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Netac P500 Pro 128GB Micro SD Card $33.99 US (~$45 AUD) @ Zapals


Up for grabs:

Netac 128GB Pro high speed TF card. Zapals reckon it's: "waterproof, anti-magnetism, anti-extreme temperature and anti-X-ray, is class 10 speed level and can transfer photos, video content from your mobile device to your PC at a no wait rate of 98MB/s.

UHS-1 U3 high efficiency and Class 10, fast read speed up to 98MB/s to achieve rapid shoot.
Great speed and high performance for mobile gaming, full HD video recording, high resolution pictures, music and more.
Applicable to devices with micro SDHC or micro SDXC slots.
Ideal for cameras, cell phones, vehicle traveling data recorder and more.
Waterproof, anti-magnetism, anti-extreme temperature and anti-X-ray."

Code gets you $10AUD off. If buying in AUD about $57 at time of listing ($47 after cupon). Use USD if possible if you have a card without exchange and additional fees should get you down to about $45 or under.

Might not be as reputable as Samsung but claims to be better constructed as a 'pro' card so worth a try.

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  • This has an average write speed of about 34MB/second. Go to end of this video to see test results.
    Far cry from the 80MB/s of the Samsung Evo Plus.

    • is evo 80mb read or write ?

      read speeds are easy write is harder but is what i want for my dslr.

      • Not him but the samsung evo plus's are ~80MB/sec write on a computer (depends on the quality of your adapter), in cameras and smartphones they're a lot less but so are other cards.
        This guy here tests them on his PC and phones and shows what i'm talking about https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KrpxLLcr_Ag.
        There's actually an ebay deal on them here. With the PULL5 coupon it's actually about $45 like OP's microSD

      • If you need the constant high write speed then spend the money to get the Sandisk Extreme Pro or Evo Pro range.

        Having said that you have to cobsider whether the bottle neck is the buffer of your camera or the flash media.

        • Have been buying sandisk exteme as DSLR is 24 megapixel , phones are designed for fast write so people can do continuous shots at full frame and some people write raw not jpeg (raw is much larger file, phones typically only do jpeg).

          bragging writes for camera specs are fps continuous shoots.

          I have noticed that the extreme allows me to take pictures quicker in succssion than the normal ultra on 24 megapixel DSLR.

      • Write.

    • I might be reading it wrong but it would seem to me the video you posted up suggests

      Read/Write Seq

      NetpacP500 64gb 81.72/38.72 mb/s

      A quick google search I found a similar poster using samsungs own adapter (better in my opinion and faster)

      Samsung 64gb Evo+ 46.64/19.99 mb/s

      Both uses CrystalDiskMark to test. The Htest on the left of the youtube link isn't renowed for read/write speed test, rather testing capacity in my opinion

      I would've thought samsung chips to be better but I guess you can find everything on google….
      I'd compare both but I don't have a 128g evo plus. The N500p seems good enough to me anyway.

      Ozbargainers choice!

      • Yeah, they are a U3 spec, so more than fast enough for phones, 4K on Gopro, etc.

        If people are trying to use them as "cheap SSD" on a PC, it's not what they are designed for.