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Ben Sherman - 50% off Storewide & Online (Including Harrington Jackets)


Similar to my last post almost a year ago,

I'm a big fan of investing in classic casual menswear. Buy once, buy right. Versatile pieces that you can dress up and down, rather than seasonal Politix, Asos, H&M,etc one-hit wonder garbage. Hence, I love recommending the Harrington jacket from Ben Sherman.

My pick from Ben Sherman, the classic Harrington Jacket. This is the best value Harrington alternative to the original Baracuta G9. Usually, $159.95, and now $79, including the core colours Navy, Black and Sand. NO LONGER AVAILABLE

Their other well-known classic range is the Gingham Shirts,

Some guides on why every man should have a Harrington jacket in their wardrobe:

Think it's an old man's jacket? Perhaps the vintage Baracuta G9's and Ralph Laurens were, but the Ben Sherman has a contemporary, slimmer cut. If you think its an old mans style, stick to your low rise skinny jeans and tall tees.

MOD: According to Ben Sherman, 15% off coupon from welcome newsletter does not work with sale items, and cannot be used in this sale.

Update 1 June 2018 9:45am: The Harringtons are no longer available online.

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  • I prefer the one from super dry which is about $85 on their ebay UK account. The cut and material is nicer.

  • Stacks with newsletter signup for further 15% off. Harrington jacket came down to $67.15 delivered.

  • Bought one last time based on your passionate write-up zhenjie. One of the best jackets I've owned, very happy with it!

    • Do you get used to the gingham lining? I for some reason can't get passed it's red checkeredness, would have preferred it was a more subtle, or same colour as outer

      • That's a major point of the Harringtons. The lining.

      • It's the lining that gets compliments and "where did you get that jacket" for days. Imo it's more subtle than the tartan linings

      • As others have said, the lining is the best part!

        I bought a Navy jacket and the gingham lining makes for a great contrast.

        Strongly considering picking up a Sand or Olive jacket in this deal…

    • same here, bought purely based on your recommendation and have since verified your opinions based on the compliments received. Now I want another one but none of the other colours tickle my fancy (i have the dark blue).

    • Same here. Bought one based on Zhenjie's previous post and I have been waiting for this to get another colour. Very happy with the quality.

  • Don't forget 4.20% Cashback at Cashrewards too for the ultimate price. Bought a few shirts with all the discounts applied.

    • +2 votes

      If you use the 15% off newsletter code (BENEFITS), I'm assuming you won't get any cashback since the code isn't listed on the Cashrewards website.

      • There were plenty of times in which I got cashback for the ones that were not listed.(no harm in trying your luck) But those ones were the one that got tracked ok and the ones that were not tracked would need to send an enquiry to their customer service in which they would ask if the codes were used and would decline.

      • Confirm used the 15% coupon and successfully tracked by CR.

        Also for those struggling to do CR on mobile, you can go to your mobile browser and change to Desktop site. Then when you land on Ben Sherman page hit the desktop site setting again.

  • Thanks OP, Bought a Navy one

  • Navy one is a classic as is the Sand/Stone coloured one. I'd say the Black would be less versatile than the other two.

    The Wine will go well with dark coloured denim. I wonder why only the Black and Blue have extra small though…

    • I never once heard black being a less versatile colour. Ever.

      • Surprisingly, It's always less versatile than navy. Suits for example, basically formal, wedding and funerals. While navy can be worn on so many more occasions.

        I've only ever sold one Harrington, and that was a black one

        • Well you can't wear sandstone with khakis as it looks ridiculous. You can pair black with black pants, which doesn't look ridiculous. Same goes for Navy with navy. We are talking about a casual jacket here though right? Not a suit - as formal wear runs by different rules.

        • Surprisingly, black isn't a colour.

        • 'you can't wear sandstone with khakis' - I'm sure Walter White would disagree :)

      • @OnlinePred: Perhaps I didn't word it as well as I could have. The Sand/Stone and Navy are better looking in terms of their styling and how they would wear with a variety of pants. I wouldn't be able to say the same for the Black.

        In terms of versatility though, black is behind navy, grey/charcoal and even brown. So yes, it can indeed be a less versatile colour.

        • Wearing casual navy pants and navy jacket does not look good as wearing black jeans with black jacket as an example. This is why black is the most versatile. It may not look as good as navy does with certain colours, but it's more versatile as you can pair it with any colour including its own colour. All the colours you mentioned have the same issue, brown on brown looks terrible etc etc.

          At least with black, you can layer black on black to look good with say a white tshirt etc, and it will go with any other colour. I hope this makes sense.

        • @OnlinePred: We're going to get into very personal preference territory, but here goes. Black on black is a very drab look. Sure might look good on some occasions, but for the most part, it doesn't really. If you take a look at a simple sportcoat/blazer, for example, you could pair any of those three colours I've mentioned better than black.

        • @Munki: I agree, but I see where you are going, you are going down the more smart casual with slacks/blazer route of which your rule does stand true, but as far as casual goes which these jackets are targeted towards (with jeans etc), black is more versatile as black goes with any colour of jeans, including black jeans. Literally the pic for black has them wearing dark jeans. You won't find a picture of the brown one wearing brown jeans and brown shoes. Black is the only colour which this can work. I never said you would be the most fashionable person wearing black/black, but it works, more so than brown/brown, navy/navy, tan/tan etc.

          This isn't my personal preference, coming from a designers perspective, black ties with more colours - there is no getting around this from a technical perspective of colorus. This relates to clothes as you can add a colored scarf or t shirt/shirt underneath the jacke and it breaks the black/black up really well, and you could wear white/red/whatever colour shoes as black goes with any colour - not fantastically - but you can do it. Therefore black is the most versatile in this scenario.

        • @OnlinePred: While I agree with your point in regards to the top matching bottom with the same colours, I'd go ahead and say too much of one colour isn't good for anybody (black included), but that's another conversation altogether.

          I don't agree with what you're saying in terms of black being a technically more versatile colour from a design perspective and translating that theory onto clothing though. It's true to a certain degree, but things change when we're talking about clothes. White is another example of this. White is seemingly a very versatile colour. You can match it with anything. However, on clothing, it's a totally different story.

        • @Munki:

          Quick google proves black on black is fashionable, can be tied together with shoes/shirt. I am no fashion critic, but for you to say black on black isn't good for anybody, seems entirely personal.

          As an example, the same search for TAN reveals no one wearing tan jacket and tan jeans.

        • @OnlinePred: Not a great comparison as black jeans are a lot more common than tan jeans. In saying that though, I am conceding that I didn't convey what I meant in my original comment. In terms of styling, I do believe the Sand and Navy ones will look better than the Black - particularly for this style of jacket.

          If you're talking about a Bomber MA-1 jacket though, I'd go with a green or black.

        • @OnlinePred:

          I never said you would be the most fashionable person wearing black/black

          You would, if you're in Melbourne

  • Thanks OP. Grabbed one.

  • Email code seems generic, "BENEFITS"

  • hey, for anyone that owns and has similiar proportions what sizing would you recommend for tall, skinny and long arms (182cm/64kg)

    • I went with Small - similar figures to you - as XS runs a bit too tight given the fitment of these jackets - 183cm / 67kg lol

      Free Returns policy!

    • I agree with xis123, just order 2 sizes and return the one that doesn't fit.

    • While these are great jackets I found they run a little small/fitted.
      I am 188cm and about 98kg and an XL fits arms and length - but not around the waist…
      Holding on to it as motivation to drop a few kgs

  • Love your passion OP. Cheers!

  • Great deal. Too bad there's never any X-Small…

  • I need your advice on a new wardrobe zhenjie, you have good fashion sense.

    What are some other essential classic casual wear for men?

    • A navy blazer is also classic and a early choice for the wardrobe - if I was close to a Ben Sherman I'd probably go try one on, but you can't really get away with a less than ideal fit here like you can with the Harrington. Free returns here, but I find returning a hassle.

    • Every guy should have the following at least:

      Good fitting chinos in tan/stone/sand and navy.

      Fitted button-down Oxford shirts in white and light blue. Light pink also a good option.

      An extensive list will require more info on wearer, I'm afraid. Not every style is good on everybody, but I believe every adult male should at least have what I've listed above. The key to dressing well is really just to get things that fit you properly. Pants too long? Get them altered. Important to choose clothing that you feel comfortable in as well. When you're comfortable, you're more likely to be more confident. Confidence is key.

      • Every self-conscious guy you mean, and perhaps single men maybe?

        • Why would they need to be self-conscious or single?

        • @Munki: Because why else SHOULD they have those clothes? Otherwise you just wear what's cheap and comfortable right?

        • @OnlinePred: Well, I like to think any self respecting adult would at least want to look presentable and not like a man-child. Besides, you don't even need to spend a lot in order to get decently fitted clothes. Just need to know where and what to shop for.

          But hey, if you're down to wear kmart tshirts for life, that's your prerogative. You do you (figurative you, not you directly, OnlinePred).

        • @Munki: Well that's just it, everyone should do themselves. Why shouldn't I look like a man-child? I bought 2 pairs of jeans for $75 from jeanswest and my jacket for $120 from Just Jeans. I don't own chinos because I think people who wear them look like twats, BUT I don't go telling everyone that "NO MAN SHOULD OWN A PAIR OF CHINOS" or "YOU DON'T LOOK LIKE AN ADULT UNLESS YOU SPEND LOADS OF MONEY".

      • Thank you

      • chinos lol

    • Always happy to help Darkii. I'm thinking of staring a blog about classic casual wear.

      My other favourite versatile piece is the navy chore jacket. Not as readily available as Harrington's but awesome when you find a good one.

      More street and casual I'd look at bomber (but too similar to Harrington), field jackets and quality leather jackets.

    • While we are on topic. I'm looking to update some chinos that I have grown out of.
      Got 2 pairs from Hallenstein Brothers size 30 that were a skinny fit. Tried getting in touch with them for a size 32 but the range I had is now discontinued. Would Uniqlo be a good recommendation for some chinos that will last a few years?
      Or maybe you OzB guys can suggest where you get yours. I'm 175cm and about 74-75 kgs.

      • Uniqlo chinos are great value for money if you like the skinny fit/low rise style of chino.

        Country Road has some quality one to these past few years. For slim, I would look at MJ Bale, J Crew (from the Iconic) & Brooks Brothers.

        I'd avoid the mainstream brands like yd, tarocash, Oxford, etc. Just terrible quality and fits imo.

  • What does the outer cotton feel like?

  • Thanks for the write-up, OP. You convinced me I need a Harrington jacket.

  • Ordered the Navy. Thanks OP.

    • Also ordered the Navy, also thanks OP. Was a bit fooled at first thinking they didn't have navy left as somehow the web designer thought it was a good idea to colorise the selected color swatch grey.

      • Yes this is really dumb, especially when they have only one colour available - it makes you think the item is grey even if the text says otherwise!

  • Plus 4.2% on cash rewards. Every dollar counts.

  • Ordered one in dark green. Thanks OP!

  • Ordered the Navy One

  • I've mentioned this before, but beware of the zipper. It has coarse teeth which can potentially damage seat belts.

  • I still haven't worn the clothes I bought from the boxing day sale last year

  • Thanks, ordered a navy Harrington

  • What are the sizing like on these jackets? Are they a slim fit?

    I've noticed with Ben Sherman I have to get a size bigger (or two) then compared to other brands.

    • Hoping not as I'm 111 cm chest and their sizing guide said L was up to 112 cm (with XL being from 114). So was close to start with.

  • When they say free returns does that mean I don't have to pay return shipping?

  • For anyone who's querying about sizes, I got this last year. Size S, 178cm male, 75kg, slim.

  • Just bought my first Harrington jacket for $67.15 delivered. Thanks OP!

    EDIT: Make that $64.33 delivered (after Cash Rewards cash back - although judging from my recent experience with Ben Sherman purchases, I'm not expecting the cash back before Christmas).

  • OzHarringtons
    Next winter meet up with all of us in our Harringtons!

  • Got navy one. Thanks!

  • gosh.. i'm such an easy sale..
    +1 on the navy ;-)

    Thanks OP

  • I could do with a navy blazer, any advice?

    • I always keep an eye out for blazers, and they seem to be expensive in Australia, even on sales. I bought a gray one for $49 from the last Sportscraft sale that was posted here: When it was delivered and I realized how good the quality and fit were, all the jackets were sold out. I regretted that I didn't buy more from that sale.

    • When buying a blazer, especially a staple item like a navy blazer, you can get away with spending a little more on something that will last for years. Personally would recommend something in wool. Whether it's fully lined, half lined or just a quarter lined will depend on your location - as you ideally want to match the climate. Hotter areas, you can get away with half or quarter lined blazers to prevent overheating. Colder areas, you'd want it to be fully lined.

      Try not to look for something that looks like it needs to have matching suit pants. They're a completely different beast and can look ridiculous when pairing with jeans or chinos for a toned down look.

      In terms of sizing, ensure it doesn't look baggy or too small that it restricts movement. It should sit on you with a bit of tightness, but enough for you to move freely. Good test would be to lift your arms up in the air. Also, you should be able to button the top button with a shirt on and maybe even with a thin jumper (though not strictly always the case).

      • What brands/places to buy do you suggest?

        • zhenjie has given you a pretty good list to go off, but I'll add my two cents here too.

          MJ Bale do have some nice suits - I don't shop there because they don't do size 34 jackets (44 in some brands who use cm instead of inches). They do go on sale a fair bit too if I recall correctly.

          If you ever go to Sydney, there's a few stores you should check out. Suit Supply and an Aussie designer by the name of Brent Wilson. He has a store in The Galleries Victoria on ground floor and he uses some nice fabrics and he does casual as well as formal. I'm ashamed to say I haven't been to Suit Supply yet, but I've seen their suits and have heard great things about them. I might go today to check them out…

          If you're on the skinny to slim side, you might want to check out Jack London as well. Yes, they're also just made in China stuff, but I find their clothes to fit slimmer men much better. I'd recommend buying their stuff when they go on sale. I don't think I've ever purchased anything at full price.

          Try to find a blazer with a more modern cut to them, so they're a bit slimmer and they follow the body's contour better. The problem I find with Myer off-the-rack suits is that they often have a very boxy shape to them. The jackets don't hug the body to give it a more flattering shape.

          One thing I forgot to mention before is in regards to the lapel. Since you want to wear it as a more versatile piece, you want to try and avoid blazers with really wide lapels. These are normally reserved for more formal attire. Find something with a Notch lapel that isn't too wide and isn't too narrow. Ideally they should match the collar of the shirts you would typically wear with it.

          Lastly, vents. Generally speaking, a single vent is seen to be more casual, but you can still pull off casual looks with a double vent as well.

          I know I recommended a wool blazer, but you could probably get away with a cotton one. It's really just about what you feel comfortable with, cause at the end of the day, you're the one wearing it.

          I second zhenjie's suggestion of trying them in store. Brooks Brothers are stocked in some David Jones, so maybe try there? Not sure what options you have in WA, unfortunately.

      • Couldn't have said it better than Munki. Invest in one awesome Navy blazer that will last you years, instead of a few cheap ones every few years.

        The question is, what do you intend on wearing it with? Casual or smart with chinos and jeans, or tailored and sartorial with trousers and dress pants?

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