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[PS4] God of War $48.99 @ Costco (Membership Required)


$48.99 for ps4 God of War hard copy at Costco. You need to have a valid Costco membership to buy it. Promotion valid until 18/6/18.

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  • I didn't even realise Detroit: Become Human was already out. Thanks OP!

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      …and its brilliant!

      • Glad to hear that! Thanks for the review! 😊

  • Might wanna put the store and price in title

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    Please be more descriptive in the title / heading.

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        OP likely posted it as they saw it in the store and probably didn't have a convenient opportunity to carefully prepare the post to OzBargain's posting standards.

  • in US price for god of war dropped weeks ago, here in OZ they are keeping it at $79 launch price for no reason

    • Some aussies are dumb enough to pay that price except for us ozbargainers

  • Is there actually any stock in store?. All i see is Detroit: Become Human in the photo.

    • There are about 10 card in Costco marsden park.

  • Any chance you saw if they're participating/beating any of the other Days of Play offers, or have the Days of Play console?

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      Unfornately there is not many games available. The ps4 pro is still $499.

      • Thanks :)

  • If you're keen on taking advantage of EB's 50% extra trade credit towards upcoming games, you can trade God of War in for $60.

  • Did you take notice of the price of Detroit?

    • $72.99.

      • Did you take the photo of the PS4 box by any chance? looking to get the manufacturing date.

  • Thanks OP, just bought mine from Costco Docklands in Melbourne. Almost bought mine from BIGW for $10 more, then saw your post. Cheers!

  • I can confirm this is available in store. I just bought mine from Costco in Lidcombe NSW. They didn't have the discount shown on the d display but they confirmed at checkout.

  • how much the price for ps4 pro at costco now?

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