CCTV Cameras for Home -Which Ones to Buy and Where Would You Install Them?

Hi Fellow OZ Bargainers,

I need your help to decide which outdoor cameras I should install in my place and suggestions on where to install them.

I'm not up to date with this type of tech.

Requirements from cameras,

  • To be rechargeable on wireless or long lasting battery
  • Easy to install (not a handy person)
  • Night vision (camera to record well on low light)
  • Mobile notification (app)
  • As per the attached layout, I think I'd need cameras with different sensor's lengths (distance for the sensor to start recording)

Also, where would you install them?

I live in a corner, is it legal to have cameras in my place that might record people walking on the sidewalk?

1 floor house, with a park at the front, on NBN (if it matters).

Ideally, willing to spend up to $1200 but flexible. Hopefully on sale due to EOFY sales.

Please give me ideas!



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    So you have moved from the cockroach infested apartment then?
    To escape ths roaches or you killed them all?

    • I'm guessing moved to the US of A

      people walking on the sidewalk

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    one in the dunny

  • I use these but they don't record.

    You can record into the street - public space - but cannot record into neighbours property.
    I have mine under eaves.

    • Thanks. Good advice!

  • Arlo Pro 2 cameras like here.

    • Can you set these cameras to trigger the motion sensor at different distances (1 camera at 6 mt, other at 2 mt and so on)?

      Or do they sale different options but can be matched together?


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    arlo 2 pro - just be aware it won't get motion activated through a window.

    • Can these recordings get saved on a hard drive for all the connected cameras? Or just individually through the USB?


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        Yes, you can save recordings from all the cameras to a single hard drive connected to the base station.

        • Thanks!

  • Look for a PoE system on eBay. PoE (Power over Ethernet), which means, you only have one cable going to the camera.


    • not wireless, nvm

      • Yes, would prefer wireless just because it's easier to install.


    • i think your router need to support poe as well

      consumer router hardly any has poe

      mostly only avail to pro grade which costs tonnes ?

      • The NVR that comes with the cameras does all the powering and processing. You just need to connect one cable to the router for data.

  • if you are willing to wait a while (probs around sept) these look great.

    • Yes, it looks pretty good. I could wait.

      Although I'm a bit hesitant that it will meet its own expectations. Will think about it.


    • Highly doubt that the battery is going to last one whole year.

  • Reolonk Argus 2 cameras - look them up , heaps of you tube reviews and buy from eBay official store.

    • I've watched the videos now. It's a very good camera option.


      • I've just bought 4 - I'm really excited about receiving them actually.

        • can you report back please once set up, I too find them an interesting alternative.

        • Yes, please let me know how you go with the new cameras 😊

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