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Netac N500S 2.5" 320GB SSD $57.99 USD (AU $78) + Free Shipping @ Zapals


Might be good for an old laptop upgrade or a HTPC.

Make sure you select USD as your currency in settings otherwise you will get $10AUD off instead of $10USD off.

Not sure of Random Read / Write performance but at these prices they are bound to outperform a spinning drive.

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- SATA3 6Gb/s high speed, and backward compatible for SATA2/1.
- Adopting SLC Virtual caching technology, greatly improves data transmission speed.
- Anti-shock, zero noise. High efficiency but low power consumption.
- Support SMART, TRIM and Dev-Sleep mode.

Brand Netac
Model N500S-320G
Cache 3D TLC Nand Flash
Interface SATA3 6Gb/s
Form Factor SATA6Gb/s 2.5in
Capacity 320GB
Reading Speed 500MB/s
Writing Speed 400MB/s
Operating Temperature 0-70℃
Storage Temperature -40~85℃
Temperature Humidity 5%-95%
Compatibility support Windows/Mac/Linux
Product Size 10 x 7 x 0.6cm
Product Weight 47g
Package Contents 1 x SATA3 SSD

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  • In Italian, but here's a youtube video with some benchmarks of the 240gb model compared to a samsung 850 evo.

    Crystal Disk Mark results are at 1:19.


  • I'm assuming this SSD isn't especially reliable? Anyone got any idea on whether it's worth it for a gaming drive?

    • Not sure about reliability but I wouldn't bet on it. IMO in this day an age for a gaming drive you'd want at least a 500GB model.

    • isn't especially reliable

      There is a small range of memory and controllers that every company uses and the others aren't unreliable.

    • why would it not be reliable …

      there are only a few companies that make NAND and SSD controllers, and assembly is done on production line.

      • True, but warranty might be a pain, and SSD's do fail from time to time. I guess at this price you wouldn't be losing much though.

  • Read from other forum that is TLC based, roughly over 140GB your write speed drop till around 50MB/s, might be good for "READ" rather than daily usage.

    • TLC is the way most consumer SSD drives are going if they haven't already, bigger issues are things like are you copying with one drive on a USB and the other on sata or both drives are on the sata bus …. makes a BIG difference (orders of magnitude) faster if both are on sata bus.

      • The problem of this drive is like early date's Intel SSD, when free space fall less than 50% it start to slow down on write, e.g. after Windows updates, your machine took a long time to get back on, but once your free space over 50% your SSD perform well again, it's not just Copying file in single SATA or USB it's the controller that not mature enough or has design flaw in the firmware like OCZ's one.

  • Anyone bought from them before? Just wondering how long postage takes?

  • Received mine yesterday.