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Vegan Spicy Veg Trio or Vegan Margherita Pizza for $5 Pickup @ Domino's


Use link to get a single use code valid for a $5 vegan (no dairy) pizza, either Spicy Veg Trio or Margherita.
Not any cheaper than getting it with regular cheese, but to some people this option will be appealing.

Make sure to order using the Vegan Range menu instead of altering pizzas from other menus otherwise the discount won't apply.

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        • @wchau:

          Don't worry - I do think about the animals. But I also think about the non-food animals which are often forgotten about and some of them suffer horribly too.

          But as I said, plants are alive as well and just because we do not know or understand everything about them does not give us the right to dismiss it and treat them inferior.

          Unfortunately, bar fruitarianism, is is nature that humans have to eat either plants or animals both of which are alive.

          Also, as I mentioned before, would you argue differently if I said that animals will get injected with a nice drug so they go to sleep nicely and have nice dreams before they are killed? Then the argument of pain and suffering does not stick anymore.

        • @Lysander: Cut a live carrot and then a live chicken and tell me they both suffer the same.

          In you heart and your mind what do you think ?… Why can you cut the head of a carrot without hesitation , can you do the same of pig/cow ? Could you even do it ? and would you think of it the same..

          As another commenter said, vegans don't have an issue with taking a life to live, it is taking what is unnecessary in the way that humans do it that has vegans up in the air .

          If it is not the argument of pain or suffering, then it would be about taking an animals life , all animals want to live and we as an animal shouldn't need to kill another animal if it is not necessary.

        • @wchau:

          If we go to the animal level, in nature animals kill and eat other animals. We agree animals are sentient but they do it simply because it is necessary and they need to eat. And I do believe there are animals that can eat either - they will simply eat what is available to them.

          See, if I look at it from the ancestry of my dad's family, the only crime is not to thank the animal and respect the animal for giving its life to feed us. Hence nothing should be wasted (and I do not only mean only items to eat but literally nothing) and in my dad's culture all animals and their spirits are cherished.
          Before the almost complete genocide the tribes would use the fur, the bones, the skin, and of course the meat of the animals they hunted and they would only hunt when necessary such as getting through the winter. They also ensured the animals did not suffer.
          I do believe that this is a respectful and proper approach.

          And I know it is hard to believe but I do treat and respect plants and animals the same - neither should be destroyed and killed unless necessary and unfortunately eating is necessary.
          Check out what happens in a tree when you cut of a branch - and I mean what happens inside, what the tree does to repair it, sometimes it bleeds (not red blood but you know what I mean).

          With many vegans it is as with many labour activists: they have the right idea but their hypocrisy destroys it - they fight against cheap and slave labour in Asia but then buy iPhones and have three Chinese big screen TVs at home that are (a) produced by such slave labour and (b) poison people and the environment when they break and are sent to Africa to be dismantled. But that is ignored because having an iPhone is nice. It is not necessary but nice.
          And with that I say goodnight. Thank you for a good and stimulating and most importantly, insult and personal-attack free discussion. This is rare on this website and it is very much appreciated.

        • @Lysander: I just read this and sorry to say.. Why do you compare animals eat other animals ? They do this to survive and they do it because they have to. Vegans have no issues with this.
          Humans do not need eat animals to live and sustain a healthy life. We do it for 4 reasons only

          Habit – Tradition – Convenience – Tasty

          Again, if you were living in the wild, vegans would have no problem with what needs to be done this is survival, including the use of fur bones. etc.. You are not in the Jungle, lets not pretend to be in one, void argument

          When you cut a branch of a tree, yes it repairs itself and does what it needs to survive.. if you think this is the same as cutting someones hand off , why don't you try it ?. Void argument again.

          I would not say many vegans - these vegans are growing and realising more and more to become at least to be the best they can, they may mistakes on the way but it is a lesson learnt and hopefully avoid future mistakes.
          They are at least trying . Whilst others just turn a blind eye .

          if you can live a healthy life without causing so much pain and suffering to others why wouldn't you ? Why pay others to kill for you when it is absolutely unecessary.

          Just remember a murderer is just as guilty as the person who paid him to do it. Make the connection, you are an animal they are animals.. we all want to live. Why take their lives ? Do onto others what others have onto you.

        • @wchau:

          Just to be clear: you will not convince me with those old arguments.

          Also, if we start talking about trying to live better and not ask others to kill, this is the wrong site. After all, here people order cheap, probably toxic Chinese shit, because it is cheap, not because they need it.
          Also, many people here have many electronic devices and buy new ones all the times (e.g. game consoles) - do you know what happens with the electronic rubbish? It is shipped to Africa where children harvest valuable parts and metals without protection and breathe toxins all day long, every day.
          That is where I choose to start. You may start elsewhere. But I do not harass you with videos etc. of these dying kids when you are shopping with your 3 year old causing trauma to the kid. I know many vegans who think this is ok. I know many vegans who buy lots of electronic stuff (such as 15 printers from HN when they cost $15 so they can use the cartridges and put 15 printers in the bin!).
          My point is: if you want to be vegan that is fine. I will not harass you. But I ask the same of you - let me have my choice and do not harass me or my children either. That is pretty simple. Unfortunately, hard to understand for quite "a few" people.

          And here we should agree to disagree. For you animals are above plants - for me they are equal. Neither of us will change their opinion so any further discussion is wasted energy.

          I do wish you pleasant and beautiful evening though.

        • @Lysander: The world is full of problems Lysander. It seems that you are putting forward that theres too much problems and I'm not going to do anything just because you think vegans are hypocrites. Vegans are trying to raise awareness and no matter how much you think, it is making an effect and helping. And if it has to be in your face type of awareness then it just shows how much they want this to end.

          You say plants and animals are equal, yet you would never ever kill an animal with your hands yet you do that easily with a plant. That says it all. But I do hope one day you will change this thought.

        • @wchau:

          I never said anything like that. I need to eat. I eat plants if I have to. I eat animals if I have to. I respect both and waste nothing of them if possible (see my dad's side of the family is US Red Indian, so it is the culture and tradition there to honour an animal who gave its life for you and waste nothing). Note that I have hunted a buffalo the traditional way, with bow and knife and nothing was wasted when I lived on an Indian reservation for a year during high school.

          If vegans push it in my face, it will have the opposite effect - if they did not they might convince me. Being militant makes me refuse to listen and take them seriously - I might even do the opposite and tell them that their behaviour makes me do it, similar to the effect some people's militant behaviour and insults have here.
          Maybe then they change their approach.
          If you cannot convince a person with your argument, do not be militant about it or use shock, have better arguments.

          P.S.: Yes, the world is full of problems and I would like to start with the most pressing: plastic and toxins in the air and water and ground as if that is not fixed neither vegans, nor animals, nor non-vegans will be there soon.

    • i know you're a better gentleman than this sir

    • This is a beautiful quote, and I'm stealing it.

  • As a follow meat eater, I say veganism is something that should be promoted and not discouraged. Yes I understand veganism taste like absolute shit but everyone should do more their part to reduce meat consumption to end unneeded suffering . Personally I have cut down by maybe 50%. Even if everyone can just cut their consumption by 25% by trying some vegan restaurant or cooking their own. At least then we can see more variety of tasty vegan foods that can help in the long run. Currently yes all I see is vile tasting and most times overpriced foods we see today. I think as. A society, we're moving into veganism territory in the next 100 year.

    P.s apparently organic meats or free range doesn't help them either. Actually organic beef causes more deforestation than anything else. I'm sorry but as a meat eater, it's still worth to educate yourself even if it's an opposing opinion. Oh and vegans don't take my comment as a victory on your side. Personally I hate the attitudes of vegans but what they say is actually true

    • Interesting comment, Firstly I love dominos vegan cheese as I'm lactose intolerant it means I can have dominos without going fully cheeseless. On the Veganism part I'm on your side, I used to eat meat products with at least 2 meals a day, since finding out the extreme impact it has on the environment and also that 2 serves of meat a day is not good for your body, I have cut down to 2 serves a week on average, I'll never go to a friends house or BBQ and tell them I'm vegan so make me something else or if I'm out for dinner I'll order a steak, but when I go to the supermarket now I only ever buy eggs and no meat, and with some simple googling you can learn a lot of really nice meat free dishes, one thing I never thought I would do is make a tofu burger, but the tofu using a simple marinade tasted exactly like chicken. I am a big believer in the world, in general, cutting their meat eating down, if you want to cut it out completely all for you x

      • Apart from chicken's flesh, no other common food source causes more individual deaths of warm-blooded animals per calorie than chicken's eggs.

    • "Yes I understand veganism taste like absolute shit" - Really ??

      My friend you have not been given the opportunity to see what you are really missing out on..

      Just on the retail front.. you have
      2) Hot Chips ( need I say more )

      1) The Best Pie 2106 was a vegan pie
      3) Guzman burritos ( just veg no cheese ) is pretty darn good.
      4) The indian veg thalis are awesome.
      5) Golzeme King ( vegan golzeme ) is pretty awesome.

      Damn just a soft sesame seed bun salad roll is tasty, lettuce, tomato , beetroot, nuttelex butter, carrot, onion, salt pepper is good.

      Home cooked is just as good if not better, there is plenty tasty vegan food out there ! ( but there are also shit ones just as there are shit meat meals if not done properly too! )

    • I'm extremely confused by anyone who thinks that anything that isn't meat "tastes like absolute shit". Reminds me of a child who vomits at the sight of broccoli.

      • Yes, you're right, there are some really tasty vegan foods.

        I only have a problem when, vegan foods doesn't have the right balance of macro-nutrients that is somewhat reasonably priced and obtainable.
        I do want to become a full fledged vegan but what is deterring and many others, is knowing enough vegan foods balance recipes to not be boring. I'm still learning though.

  • Here's an attempt at a mass take away chain to promote vegan at a good price, that's a step forward for meat consumption reduction

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  • +1 vote

    Dominos regular cheese IS unethical in my opinion. While there is so much noise in recently years about supporting Aussie dairy farmers, Dominos choose to quietly import their cheese from California, USA. Not good for the environment either lugging all the perishable cheese across the Pacific burning fossil fuels.

    Dominos, you give a big middle finger to Aussie farmers. You exploit your workers and franchisees. No thanks. You can stick your cheap pizzas made from the cheapest to source, saturated fat ladden goods from whoever internationaly is the cheapest to supply.


      How do you know that the cheese is imported from USA?

      • +1 vote

        A friend that worked there told me a while back. It was not that long ago, a few months. Maybe its no longer the case (hopefully). But with a quick google search I found this old article:


        If its a concern, I am sure current employees would be in a better position than I am to confirm if Dominos still shows disregard for the Aussie farmers.

    • Actually cow's milk in the US comes predominantly from cattle in concentrated feed operations. Pastured cattle, like most in Australia, produce twice as much greenhouse gas emissions than those that are grain fed. Even talking into account the longer haul, I expect your point on the environment is incorrect.

      • Well if thats the case, maybe we should stop buying Aussie Dairy products and get stuck into the US products until we change our ways domestically.

        Ultimately its us as consumers that make such choices….. hence all the appeals to Aussies to stop buying $1 milk (while big companies secretly import dairy products with consumers unware).

  • Funny that there are so many comments in this thread belittling vegans and veganism. I thought we were supposed to be the ones forcing our views on people?

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  • So… now not even cheese on the cardboard? How very liberating.

  • Anyone got one they won't use? Got a dairy allergic girlfriend who would love it!

  • I lowered my cholesterol from 7.0 down to 4.4 in 6 weeks by switching to vegan diet alone.

  • Does anyone know if it’s a one time use code?

  • Please PM me if anyone doesn't up using their code, have wife and son that can't have regular cheese!

  • Eating animals that are kept in little cages and suffer all their lives will bring bad karma, the fact people buy these meats keeps the people exploiting the poor animals in business giving them a livelihood. You must give up consumption of animal products, these people are the problem for many ills of our planet, they are greedy and selfish and in my opinion the consumers are as guilty as the producers, same thing in Tibet, people were against killing animals but they would buy meat saying it is the person who killed the animal and sold it was the one who sinned, no you are as guilty as the person who crams poor animals into cages to exploit.

  • heartening to see a lot of people here, meat-eaters and otherwise, acknowledge that veganism is a pretty decent practice. environmentalism isn't an all-or-nothing game, as a vegetarian i'm always glad to see my meat-eating friends opt for vegetarian or vegan options occasionally.

  • I got my code, but I didn't save it I thought they will mail me, But now I checked it has not been mailed :(