.

Use of coupon codes not listed on this site will void eligibility for Cashback.

By continuing to Amazon Australia, you understand that in the unlikely event your transaction does not track or is subsequently declined, we will unfortunately be unable to process your rewards enquiry. To find out how to ensure the best likelihood of tracking, please view our general cashback guidelines.

Referral Links

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$5 for both referee and referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase

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  • +4 votes

    not even a bargain, this is practically a PSA

  • +10 votes

    How is less cashback a bargain lol

  • +2 votes

    This (you understand that in the unlikely event your transaction does not track … we will unfortunately be unable to process your rewards enquiry) makes CR/Amazon tracking a "maybe" at best. I had a big transaction not track with Amazon US - I think CR shouldn't bother with sellers than can't, or more accurately, won't, guarantee reward tracking!


      I guess it depends if the cashback is what made it a deal or not. Unless it's a specific cashback deal like some of the Vodafone/Amaysim ones I can think of, those would be disastrous if they didn't track because many would have purchased solely for the cashback offering. The Amazon AU cashback is just a nice little bonus, but I definitely wouldn't consider cashbacks at less than 10% a deal maker for any seller.

  • -2 votes

    my first purchase with amazon through cashrewards was on the 1st of may.
    Its been 19 days and NONE of my purchases have been tracked. I know it says up to 21 days but im not very optimistic


      What did Cashrewards say when you asked them?

      Lemme guess… you didn't !!!


        I’ve actually tried going through the cashrewards support function but it just says they won’t be able to do anything about it as everything is final.
        there’s no doubting cashrewards customer service though, it’s great. It’s just many other people are also experiencing the same problem as me.


          They do have the cashback guarantee. Just make sure the click is registered. I often click through several times to make sure it's registered. Tracking hasn't failed me yet.

          Obviously this case is different which TA has addressed.

        • +1 vote

          @wxyz234: Knowing how affiliate networks work I've never had an issue of cashback not tracking when I've followed the rules. The few times it hasn't is when I used coupons.

        • +3 votes

          @wxyz234: Again, I call rubbish. You seem to have an agenda against Cashrewards and I have no idea why. Follow the rules, and we pay. I've offered you support and I've never received a PM. Thanks.

        • +2 votes

          @wxyz234: I wholeheartedly disagree. If anything my experience has been completely opposite to your claim. The support team have always investigated each of my claims with complete fairness and have even gone the extra mile when they didn't have to. I have never been told "there are no options". Not sure if you're behaving in a professional manner to them, in which case I can understand why they wouldn't want to help you out. If you have ad-blockers (or browsers with built in ad-blockers), then yes that's going to really shoot you in the foot when tracking your cash reward (but the onus is on you to ensure that's not the case).

        • +3 votes

          @wxyz234: A lot of people have had some trouble or the other, and it's usually due to their cookies playing up. You have to understand that affiliate network tracking is a very delicate thing, it can quite easily break due to something at the end-user's end.
          If you haven't taken up the option of getting TA's help then that's on you. I've messaged him about a few things and he's about as courteous and professional as they come, and lays out exactly the scenario that has happened.
          Having this agenda against Cashrewards isn't going to do you any good. It's upsetting seeing this negging and commenting coming from you. Do your bit, provide necessary information and take up any offer of assistance offered to you.
          The support team at Cashrewards have provided the best customer service, hands down, of any company I've dealt with. And I've dealt with a lot of companies. Don't go talking trash about them.

    • +1 vote

      How's that deserving of a neg? Terms clearly state 21 days!!!!

  • +2 votes

    If you can get it to track… no one i know (including myself) has gotten Cashrewards to successfully track an Amazon AU order.


    Yeah I am up to about $10k spend and nothing has been tracked against Amazon AU yet. Same with AG recently, $3k worth of purchases, tracked 1 item for a small value, not the large ones.

    Reaching out to CR should help, but cant be bothered to be honest.

    • -1 vote

      Forget it, you will be told that if it didn’t work there are no investigations and tough luck. Claims Not possible.


        Reach out to CR, they won't fob you off. In fact, I know for a fact they will follow up.

        Did you speak to a particular CR rep/customer agent to get this impression?

        It's been noted the tracking has had a delay; I'm sitting on a lot of cash back and not too fussed, as I know it will be sorted out in the end. In fact, as I mentioned in previous post (although reading it again, it doesnt come across that way) - I haven't even bothered reaching out to customer service at the moment, as I know it will be sorted in the end.

        Touch base with CR if you are concerned champ, let us know what they say. I'm sure it wont be:

        "We wont investigate - it's your problem yada, yada, yada".

        The only reason would be if there is no initial click on entry for the sale, which would mean you didnt actually use CR for the transaction.


    Same here my amazon purchase didn't track either even though my click history shows amazon Australia.

  • +6 votes

    Just to put everyone at ease, we will be sending comms out tomorrow (Monday) to all our members that purchased through us into Amazon AU. There has unfortunately been a sales reporting delay to us, but I think you’ll all be more than happy with what we’ll be doing to make up for it. Please look out for the email tomorrow :)

    Note: a reminder that use of AMAZON20 or any coupons not listed on CR will invalidate cashback for Amazon.

    • +2 votes

      Clearly top notch support as always. Disappointing a select few choose to whinge after not asking for help.

      • +4 votes

        Agree.. Even I had some tracking issues, but support staffs at Cashrewards and TA have been very prompt to help in resolving the issues

        • +3 votes

          Yup that's right. Affiliate tracking (cookies) aren't perfect so it's good to have people here to sort it out.

          Unfortunately a few sooky lala's would rather neg behind the shadows as they can't appreciate the effort people put into making this site what it is. Also all of this supports Aussie jobs (CR & OzB) 😊

        • +1 vote

          @Clear: People are entitled to complain. If there wasn't a neg, we (in general) wouldn't know there was tracking issues with Amazon and TA would not have come along with the communications.

          Agree, CR are great; their support is fantastic, but again, can appreciate people not wanting to go through hassles to get cashback (even if that is simply raising a ticket).

          People are entitled to whinge though. Nothing worse than thinking your sales are just generating a profit for someone else.


          @MorriJ: I'm talking about the people negging me. Everyone else is fine to neg if they have an issue.

        • +2 votes

          @Clear: Oh I didn't even notice the negs to be honest :D. +1's your comment :P

        • +1 vote

          @MorriJ: 😘😘

        • +2 votes

          @MorriJ: Though I'll admit a huge amount of negs is beneficial to me. I'm always winning something in the monthly stats so it'd be nice to have most negged.

    • +3 votes

      As promised, this is the email that went out at 4:30pm today:



      I used the AMAZON20 code and still received the email should I bother contacting CR? :)

  • -2 votes

    FairTrading DONT take any cash back case if you don't get cash back and Ive tried.(In my case it takes about 20days to get reply from cashrewards and no reply after first reply) And Im not going to neg vote as most up votes are fake as cashrewards posts(I guess maybe they have some deal with ozbargain) and my post maybe delete as well

    • +4 votes

      Cool rant, bro.


      as most up votes are fake as cashrewards posts(I guess maybe they have some deal with ozbargain)
      Any evidence to back up such a massive claim? Nope. Please go back into the hole you came out of.


    And I have seem some posts from other website from different people they didn't get cash back as well, for Amazon case this is they will use the reason below to decline your case even you didn't use any code and only buy from right departments

    As per the Special Terms on the Cashrewards Amazon store page, cashback is only available for selected departments. Unfortunately, Amazon has a strict ‘No Enquiry Policy’ which means we are unable to submit an enquiry for them to investigate untracked purchases.

    If your Amazon purchase does not report into your Cashrewards account, we apologise but we are unable to assist you further.


    Just an update regarding Cashrewards:
    After submitting my invoices, my purchases have been reviewed and approved at the increased rate of 6% cashback. Thanks again!


    I'm having trouble having my e-book purchases approved. CR support asked for a tax invoice, but in the Amazon account, I can only generate an order summary for e-book purchases. What should I do?

  • +1 vote

    Cashrewards does not pay my Amazon AU purchases. Sent them invoices to amazon@cashrewards.com then they came back telling me this:

    The invoice you sent us unfortunately does not contain the required information. We require the post-delivery tax invoice which shows the Invoice Number and/or Order Number as well as purchase and delivery dates. Can you please log into your Amazon Australia account, request your invoice and shoot it across to us.

    Where to find your Amazon Australia invoice:

    (1) Login to Amazon Australia
    (2) Go to 'Your Account'
    (3) Go to 'Your Orders'
    (4) Go to 'Order Details'
    (5) Click the 'Invoice' button
    (6) Request invoice from seller

    P.s. I got Amazon AU invoices as instructed by Cashrewards - still it is not valid. Waste of time for a few dollar. If they are not prepared to pay then don't advertise the 5%. Very disappointed. Will use other cashback website.


      I received the same message.
      After I sent "TAX invoice" that I can get.

      Also I could not find "(6) Request invoice from seller" in the pull down list.
      I will go to amazon without cash rewards.


    Seems like there must be a back log on Amazon purchases… Been a few weeks now and still havn't heard anything after lodging my invoice etc


    What third party gift cards are available through Amazon?

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