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Philips HD9621/11 Turbo Star Airfryer: Black - $183.20 Delivered or C&C @ Myer eBay


Part of this myer 20% sale: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/384551

Already on sale at $229,the 20% off was enough for me to pull the trigger on a gift for the SO.

The digital version of this is generally just over $300, but for me I'll lose the digital display for a saving of around 100 bucks

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    Good price - shame I bought one a few months back on special with Ebay discount for $214. We use ours a lot for roast veges and cooking salmon

    • It does such a good job with the salmon. We used it last night for the same purpose :D

    • Does it produce a lot of smoke?

      • +2

        No, it doesn't, I have no ideas how they managed that.

        • I'm convinced. Thanks!

        • -1

          Ours produces loads of smoke. We don't have this black version, we got the cream coloured one a few months back and it puts out a LOT of smoke. You can't really see it coming out, but if you cook anything for 10 mins or more you can see lots of smoke around the lights in the room, even opening the windows isn't enough to stop the fire alarm going off!

      • My experience tells me if you cook meat like chicken wing, bacon, or pork skin, you can get fair bit of smoke coming out from the hot fat.

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    Could also possibly combine with $30 cashback from phllips until tomorrow 5pm:


    • Purchase must have been made by 27th May 2018 for that cash back - forms are due back by tomorrow.

  • Pulled the trigger on this. Been watching for a while. Thanks OP.

  • It’s not just the digital display that’s different btw, the basket comes apart more so it’s easier to clean, also heats up quicker… is that worth more than $100… dunno, maybe…prob

    • +4

      Nah, you're thinking of the older viva collection. The basket is the same for all turbo star airfryers. Handle comes off and bottom of basket pops out. I know this because my dad owns the digital variant and I checked this one out in store one day

      • Really? Damn there really point of getting the more expensive model :)

  • Might've jumped on this but bought the tefal one yesterday.

    I probably still would've went with the tefal though cause of the 0.8kg vs 1.2kg, looks compact and easier to clean, has a stirring pot thingy in the middle, a see through display, and the kicker was its half the price of this.


    • Bought it for even cheaper at the half price sale before. Cant really fry properly without a snacking accessory so I bought one of those to arrive next week.

      • Now you're making me to have go buy one as well by saying that :(

        • Well, don't buy one until I try it. Things like frozen chips are super crunchy using the spinning mechanism, because it exposes new sides. But making my own chips from potato, theyre too soft and end up being more like mush. I havent tried removing the stirring thing altogether.

        • @ATangk:

          Was about to pull the trigger then saw the $30 price tag…

          Will await the feedback but might impulse buy it from my local jb, or might be happy with it as is, will see after I try a few times.

        • @ATangk:

          How do you make the frozen chip crunchy? Mine always ended up too soft :(

        • @andrew81: which air fryer are you using? I do nothing except throw them in for my actifry express. I believe the stirring motion gets the iOS well exposed to the hot air and thus crunchy on all sides.

  • +1

    damn!!! bought this when there was 11% off on 11 june. Whole $20 overspent..

  • Out of stock for delivery. Not many stores left to pick up.

  • This is the standard size one yea?

  • +1

    My Philips Airfryer is probably close to 7 years old and still going strong (probably the first model Philips produced). Hands down it's the best kitchen gadget I own.

  • +2

    Just bought one at $183.20 so must still be available!

  • Bought this as we don't have an oven

  • I never knew I needed this until now… Purchased, thanks OP.

  • Thanks OP, got one today. Let there be more fries/chips :-)

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