This was posted 9 months 13 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

out of stock Scorptec 20th Anniversary Sale (20 Deals Each Week for 8 Weeks)

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    The last deal - Scorptec Meshify 1060 Gaming PC

    An i3-8100 on a Z-series motherboard? Like why would you do that when it isn't a K series?

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      2 reasons:
      1) more features/ports - usb pci-e etc; i didnt look up the exact model
      2) higher end boards are more reliable; I would say the component most likely to die nowadays in modern pc's is the motherboard (excluding anybody that buys generic psu)

      not saying its a good idea still but just giving possibilities


        I wonder if reliability improves with price anymore.

        Now that so many functions have been integrated into the motherboard chipset, which is made by intel, the main point of failure is the quality of the tracing and soldering on the board itself.

        The same production line will be used to make the low end and high end boards, and in many cases the same plant makes boards from multiple brands.

        I think these days you can get away with a bottom of the range board, from a reputable brand


    FYI. The $699 price for the ROG Swift 27" screen @ Budget PC is for ex-demo models only ( 1-3 dead pixels ).

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    The discounts are really poor. Not your fault, OP, but Scorptec's. It's 20th anniversary, FFS.

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      When was the last time within the past 2 decades have you seen a 'deal' by Scorptec?


        I used to have literally $1 discount by their sales and charged 4% on Amex. Their refurbished list is more acceptable in terms of price.
        But 'refurbish'


      honestly I don't disagree with you, they looked ok/interesting when I glanced at them originally but after price comparing on staticice most of them are only marginally better. also didn't check shipping expenses so..


    Staticice isn't always cheapest. Eg the d-link taipan is around $375 minus any coupons on eBay

    Historically I've rarely found scorptec cheapest. That's fine. I've only ever bought there once consequently (it was a hard to find item)


    Why do people buy from Scorptec? Care to share?

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