What Have You Eaten (Raw) That You Shouldn't Have?

Many years back - 15-20, my company (at the time) imported a new employee from overseas who ended up being my boss. She was nice, but naive.

I got a call from her one evening asking me to drive her to the hospital (we lived about 5 minutes apart, and she couldn't drive).

She had eaten a sausage raw and was sick as a result. Not a chorizo or a twiggy stick, but a standard, run-of-the-mill coles pork sausage. Raw.

I was wtf - how could you eat a raw sausage? And her answer was that in her country, sausages you buy from the shop are already cooked and can be eaten "raw".

But still, my 5yo kid is smart enough to know not to eat a raw sausage…

It has haunted me to this day…

For myself though, I used to lick the beaters when making a cake, despite the raw egg in it..


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