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[QLD] [XB1] Gears of War 4 $20 [With Digital Download of Gears of War 1, 2, 3 and Gears of War Judgement] from Target Robina


Target Robina have Gears of War 4 physical copy with 1,2,3 and Judgement as a digital download for $20 on clearance. Possibly at other stores as has been listed at other stores for $25 for a clearance item.

In store only as does not show in the online store.

Great way to gear yourself up for Gears of War 5.

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Target Australia

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  • Correct me if I'm wrong but the bonus games code may be expired

    • Can OP confirm that the codes still work?

      • Codes work - bought for $20 in target in Canberra, have redeemed and downloaded all except original gears as I have the Xbox one edition on disc - if the other codes work it probably does too. No expiry dates on code card or case - just check when you buy it that they put the code card in the case, some people have said they didnt get the code card. Edit I bought a month ago I think, I can check receipt when I get home.

        • This was a deal previousoy at $25 comments in that deal show successful code redemption and also that some people didn't get the code card from their target.

  • Can confirm nationwide price. Can't say if the codes are expired but other local retailers are still selling the full product with the DLC games new such as gamesmen.

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    It is also available through Xbox Game Pass, which is currently $1 for new users details here If you use cash rewards they will give you your dollar back.

    Though it's may be more convenient for some to get the physical version of this as it is a 100gb download.

    And it won't let you start playing until it is 100% downloaded.

  • As xev pointed out, all those games are available on GamePass. Not only that, the Gears of War 4 version on GamePass is PlayAnywhere version which means you can also play it on PC. Also, Gears of War Ultimate Edition (Gears of War 1 remake is also on GamePass - you are better off playing that version than the original Gears 1 - which is XB360 version).

    I bought this game last year for $19 (without realising all the games are on GamePass). I suggest you try on GamePass first. I wish I realised it back then coz I wouldn't have purchased.

  • Does anybody know how much Gears Ultimate and Gears 4 are if you are to purchase them when you have Game Pass? Assuming they are offered at a discount price?

    • You can buy it and save up to 20%

    • The only advantage of the digital version for Gears 4 on MS store is that it is a PlayAnywhere version so you can play on both XB1/S/X and PC. However, you don't get the voucher codes for Gears 1 - 3. The saving for GamePass is up to 20%, but exactly what %, need to check (having issues checking it on the Web, I logged in - bought the $1 GamePass deal, it doesn't show me GamePass discounted price).

      With GamePass being $1 for a month as xev pointed out, it is worthwhile to try them out first. Gears 5 has already been announced (probably looking at a release date in 2019).

      Ultimate Edition (Gears 1 remake) - $12.09 + $1.99 postage from OZGameShop (note: may not be cheapest, I was googling Gears Ultimate, Google put an ad on the result page). Also, not the AU version it seems:


      • Thanks for the in-depth reply and for checking prices via Gamepass. I've acquired the 360 Gears games free previously so I was hoping to get the Xbox One games cheaper digitally. I'm patient so I'll keep a look out for some reasonably priced codes to get complete the set.

        Looking forward to Gears 5! I was up early to catch the live announcement.

        Enjoy Game Pass. 👍

        • Gears 1 to 3 (including ultimate edition) & Judgment are also on GamsPass.