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30% off MusclePharm @ iHerb


30% off MusclePharm selected products but it looks like they're all included.

MusclePharm, Wreckage Pre-Workout $48.03 down to $33.62
This excludes 7% CashRewards/Shopback, and 5% loyalty rebate which is an extra 12% off. It should be under $30AUD as an example
Discount applied in cart. May not be combined with other discounts or specials.(Unsure if this effects CashRewards/Shopback?)

Hope this helps


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    any suggestions about this brand?

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    Going to stock up on protein bars for when I'm on the road all day for work.

    Also just ran out of Bulknutrients creatine so so give these guys a whirl. Cheers!

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    Got my protein bars today. Likely going to order more. These things are delicious and very cheap at $1.8AUD per serve approx.

    Cookie dough FTW!


      Unavailable, I think same issue as Wreckage.

      Low volume, so they restrict sales to international customers. It's pretty disappointing.


      They're good,

      choc PB was awesome
      birthday cake and cinnamon were pretty average though

      Testing smores and choc cookie dough now - 2 weeks delivery apparently :]

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    Wreckage is all sold out, however I noticed 10% loyalty credit on it, with along side CR 7% would be 17% extra so in total 47% off which is amazing!

    Interesting what HELP told me:
    Thank you for waiting.

    This item is available here in US but not in Australia. There are two reasons why this certain product is only available in certain countries and it's out of stock in your country.
    1. We have three warehouses and in that certain warehouse, all Australia orders are being processed and the merchandise you ordered was not available in the warehouse at the time your order will be processed.
    2. The item stock is sufficient only for domestic customers that's why it's not available in your country.

    Email reply:
    With regard to the stock availability, we have specific stock allotted for each country. This is to ensure the freshness of every product and to have longer expiration date for farther countries.

    Basically available in the US, but as volume is low not available to Australia. WHAT? :|


      Bugger. I should have reordered earlier. Ah well maybe these ones I have will last longer now lol


        I've been emailing them, and apparently their west coast warehouse ships to Australia and it out of stock, but I believe products should be restocked normally within 2 weeks but maybe quicker if they're shipping from one of their warehouses to another. Just keep an eye on it.


    Actually I think there is Australian stock, I was probably using my vpn on my laptop. My phone shows available but only 5% loyalty rebate which is interesting.


    Got an email about the GST on Iherb coming into affect. FFS

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