expired MLB.tv 50% Off Yearly Premium Subscription - Fathers' "Week" Sale - USD $49.99 (~AUD $69.43)


I haven't received my email for this promotion yet, but have been expecting this offer.
The current yearly subscription price is USD115.99, so this offer represents an actual discount of USD 66.00 (~AUD91.67) or 56.90% in real terms. For this, you receive:
. Watch EVERY out-of-market regular season game LIVE or on demand in HD
. Watch on your favorite supported devices (includes "MLB At Bat Premium" app) (Android, Android TV & Mac iOS)
. Choose home or away feeds, both TV and radio.
. New MLB.TV Media Player for the web
. New Catch-Up feature for tvOS (a US 'Catch-up' TV service - for the later model Apple TV?)
. Catch up with previous games.

Not a bad Major League Baseball season so far, however the annual subscription price does get lower over the next few months for those fans who can wait it out. It may (or may not) reduce further for Independence Day in July (20 days time), and during the 'player trading period' (around late July, early August). I paid about USD20.00 last year during the Independence Day sale which may or may not get repeated this year.

My team, the Toronto Blue Jays have made a slow start so far this season so I may wait until then. In the meantime, you can still view the MLB 'Game of the Day' for free online at the MLB.TV website or on Android TV, but not the 'MLB At Bat' app on your Android or Apple iOS devices.

Anyone currently paying the USD24.99 per month for the 'MLB at Bat' monthly subscription, could take advantage to opt out and cancel and instead take out this subscription for better savings including getting the 'MLB At Bat' access back for free.

No start or expiry date has been quoted on the MLB.TV web-site although it is likely that the Expiry date is Midnight, US Pacific Daylight Time (US PDT), currently 17 hours behind Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST).

This posting is made for the interest of those fellow Ozbargainers wanting to take up a cheap MLB.TV Premium subscription now.

Anyone who does take up a subscription, check your settings after you have set up your profile and switch off the auto-renewal, else your Credit Card will be charged next years Premium subscription on or about the 1st of March, 2019. To quote MLB.TV "Your yearly subscription to MLB.TV, MLB.TV Single Team and Gameday Audio will automatically renew annually on or about March 1 each year at the then-current year's regular full yearly price" (Currently USD 115.99 (ouch!!!)).

In the meantime, see you 'at bat' :)

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    162 games in a season. so exhausting


    So no post season games included in this?

    • +2 votes

      I've not purchased this particular offer, however I'm a regular MLB subscriber.
      The yearly subscription does get you all post season games. Australia is well and truly outside of the blackout for post season coverage.

      As the season progresses there will be additional "deals" which make this cheaper, but you'll be missing more games.

      • +1 vote

        @ Kivharo - This is correct. Not sure anymore about the pre-season games. Last year I could watch any of them, but I had 'blackout' issues with the Pre-season games this year. I could view some games but not all of them. It may have been my router's smartDNS settings. I didn't bother wasting time to check out what the problem was.

        Anyway, thanks for adding the clarification re the post season playoffs… I had meant to say that the subs included all games up to and including the post season and the World series. The subscription expires around the 1st March each year, before the next years season commences. To repeat, keep in mind the 'auto-renewal' which would kick in and charge your credit card on or around that date if you haven't disabled it in your MLB.TV profile settings.

        My email offer finally arrived about 2:30am this morning. That's the problem with being "Aussie Time Travellers"… We are 14-17 hours ahead of the Yankees :)

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    I'd like to echo that tip on auto-renewing the sub. I got stung a few years back, It didn't even occur to me, and the sub renewed for 150 AUD just in time for the world baseball classic, which you can't watch outside of the US and Canada.

    Lesson learned.

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