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[Switch] The Legend of Zelda BotW $67.45, Splatoon 2 $53.30 Nintendo Au eShop Sale


25% off the normal digital price for Zelda. 33% off Splatoon 2. It's rare to see Nintendo discount its first party titles.

If you bought a Switch and don't have this then now is your chance.

Part of a wider sale going through to the 21st and it seems some games are still being added. (though I think personally nothing else we haven't seen before).

You can only access the eStore through your switch - link provided doesn't give any helpful info but I wasn't sure what else to put.

Checkout https://nintypricer.com/au/on-sale for a online list of all items (thanks zero23)

Note: you might be able to combine this with cheaper eStore cards from Big W an earlier post advising they will have 10% off next week but this looks to expire on the day it starts? (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/384450).

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  • Went to post this so quickly I didn't notice Splatoon 2 is 33% off @ $53.30 right next to Zelda.

  • https://nintypricer.com/au/on-sale if you want to browse what's on sale and don't want to go on your device

  • Couple dollars cheaper on Amazon if you prefer physical
    Thanks op, I might wait til next week to see if I can stack big w gift cards, assuming the sale is inclusive of the 21st

    • Given I somehow have lost 2 carts already I'm working on download purchases from now on - I clearly can't be trusted. My Splatoon cart is a bit iffy also, I'm always having to pull it out and reinsert sometimes more then once to get it working.

      • I never have issues with my carts…

        Is it a faulty cart or cart slot? I'd see if anything can be done under warranty. If it's just the cart, that shouldn't be too much of an issue as saves are stored on the console.

      • The kids and I were having issues with having to reinsert cartridges - However, some games need the cartridge inserted before you can EXIT the game, THEN the new game cartridge could be inserted. Hope this helps.

    • do you only get Nintendo coins/points for physical copies or you get it on digital downloads as well?

  • Good deal. Do not forget using wish gift card to buy eshop card.

  • There are actually quite a lot of games on sale at the moment. Here's a full list (taken from Vooks.net):

    Splatoon 2 (Nintendo) $53.50 until 21/6, usually $69.95
    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Nintendo) $67.45 until 21/6, usually $89.95
    Fire Emblem Warriors (Nintendo) $59.95 until 21/6, usually $89.95
    Rocket League (Psyonix) $19.00 until 21/6, usually $25.34
    ULTRA STREET FIGHTER II The Final Challengers (CAPCOM) $29.95 until 21/6, usually $59.95
    Devious Dungeon (Ratalaika Games) $9.60 until 24/6, usually $12.00
    League of Evil (Ratalaika Games) $9.00 until 24/6, usually $12.00
    NORTH (Sometimes You) $3.82 until 18/6, usually $4.50
    Slain: Back From Hell (Digerati) $15 until 18/6, usually $30
    Spiral Splatter (Sometimes You) $6.37 until 18/6, usually $7.50
    The Coma: Recut (Digerati) $15 until 18/6, usually $30
    Portal Knights (505 Games) $50.95 until 18/6, usually $59.95
    Darkest Dungeon: Ancestral Edition (Red Hook Studios) $24.71 until 19/6, usually $32.95
    Black the Fall (SandSailorStudio) $13.77 until 26/6, usually $22.95
    Woodle Tree Adventures (ChubbyPixel) $5.25 until 21/6, usually $7.50
    Axiom Verge (Thomas Happ Games) $24.30 until 21/6, usually $27.00
    Bit Dungeon+ (Dolores Ent.) $10.80 until 28/6, usually $13.50
    Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King (FDG Entertainment) $14.99 until 21/6, usually $19.99
    BRAWL (QubicGames) $11.25 until 30/6, usually $15.00
    BUTCHER (Crunching Koalas) $9.75 until 23/6, usually $15.00
    Frederic 2: Evil Strikes Back (Forever Entertainment) $1.50 until 28/6, usually $7.50
    Frederic: Resurrection of Music (Forever Entertainment) $1.79 until 28/6, usually $8.99
    Goetia (Forever Entertainment) $7.50 until 28/6, usually $15
    Grid Mania (QubicGames) $4.49 until 30/6, usually $5.99
    Human Resource Machine (Tomorrow Corporation) $10.40 until 21/6, usually $13.00
    Letter Quest Remastered (Digerati) $9.00 until 21/6, usually $18.00
    Lichtspeer: Double Speer Edition (Crunching Koalas) $9.77
    Little Inferno (Tomorrow Corporation) $10.40 until 21/6, usually $13.00
    Mad Carnage (QubicGames) $5.62 until 30/6, usually $7.50
    Maria The Witch (Na.p.s. Team) $3.75 until 28/6, usually $7.50
    Millie (Forever Entertainment) $1.87 until 28/6, usually $7.50
    NO THING (Forever Entertainment) $2.00 until 28/6, usually $2.99
    Qbik (Forever Entertainment) $1.87 until 28/6, usually $7.50
    Shadow Bug (Muro Studios) $8.77 until 28/6, usually $13.50
    Sparkle 2 Evo (Forever Entertainment) $1.50 until 28/6, usually $7.50
    Sparkle 3 Genesis (Forever Entertainment) $3.75 until 28/6, usually $7.50
    Sparkle ZERO (Forever Entertainment) $5.02 until 28/6, usually $7.50
    Super Beat Sports (Harmonix) $18.00 until 28/6, usually $22.50
    Tactical Mind (QubicGames) $3.37 until 30/6, usually $4.50
    The Bunker (Wales Interactive) $13.65 until 28/6, usually $19.50
    Tumblestone (QuantumAstroG uild) $5.99 until 13/7, usually $19.99
    Violett (Forever Entertainment) $3.00 until 28/6, usually $15.00
    World of Goo (Tomorrow Corporation) $10.40 until 21/6, usually $13.00
    World Soccer Pinball (EnjoyUp Games) $2.70 until 11/7, usually $3.00
    Zombillie (Forever Entertainment) $5.02 until 28/6, usually $7.50
    Subsurface Circular (Ant Workshop) – $7.19 until 28/6, normally $8.99
    Astro Bears Party (QubicGames) – $1.50 until 1/7, normally $7.50
    Robonauts (QubicGames) – $4.50 until 1/7, normally $22.50
    The Jackbox Party Pack 3 (Jackbox Games) – $22.65 until 21/6, normally $32.37
    NBA 2K18 (2K) – $49.97 until 18/6, normally $99.95
    Resident Evil Revelations (CAPCOM) – $18.71 until 21/6, normally $24.95
    FIFA 18 (Electronic Arts) – $29.69 until 15/7, normally $89.99
    Resident Evil Revelations 2 (CAPCOM) – $22.28 until 21/6, normally $30.95
    The Sexy Brutale (TEQUILAWORKS) – $15.00 until 20/6, normally $30.00
    Nine Parchments (Frozenbyte) – $15.00 until 21/6, normally $30.00
    Saturday Morning RPG (Limited Run Games) – $10.80 until 18/6, normally $12.00
    NBA 2K18 Legend Edition (2K) – $69.97 until 18/6, normally $139.95
    Aegis Defenders (Humble Bundle) – $19.16 until 20/6, normally $23.95
    Mulaka (Lienzo) – $25.32 until 18/6, normally $29.79
    Bulb Boy (Bulbware) – $5.20 until 21/6, normally $10.40
    This is the Police (THQ Nordic) – $19.99 until 21/6, normally $39.99
    Sine Mora EX (THQ Nordic) – $24.97 until 21/6, normally $49.95
    Tachyon Project (Eclipse Games) – $9.99 until 18/6, normally $15.00
    Gem Smashers (TREVA) – $15.00 until 21/6, normally $30.00
    Wanderjahr TryAgainOrWalkAway (CORECELL) – $12.75 until 21/6, normally $15.00
    AeternoBlade (CORECELL) – $19.12 until 21/6, normally $22.50

    • Thanks for the list particularly since you included the expiry dates I'm going to be keen to check on the 18th to see if deals ending on that day end on or before then.

    • Nice list, any recommends for a few? I can only afford to buy a few discounted games need the best out of the list

      I got Rocket League and Mario Odyssey already, thinking Zelda BOTW, unsure what else its worth it. Not many good Switch titles

      • +3 votes

        if you want some co-op action with kids and wife/gf - overcooked at $15.60 is a must.
        great for parties and stuff. missed out last sale. downloading now.

  • So, here's the plan:
    1. Any time before 21/6, go to Cashrewards and get the Wish gift cards at 5% off.
    2. On 21/6, go to Big W and buy lots of eShop cards at 10% off.
    3. Quickly get on the eShop the same day and buy the best games while they're still on sale.
    4. ????
    5. Profit.

  • Merged from Nintendo Switch eShop Sale, Zelda BotW $67.45, Spla2oon $53.30, Fire Emblem $59.95, Golf Story $14.85, Rocket League $19 + More
    Go to Deal

    Nintendo eShop sale to line up with E3. This website is the best online list I can find of all the deals (though maybe it's not comprehensive, as it's missing Splatoon 2).

    Here's a list that isn't searchable/sortable but might fill in whatever gaps there are :)

    Courtesy of @sss333

    The sale kicks off on Thursday 14th June at 11:00pm AEST and runs until 23.59 AEST on Thursday 21st June. The full line-up will be announced at 11:00pm AEST on Thursday 14th June.

    So for added value wait until the Big W eShop gift card 10% off sale. The Big W sale starts on the 21st, so there should be a day overlap.

    Also, you'll get 5% back in gold points on each purchase where 1 point = $0.01.


    • This is where I feel the console markets are out of touch a bit…

      A game that's over a year old, yet you can get a physical copy for less than $8 more from EB. I know there will be people that prefer the digital, but $8 for the flexibility a physical copy brings…

      • Yeah, I know what you mean. Distribution costs don't add up. Digital gives you the advantage of not having to move around cartridges on switch, though. Given it's a portable/home console hybrid, I actually don't mind it.

        • Yep. Agree there's definitely the market for it, especially a console such as this. But maybe I've just been too spoiled in the past with Steam. If we start seeing more prices like that, that would really kick more people onto digital for their consoles.

      • What is this $8 switch game?

    • The sale kicks off on Thursday 14th June at 11:00pm AEST and runs until 23.59 AEST on Thursday 21st June. The full line-up will be announced at 11:00pm AEST on Thursday 14th June.

    • Why did the Zelda deal just get updated to include the whole sale….?

      • I assume you mean "didn't". And to be honest, I didn't see it :) I see my post has a couple of reports now, but I also think it's uniquely different to that one. But would also understand if it was merged. I'll just let the mods sort it out now. Sorry for the potential duplicate everyone!

    • Golf Story is good

    • Still overpriced. Prefer physical where I can sell it if I want.

  • Overpriced. Prefer physical

    • Don't know why u got negged. I'm just finishing off Zelda. Then I'll sell it. Instead of costing me $67.45 to play it, it will have cost me $10-15 after selling it.

      Digital pricing is stupid. Only buy digital if it's a game you want to play regularly but occasionally..

      • +1 vote

        Or if it's an indie game without a physical release (e.g. Fast RMX), or with a really cheap digital price (e.g. Overcooked).

      • Most of the time I only buy digital if I can't get the game on physical but there are times when it'd heavily discounted half price of digital is fine

  • Is Splatoon 2 going to be replaced anytime soon? (if not, then I'll buy!)

  • Are digital downloads resellable?

  • I like the convenience of digital copy - it saves the hassle of carrying around the cartridges etc. But physical cartridge means I can sell in future…. first world problems..

    But good saving on those digital, thanks OP.

    • Yeah - I've decided to go digital for games that I know I'm never going to sell - Mario Kart, BOTW, FIFA etc. It's just so more convenient to have them available without having to switch carts.

  • I don't yet have a switch yet but I have two $30 eShop cards. They were a present to persuade me to buy a switch which I'm planning on doing sometime.
    Am I right in saying there's no way I can use these eShop cards to help in the purchase of the console?

    And if not….can I create an account now and buy a digital copy of a game and just have it sitting there for when I finally get a switch? (Just waiting for a really good deal….or until I finish Horizon on the ps4)

    • I could be wrong but I think you can only buy games through the eshop on the actual console. Do you have a friend with a Switch that you can setup an account on and buy games through before buying your own console?

  • FYI Splatoon trades for 40 and change, but EB are doing a 50% bonus on trades toward preorder so then it's 60 and change. Depending on if your store is good or not like mine, you'll also get your EB world level bonus on top of that.

    So I'm getting like 68 or something for my copy when I trade it tonight, that I only paid 60 for at launch last year, and then I'll buy it digital for 53 and never have to put the cart in again.

    *Trade toward preorder, then cancel preorder, get store credit so you don't lose 20%, spend on eShop cards.

    • Props to thinking through such a genius way

    • If thats the case I'm so doing this.

    • Zelda is 45 before the bonuses too, so I'll be upgrading to digital copies of both (finally bought a 128gb card the other week), and with a bit of profit.

      Extra nice for me, I bought Zelda for 32.50 like a month after release.

      Oh shit, I didn't even think of the gold coins, there's another couple bucks saved.

    • I rang this morning as well for this reason. Can't decide whether to do it or not though. Nice to have the carts, but i know I never sell my games. But good as a collection and for in 15 years time (if they ever shut down the downloads)

      • I bought a bigger memory card, and stood to make 30 bucks on games I already got for hella cheap a year back. No brainer for me, but if you're not in that exact situation, I'd probs stick with the physi copies.

    • Do you think you can trade towards a preoroder, cancel that and get Nintendo eStore 'gift cards' … while price matching Big W 10% off? How long do you leave the preorder before you can cancel it?

      • First off, they don't price match gift cards from anywhere, period, so no go there.

        Second, as far as preorders go, it really depends on the person. If they have half a clue, they won't cancel it for you, period. If they have less than that, you might get lucky, otherwise just wait until you're next in the store, and get whoever's working then to can it for you.

        I just went back in like half an hour later when I was done at the shops and there was someone new.

        Officially it's just a preorder on their system, the only person who has any idea should be the person who took the trades.

        • I'd still be happy to be able to get the cards (without pricematch) as a way to effectively convert the hard copies to soft copies for almost 0 extra cash having to be spent.

  • I just want a sale on Donkey Kong :( Was contemplating Splatoon 2 but I doubt I would play it much.

  • Hope I get my Switch before this expires.

  • Just so you guys know, you can get a physical copy for Splatoon 2 and BoTW cheaper from Amazon with Amazon20 code and NAB cash back. Even without NAB, they're still 54 bucks each.

    • IMO physical > digital. But I guess if you prefer digital this is a good deal.

    • Was thinking about mario tennis preorder and splatoon 2 from Amazon instead ..

      Just not sure how much i would play splatoon tho

  • How much did Zelda originally cost>?

  • I grabbed Rocket League… Still undecided on Splatoon2… I now have MK8, Zelda: BOTW, Mario + Rabbids, Rocket League, and obviously Fortnight… I only got my Switch less than a month ago for my Birthday :) I wish Super Mario Odyssey and Stardew Valley would have been included in the sale…

  • Is the DLC on sale? I have the game from Switch launch but not the DLC.

  • Why is the picture upside down?

  • Is there much point to Splatoon 2 for playing offline without internet such as when on the go?

    • There is a single player campaign, the DLC which is about to land adds an even bigger single player campaign - and more difficult as well so I'm getting it for sure.