expired [Steam Key & DRM-Free] Hacknet - Deluxe - FREE @ Humble Store (Was US $14.99)


Runs on Windows, Mac and Linux.

To redeem the free game you need to have your Steam account linked to your Humble account.

Very Positive reviews on Steam

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  • +4 votes

    Maybe also include that you get a DRM-free copy. At least that is what is says on the page.
    If you did not already own it before, maybe double-check that.

    • -6 votes

      Could have just said something like "Thanks! BTW, it also give you a DRM-free copy"

      No need to be condescending.


        Dude, they were saying that the page says you get a DRM free copy, but it's worth double checking.

        There's no need to take everything personally.


          @kamoi: Yeah, that was unwanted aggression, and I find it hard to believe that it's a coincidence that the deal you linked was posted by Lysander.
          You also commented on that deal after he made his comment here and responded with comments that were removed for being personal attacks.

        • -1 vote

          @BradleyDS2: It was posted to prove the point that writing in such a way is quite condescending.

          The comment here is now removed, but it read something like this.

          I've just used the same format and posted it as a comment on one of Lysander's deals. Does it sound condescending or not?

        • +1 vote


          Ok, let me break it down for you:

          Maybe also include that you get a DRM-free copy. At least that is what is says on the page.
          If you did not already own it before, maybe double-check that.

          Lysander suggests that you could include on your post that you get a drm-free copy (but you didn't have to, since it is just a suggestion).

          However, Lysander wasn't 100% sure about this as he/she already owns a copy so is relying on information on the humble bundle page.

          Lysander then suggests that if you don't already own a copy, maybe you could confirm it yourself (but you didn't have to, since it is just a suggestion).

          Lysander was being helpful to you and the Ozbargain community, it was in no way condescending in the slightest.

        • -1 vote


          Could you do a similar break of my version of the comment please?

  • +2 votes

    Have this game on steam, I love it, not sure if its for everyone, but you can't argue with free. The games made by an Australian as well as far as I know, and I love the music in it. Deff worth grabbing if I didn't have it already.


    I've really been wanting to play this game I had been waiting for it to go on sale for around $5 on Steam and GOG (unless I already missed that) and admittedly I should have set a price alert on isthereanydeal instead, I feel almost bad for getting it for free. I'll get it again when it hits $5 on GOG to make up for it.


      Don't feel bad. I am sure you spent lots of money on Steam and GOG and HB - this is just a little present to give back to you for your custom. ;-)

      Enjoy your day.

      P.S.: And please report back on how the game is - I have not had an opportunity to play it but it does look very interesting to me as well.

  • +1 vote

    The deluxe version also comes with the soundtrack on top of the base game.

  • +1 vote

    I will never play any of these free games, but adding them to my Steam account completes me.

  • +1 vote

    Another free game to add to my ever growing Steam library of games. Most of which I'll probably never play.


    I wonder how fun this is compared to Hacker Evolution and Uplink, both of which I've played and enjoyed (though I've been told by the other half they're nothing like real hacking of course lol). Good chance to check it out, I've never heard of it.

  • +2 votes

    Game is great, devs are Australian.

    After spending all night playing and finishing the game I turned up rather tired the next day to my local boardgame shop and by coincidence played a game with one of the devs.

    Nice guy, I cursed him for making such an addictive game.


    I have 32 steam games, I've played 5 of them…

    • +1 vote

      Gotta pump those numbers up. Those are rookie numbers in this racket.
      This is not a tip, this is a prescription. Trust me. If you don't, you will fall out of balance, split your differential and tip the (profanity) over. Or worse yet, I've seen this happen, implode.


    I started playing last night. I found it very addictive, especially if you are a don't give up type, if you had some knowledge of hacking and Linux/UNIX in real life you'd definitely do better than I did.

    I didn't do well, still trying to overload the hacker groups proxy server


    Since this is about to expire soon, it's probably a good idea to not redeem that Steam key, since you do get a DRM-free copy. Don't be me. Let one of your fellow OzBargainers who miss out grab that copy.

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