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Calvin Klein Euphoria 3 Piece Gift Set (Womens) - $88.60 Delivered


Fetch a Bargain on Calvin Klein Euphoria 3 piece gift set (womens) 100ml + Lotions
$88.60 delivered anywhere in Australia

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Fetch a Bargain
Fetch a Bargain

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    Whoa…price changing and now product…get out of here!

    Edit - Have revoked, however, best be sure you're posting a bargain before doing so…you'll lose cred. quickly if you keep moving the goal posts.

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    Thanks wisc, jesseboy89, bernybubble, carlenet

    We definately got beaten on the price for the Chanel Coco Chanel 100ml eau de perfume

    We have now changed our product to:

    Calvin Klein 3 piece gift set (womens) 100ml + Lotions
    $88.60 delivered

    See how we go this time around

    Thanks again

    Fetch a Bargain


    Thanks Bemybubble, Ninja and Jesseboy89 =)

    Fetch a Bargain


    $83.18 Delivered with coupon "FREE" (Possibly different gift set) http://www.fragrancex.com/products/_lid_E-am-cid_Perfume-am-...

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      similar but not the same, 2 lotion bottles vs 1 and a pen


      Hi maxixix

      Thats not a bad price from fragrancex.com

      But we must inform customers who wish to buy from fragrancex especially with free delivery that you wont know when your package will arrive as you dont get a tracking number with this "free" shipping option

      Yes fragrancex.com is a competitor but Fetch a Bargain was emailed by fragrancex.com to see if we wanted to buy wholesale from them.

      Before we did, we decided to test their delivery procedure with their "free" coupon shipping as they stated 7 - 12 day delivery for this option.

      We placed an order in November 2010 and have not yet received this order and its 21st of January 2011.
      We sent them an email asking for update on our product delivery only to get the email response which we posted in the forum link below.

      View our inputs on fragrancex.com in another ozbargain.com.au forum below


      Hope this helps

      Fetch a Bargain


        I agree their standard delivery is slow and un-trackable from personal experience. Usually it takes them 4 weeks to deliver in my case. In your case probably with Christmas and all things took a bit longer. However, I never lost an order or had to request a refund to date(touch wood).


        nice response! bag the competition (LOL), cant find anything to compare your deal with so unsure weather its that great still


        Hi everyone

        update on our order

        • We placed the order on the 11th of November 2010
        • It was shipped on 15th November 2010
        • We still have not received this product, and the date of this forum post is 9th February 2011

        So we physically phone called fragrancex.com on their number (dialled 0011-1-718-482-6970)
        and this was the phone conversation below:

          We spoke to a lady named Karen
          She asked for our order number, we told her
          She replied with “aaahhh…you ordered in november 2010…that was the worst month for us because of weather conditions. heavy snow/blizzards grounding flights/shipping etc and we didnt start sending out orders that were placed in november until mid december when weather cleared up”
          We said ok….but its now February
          Her reply “Yes i’m aware and that the parcel should arrive shortly”
          We said ok and asked her what route does the shipping take
          Her reply “if alot of orders are going to your area, its direct, but if not…it can go thru different routes thru different countries”
          We said hmmmm ok….
          Her reply “so if i can ask you to be patient a bit more…which is a big thing to ask since you have waited this long…we would appreciate it as your order is on its way, if it hasnt arrived in 2 weeks….call us and ask for Karen”

    Rep, can you do special deal on CHANEL Allure?


    Yeah FrangranceX is definitely gonna be cheapest, but ALWAYS expect 4+ weeks for delivery. Mine took 8 weeks last time.

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