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Batteries - CR123A Primary Cells, 6 Pack for $14.98 @ Bunnings


CR123A Non-Rechargable Lithium Batteries. 6 pack $14.98 @ Bunnings.
Lesser known brand but typically CR123A Batteries can be $10 each for known brands.
Makes it much cheaper to deploy your original series Arlo cameras.
Shelf life is till 2021.

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  • I never understood why someone would choose to adopt a bizarre, expensive battery when designing an item

    • the world'd be powered by eneloop

    • Holds energy for up to 10 years without issues.
      Smaller or at least similar size to a AA cell but more energy density up to 3 times more Wh then an Eneloop pro.

      My personal favorite EDC lights are 16340 (CR123) lights. They can deliver good current also without getting to hot.

    • They are for situations where it's critical that the device to work even after sitting unused for a long time, like an emergency torch.

      There's one in my old film P+S camera that has been in a drawer for over a decade. When I turned on the camera the cell still was able to power up the camera!

  • I've bought a nitecore d4 and decent cr123 rechargeables for my Arlo cameras. Was using cheap Chinese ones but they only lasted a year before rapidly draining after charge (good result though for $4 each!)
    Non rechargeables like this will last longer than rechargeables, but more expensive in the long run (taking when used in Arlo, obviously)

    Great price though!

  • Thanks Op, will look for these next time I'm in Bunnings :)