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Multi-Function Large Screen Alarm Clock with Temperature Weather Forecast US $6.99 (~AU $9.05) + Free Shipping @ Zapalstyle


Use coupon code: ZPSNEW060801
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    'Suitable for bedroom, baby room, office and greenhouse.'

    Also, where does it get it's forecasts from? Just a wild guess?


      Just a wild guess using the temperature trend and current humidity. It will be less accurate than those weather stations that can measure atmospheric pressure trend.


      Have a cheap "weather forecast" clock…
      Uses previous 24 hour temp & humidity changes to 'predict' next 24 hours using Boolean logic.
      Gives 3 predicted states (cloudy - default state, rainy, sunny).
      So if humidity rises from low to high & temp falls… display changes from sunny, to cloudy, to rain.

      Pretty useless & only looked at forecast when I got it.


      Just a wild guess?

      Pretty much.
      Its kind of dumb when you can use an old phone or tablet pulling BoM data over wifi.
      - assuming you want an always-on display, instead of just an alert on you phone when rain is coming.

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    Note that zapals takes a loooong time to even dispatch your orders


      Similar clock deal dispatched in 7 days - waiting another 3 weeks for delivery… Not expecting any time soon.

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        Mine came, not useful at all, Backlight only on for a few seconds after press of a button, then automatically turn off (to save battery fair enough but..) when the back light is off the screen is just black. So to view the info you have to press a button each time, useless for hanging or desk stand no AC power. End up in the bin.

        Edit: This one has backlight on AC

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          When using the battery to operate, the backlight function could be activate by clap hands and moving sensor. You can press the snooze/light button to activate the backlight function. The backlight will open when using the AC power.

          So it doesn't do what the ad said it could?

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          Yes I agree. Can't see anything if backlight off.


          Thanks for that info - I think­čś×
          Also Comment in deal about poor viewing angles when backlight is on…

          Expected problems as there was comment on short backlight time - after most had ordered. Had intended modifications to see if this could be changed to permanent on & USB powered. Have modified similar screen devices. But waste of time with poor viewing angles

          PayPal dispute looming… Before receiving it!
          Zapals (sister site) won't respond to my previous complaints ("solar powered" mini torch that is wired to button battery not the fake solar panel, included batteries not included in another torch, invisible ink pen with no ink…)

          Might be time for a serious backlash for misrepresented & failed products from this & Zapals sites.

          After a serious chat with Mods about misrepresentation with another supplier of cheap deals, the site was banned & only came back with requirement they lifted their game & offered enticing 1c deals…


          Just to clarify - different device.
          These comments are about previous pos clock that was battery only. But with misrepresentation in that deal from same supplier… don't believe what you read.


          Holding SNZ gives 8 seconds backlight.

          I'm modifing mine after it arrived late today, adding a LED to give backlight & USB power.
          Think this unit is the better deal.

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      Dispatch in winter , arriving in spring , my random shipping forescast


      Zapals uses a weather blimp to cruise this item.
      Yes, they are very very slow in delivery.