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HTC Legend $298 for Three customers (second handset)


Hey Guys

You can get a HTC legend if you are a three customer as a second handset for $288 (24 x $12 or 12 x $24) + $10 delivery fee. Obviously not as good as the recent vodafone deal but still pretty good. Also they sting you with an early termination fee if you cancel before the end of the contract.

3.2 inch AMOLED touch screen
5.0 megapixel camera with auto focus
Friend stream for Facebook, Twitter and Flickr
HTC Sense user interface
Android Market access
Adobe flash support
HSPA for fast web browsing
Google Search, Talk and Maps Built in GPS with Google Maps
24 month Repair Warranty

Edit: it's the Black version

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  • Is there a direct link to the offer on the site?

    • No link, just have ring up and ask for a second handset. Last time I spoke to them they said they had 100 handsets in the warehouse. BTW these are the Black version.

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  • I like this phone, I've been using it for about a month now after the vodafone deal, it runs smoothly and looks pretty - I think it looks better than the desire. Android is pretty awesome too. Using swype I find that I don't miss having a built on keyboard.

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      Are you sure it's that great? I found it really laggy personally.

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        You can also update the operating system to Froyo 2.2 but I have read mixed views in the forum as whether it makes it slower or faster. Apparently if you do update to 2.2 you need to do a full reset before you upgrade.

        I found this as well: $50 credit for online upgrade if your eligible


      • Slightly laggy, but bearing in mind i upgraded from aa sony ericsson w595 it doesn't seem like a big deal :P

  • How do u update to froyo 2.2?!

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      Update available on HTC Aus Site.

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    Awesome phone (have it from the voda deal)

    • many of us :)

  • recently i have got an Iphone4 16gig for 2417 as a second phone from three and they offered this legend for 245, call them speak to the premium care and ask the to give you some loyalty credit as well, you would find a better deal

  • I'm surprised no one has asked this question yet.. I suppose this is for a prepaid plan? Is it locked?

    • It is not prepaid.

      All monthly bill mobiles are unlocked upon request for FREE.

    • This is for postpaid. You have to be on a contract first and have already owned a contract phone — hence, this HTC is your "Second" phone if you choose to take up this offer.

      A phone bought on contract is initially locked, but they will give you the unlock code for free.

      After all you are still paying for the contract, they don't care if the phone is unlocked or not.

      • ah ok so it is buying a phone outright then. I see.

  • BTW the it's running version 2.2 so it has the hotspot software installed. Great phone!

    • Geat post OP. thanks.

      davo_4, so you say it has 2.2 froyo already installed on it, am i correct?.


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        Yes, it has Version 2.2 (no need for update).