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Logitech G602 Lag-Free Wireless Gaming Mouse USD $43.95 Delivered (~AUD $60.33) @ Amazon USA


Seems like a good gaming mouse and wanted wireless on the cheap.

Can't find it anywhere else for cheaper. If anyone is on the look out for one, here you go.

Not the cheapest bargain it has been, but still a good price:)

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    It's a good mouse, very comfortable. I had one, and had to return it though because the scroll wheel button stopped working after six months. Took it back and got it replaced, however the same thing happened with the replacement in the same timeframe. Whether or not it's because I use the scroll button a lot, or if I just had bad luck or if it's some kind of design flaw, I am not sure. In the end, I replaced it with a Logitech G700s which has been excellent.


      my G700s blew when i charged it from a dodgy usb charger:( This G602 was to replace it!

      Really liked the G700s, but battery life was a pain. Tried to find another but couldn't find a good price.

      Hope this G602 works out.

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      G602 does indeed have a faulty scroll wheel button. Usually lasts less than 6 months.

      I have 3 of them, bought a year apart from each other, from different stores, all failed in the same way.

      Its a known fault. But thats the only one.

      So if you're an IT user who doesnt middle click very often, then this is amazing feeling.

      My favorite mouse…. Just cant buy them as they break.


        this is going to sound stupid , but put your mouth over the scroll wheel and blow , it fixes it temporarily, i have to do it every few months

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      +1 here for middle button issues.
      Logitech declined my warranty because i didn't have a receipt, which is kind of reasonable i guess, but they must know they have issues.
      Disappointed they ditched the 602 without a reasonable replacement.

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      The scroll microswitch is dodgy, I had 3 G602 RMAed due to it. Ended up DIY replacing with another Omron part off ebay and never failed again.

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    My 602 mouse is still strong going from 2014. Can't go wrong. Didn't have to replace the mouse.

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      Same. Don't remember when I bought it. But it is over 4 years ago now.


      Same, 2014.

      Damn dongle broke when I dropped my laptop but after piecing it together, it still works.

      Logitech Australia doesn't sell spares… Look after it!


        Before I had the G602, I had a another wireless one (time when dongle was the size of a USB stick).
        Broke it because it was on the front USB, and moving around snapped it. Contacted Logitech, told them what happened and its out of warranty, I offered to buy one.
        The rep told me they don't sell them, but will look for a refurbish or spares.
        A week later, received one in the post. Free of charge.

        Although the dongles now (Unify receiver) are tiny, and just had a quick look, they do sell them now.

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    Got this for $40 from dick Smith a few years ago. Good mouse. No middle click button issue here. Play lots of games with it.

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    Unless you really like the feel of this one, get the g603.

    I have both 603 and 602 and admittedly still love the 602 more. But the 603 is still a good buy if you can get in on special. It has Bluetooth as well as a much better wireless implementation than the 602 (basically as good as cabled) ….in certain modes the battery lasts 2 years!

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    not deal related but might help someone…

    yesterday i decided to swap from Razer to Logitech but the Logitech software is crap compared to razer. not being able to remap the mouse wheel up/down is a huge disadvantage. I google it and people have been asking for year to be able to do it but the official line is always "We do not allow it".

    I can use 3rd party software like Xmouse but from what I've read that can show up as a cheat and is bannable, Also with Razer i have different profiles that change when different games/software loads and using Xmouse over rides this.

    today sadly i'm going take back the g502 and get another razer.

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    Mine lasted me about 2 years (average 2hr/day).
    The left button started having sticky key issue (double clicking when I only pressed once), really annoying but acceptable in the games I played.
    But doing graphics work is where it really pissed me off.
    Other then that.

    Ergonomics is really good.
    battery life is really good.

    I normally don't use the scroll wheel as middle click, so never encountered any issues there.

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    For anyone that has one of these and is unaware, they run fine on a single battery.
    Might help for those whom prefer a lighter mouse.


    Currently using one

    No problems so far, used for 8-10 hours daily for 3 years

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