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CT 18 Super Wash 6L - Was $41.99, Now $17.87 at Supercheap Auto


CT 18 Super wash 6L $24.12 off Now $17.87 at Super Cheap Auto Ends 17/06/18

Percentage wise I'll leave that up to someone better at maths than me.

The major benefits of this cleaner is, it does NOT SET or DRY. With other chemicals/cleaners if they dry on or set, you have to mix a stronger batch to apply over the first coat to remove the original application.

Pair this up with a $10 5L pump pressure sprayer from Bunnings and you can do the engine bay in no time. I mix mine at 20:1 for engine bay (200ml to 4L of water). Apply on a cool engine bay, spray and run away let it soak in for 1-5 hours and rinse off.

As for car paint work. I don't recommend it as a every week/month cleaning agent for cars with clear coat. But for the once a year or every two years to remove wax build up, bugs and tar. It is great. Also awesome as a rim, wheel cleaner too.

Or if you are doing works or renovations I use it as a prep before splattering windows and doors (especially aluminium) with concrete, plaster dust etc (outside only) or any area not under foot (slippery little sucker) as it will be the binding layer, not the dry, suck every bit into the surface layer. Do one or two coats and leave it for 1-3 weeks, then rinse off.

I also use it for around the house as you can apply it, let do the work for you, then rinse off when you like.

PS: As works awesome in the kitchen as well.

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    57.44% off from what I can work out.

    Sounds like it's pretty universal for uses? Never used it personally but considering it for this price.


      Thanks for the maths work, well done. I will warn you, it is the lazy way to clean. It is designed for washing trucks. You cant wash and rinse a whole truck at once. And you don't want product to dry on (double the work). I was given a sample and have been hooked ever since.

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    Apparently this has a new formula that is PH neutral so should be safe for wax

    I use it in a snow foam gun as a prewash

    Edit- didn’t know you could leave it on for hours though, this would be good to foam the wheel wheels and leave on for the duration of the wash then pressure rinse off at the end

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    great hand cleaner also BTW. Use about a 5c piece worth :)


    From your description it seems that this is what car washes put in their “wheel and engine” wash?


      It is awesome for brake dust and soot. I don't know what the $2 wash on go's use?

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    Worth noting depending on your car please cover up core under bonnet electricals with foil before doing any washing in there. If in doubt google your car name + engine bay detail and there'll either be a forum post or YouTube video telling you what to watch out for.

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      Hey cc, thank you for this awesome tip. I just quickly found this:
      "cover the alternator, coilpacks, and fusebox, cover the intake and the engine back up including any connectors "