Budget Subscription Meat Delivery Service?

Anyone know of a subscription meat delivery service that's cheaper than supermarkets for Scotch Fillet or Eye Fillet or similar fatty steaks?

I look at The Meat Society and the prices are idiotically high.

It seems wierd that I can't find a no-frills provider that saves money for users paying a subscription.


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    We used to get good steaks from a website that did farm gate direct sales. I can’t give a link, because they stopped doing it, but there might be other graziers doing something similar if you try different search terms instead of a subscription service.

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    Anyone know of a subscription meat delivery service

    I hear craigslist is good for that sort of thing.


    I would not call eye fillet a "fatty steak"?

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    Do you have a Drakes Supermarket near by Diji1?
    Drakes (at least in QLD) are pretty sharp on their meet pricing.
    We made use of our Kogan and stocked up a few weeks back on scotch fillet @ $11k/g.


    Eye Fillet is the literal opposite of a 'fatty' steak, what have you been smoking son? It's why they're my preferred cut!

    "Subscription Meat Delivery Service"

    You mean marriage? (sorry)