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$0 Fetch Mini for Optus Sport Premium Customers for 12 Months ($20 Per Month Afterwards)


This seems to be a 'make good' offer by Optus considering the many issues they had over the weekend streaming their World Cup coverage - essentially if you're an Optus Sport 'Premium' subscriber, you can head down to an Optus store this week and pick up a Fetch Mini for $0 per month for 12 months. After the 12 month period, a $20 per month fee applies

EDIT: Title and description have been updated to reflect additional info posted on the offer page

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    The offer is only valid for redemption from an Optus retail store on or before closing time Friday 22 June 2018.

    Why only allow redemption on 22 June.. So stupid

    • ….the day after Australia's 2nd game.

    • It says on or before…

      • on or before closing Friday 22nd

        • Yes they mean the promo finishes on the 22nd.

  • Im on a mobile phone plan with optus. Finally got through to a guy on live chat.
    he said i am eligible for one, and it is anytime before the 22nd of June

    will go into store after work and update

  • Page not available for me

  • Don't bother going into a store just yet. Canberra city store hasn't had the official word from head office yet

  • Damn link is dead now "The page you have requested is unavailable! Please try your link again. The content for this link may no longer be available."

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    This is going to be interesting to see how much stock Optus have to handle this. I have a feeling stock will be very limited and this is going to further infuriate customers. Sounds like a bandaid fix thats going to be ripped off straight away and inflict more pain.

  • I am at optus store, Melb CBD (300 Collins st) and huge line.

    The customer being served for Fetch TV, I think there are some issues as customer rep is saying something that you are not eligible

  • I stream from Optus Sports/FIFA world cup app to my tv either through chromecast or Apple TV. Is there any reason why I would also need this? Besides it being free for 12 months?

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      Fetch Mini stream is more reliable and in my experience slightly higher quality (uses H.265 instead of H.264 encoding).

  • Doing mine now. Optus rep in store 'knew' about the offer but said 'I think it applies to different customers'. What ever that means. They clearly have no idea….

    If I'm charged at all I'll just request a credit for 12m and 12m optus sport.

    Edit: he's done it as normal $5 add on to my account. Gonna have to get it credited. Kept mentioning the offer but he had no idea where to look for this 'portal'.

    Edit 2: shouldn't have signed for it, but I'm sick of their streaming of the cup thus far, so happy to deal with customer service to get credit and not miss out on stock.

  • Targeted. Walked into the Optus Caroline springs. They put my username into the computer and it said “This Customer not registered for this campaign”

    It looks it's targeted for members who have actually paid $15 for the optus sport subscription

    • Just a casual bit of important info left out. Nice one optus.

    • Optus system went down a while ago.

      When I walked into the Store, the system says I am eligible. After 20 mins of registration, the staff entered my details again in the same link, it said that I am not eligible.

    • I just walked into the store and apparently they are still in the process of registering users for the offer. So try again tomorrow or in a few days and it should work.

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    Can confirm I was not eligible after entering my email. (that email being a registered Optus Sport account from a $30 sim only 12minth contract)

    • entering your email where?

        • Head in to your nearest Optus store
        • Tell our store staff your email address connected to your Optus Sport account (at this point, you will find out if you are eligible for the offer)
        • Once store staff verify your Optus Sport email address, you can pick up your Fetch Mini and enjoy the rest of the competition
  • From all of the above comments, this would seem to be a very hasty reaction by Optus that has not been well thought through.

    Wouldn't it be nice if the telecast rights for the World Cup (and other 'major' sporting events) were retained by Free To Air TV networks.

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      It's meant to be free and SBS as a government funded broadcaster has decided to sell 2/3 of the games to Optus. Firstly why are they allowed to do this and where has that money gone. It's also laughable every time they're about to cut to a break on SBS the presenter calls SBS the "spiritual home of football". The whole thing is farcial

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        They decided to do the deal due to the government funding cuts they've experienced over the past few years - according to an AFR article this morning, SBS paid $20 million in 2011 for the rights to this World Cup and Optus is paying $8 million to sub-license those rights

  • I just signed up for optus sports for my optus postpaid $65 mobile plan for free and it says in the email "Congratulations on activating your Optus Sport Premium Subscription." So those who get sports for free with their optus plan may be able to access this offer.

    • Maybe but probably not I guess. Not sure anyone with optus sport via mobile plan has received it yet. FAQ's mention "You can't tether the Fetch Mini to your mobile device to use mobile data", so would seem it's not for mobile customers.

      I'd be tempted to get it but suspect it'll be a waste of my time, and even if I do get it I'm not sure this Optus Fetch mini will work with my non-Optus fetch mighty for any multi room features.

      • I'm one of those on Mobile Broadband. I connected the fetch mini to 4G Modem, wont work. Always got this "You can't tether the Fetch Mini to your mobile device to use mobile data". Free to air channels are fine though.

        Cant watch Live World Cup through Optus Sport in Fetch Mini, i suppose Premier League Live matches wont work too.

        Anyone could get it works please share!


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    I was able to get my fetch mini from the Pacfic Epping, Melbourne store about 1 hour ago. I'm a month by month Optus sport customer.
    The rep didn't know about this deal and I was the first customer she processed.

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    I just went in to my local Optus shop and picked up my Fetch mini.

    Fairly painless, now I'm just waiting for an activation txt from them.

    • I'm in the same boat, it says fetch box isn't activated yet.

      Did you have to call the Optus service desk to get the activation txt?

      • I still haven't got my activation txt either.

        My Fetch is still in it's box so I'll chat with them later.

    • Does this activation happen automatically? 'purchased'/processed at optus store couple of hours ago now

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      Its 100% not an internet issue and you would be very narrow minded to think just because you arnt having issues a large majority of Australia shouldn't be either.

      It has to do with server load and capacity on optus' end which they have come out and said. IF youre one of the lucky ones that manages to connect to server that isnt overloaded you will managed to get a solid connection. That however isnt the case with a huge number of people. The fact the Prime Minister has just had to address it and is putting pressure on the Optus CEO tells you there is a serious issue on Optus' end.

      • Exactly. I had issues streaming via my fetch mini tv on my 115/5 connection on Saturday. The issues are very much Optus side, and the fetch mini is not immune to streaming issues. It's a laggy OS, but it can stream H.265.

        • Just a tip, if it drops in quality slightly on Fetch just change channel and change back again.

  • Just tried to sign up for one at my local Optus and was told i wasn't able to get one as I already have a Fetch Mighty linked to my Home Broadband account. The reasoning that the rep gave was that I would be able to watch it on the Fetch and thus am not eligible…

    • I also tried. I have an entertainment pack with my broadband, which includes the Mighty. The store at first knew nothing about it. Eventually, they punched my email address into the system and was told I wasn't eligible. Even though I had registered for Optus Sports and was using it to watch the game Saturday night with some success.

    • I have the same plan as you. This is bullshit. I had issues with my Optus sport channels so why aren't I eligible especially as I also have Optus Sport added to my mobile plan?!

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    Just had a mate head into an Optus store to collect one of these puppies and you know what they said????
    "Sorry, our systems are down, so we can't give you a Fetch Mini at the moment.. Yes, we have them in stock but we can't give them out."
    WHAT THE ACTUAL……..!!!!!

  • what a waste of time, called my local optus, got given the whole "no problem, come right down". Punches my email into their portal "sorry you're not eligible" im subscribed to the most expensive internet and fetch plan they have… basically told him they are about to get f**ked with more bad PR over this and he agreed.. i've vented to the optus contact portal as im sure everyone has but what a joke…

    • Most likely because you already have Fetch like @Mrguava above.

  • Just went to Optus Chatswood Westfield. They initially didn't know about the offer, went to the back, then came back asking for my Optus Sport email address. When they typed it into their system, they said I wasn't qualified to redeem. No other reason but to say that unless I got official communication from Optus, I would not be qualified. Which seemed like bull to me because 1) they didn't know anything about the offer when I first came in, and 2) I actually was affected over the weekend but I received no communication whatsoever.

    For people who were able to get a Fetch Mini, how were you notified by Optus?

    FYI, I am on a $100/mo mobile plan (includes phone and Optus Sport)

    • They're just trying to get rid of you. Go to cbd George St store as mentioned below.

    • A similar thing happened to me as well. I have $135 of Optus spend across home phone, internet, Fetch TV and mobile (which in "theory" qualified me for two Optus Sport accounts), but they wouldn't give me the Fetch mini. The excuse was that "I have a Fetch TV already and that should be working", even though I was trying to watch via the Optus app and still had issues. Then when they checked the mobile plan the excuse was "The email address you are registered to Optus sport isn't link to that account" (because I am using the same Optus sport account on all my devices! - silly me).

      So, for anyone trying to get this, prepare for a frustrating wait and to be disappointed,

      Looking for the World Cup being over and spending my money elsewhere.

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    Pitt St Sydney sold out 20 minutes ago. Go to George St. Just signed up before going to store and received the box.

  • Anyone know if they can check your email address over the phone to save you a trip in case your not eligible?

  • went to Optus Store - Warnbro, they refused the offer, and said they didn't know anything about this. I should have received the email on my email to be able to redeem this they said.

    • If they didnt know anything about it how do they know you should have received an email? Im assuming im not eligible also because I didn't get any email about it which is crap, there is no difference in paying the $15 for premium or having it included in your account, its the same bloody premium account and we are all affected by this crap so for Optus to only make it available for people who pay the $15 is a disgrace if that is the case.

  • Is this for non-Optus telco Optus Sport (iTunes $15 per month) subscribers too? Their coverage has been shocking.

    • I'm also paying through my iTunes account. Can anyone confirm if we are eligible? My Optus store are receiving stock on Wednesday so I'll find out then I guess.

    • I want to know if we're on the itunes $15 per month thing… after getting the box does that mean we can cancel that subscription and use the 12 months free…

      Or else why bother? If I'm already paying $15 a month I'll just use apple 4k TV

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    rang the local optus store and he asked for my email. typed it into their system and it he came back an said i am not eligible.
    I asked why and he said that directly impacted customers who had issues with their streaming in the past few days are on a list and those on the list get emailed.
    So no luck for me. Even though i was having issues streaming. Maybe you have to put in a complaint to get on this 'list'

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      "directly impacted customers who had issues with their streaming in the past few days are on a list and those on the list get emailed."…

      That is garbage. They would have no clue what customers were directly impacted.

  • Anyone know whether if you already pay $5 per month for the Fetch TV box (with Optus sport) you can go into the store and get this discount applied for 12 months? (or request a new box and return the old box)?

    Not that I would do this… just asking for a mate ;)

    • Hope so, I only just on Saturday went in and added one to my account. Haven't even been able to access Optus Sport on it yet. (Keeps asking me to subscribe even though I already have access on my mobile account.)

    • That's a valid question. I'm in the same boat. I had streaming issues through the fetch mini box during the Egypt vs Uruguay game and the Australia vs France game.

    • This is what I'd like to know as well. However, I'm not sure it's worth spending 3 hours on chat with 7 different people just to get a $5 per month discount.

  • Looks like they are doing a credit check to even give out this Fetch Mini box.

    • They are probably hoping you stay on it past the 12 months.

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    None at Knox.

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    Got my Fetch Mini from Pitt Street Store in Sydney, they ran out in like 2 hours, even George St one is out of Stock.

    I have Optus $59 Plan which includes Optus Sport. Got Mini without any issues and process by the time i got my box , reps knew how to process.

    They needed to verify my ID's and scanned same before processing.

    Just a Note, I never ever logged in App or used Optus Sport in since last December when i signed up for Optus Plan. Just to avoid issues, when in store waiting, i downloaded App and just signed in with my Optus Account credentials.

  • Weird so i just went into Nth Sydney Optus store and they can't process the Fetch mini due to some email addresses/backend issue…or that was the excuse they used on me.

    not sure how Pitt street store can do it but Nth sydney couldn't.

    • Went to N Sydney store about an hour ago and they said they're out of stock but will put me on a waiting list (there's around 13 names or so on that list). They hope to have the Fetch Minis available over the next few days. Not sure why they gave you some BS excuse though! Maybe go back and get your name put on the list too?

      • Yeah i was the first name on the list, but then the store manager when i went back an hour later gave me a different story…

      • Did you get them to check your email first to make sure you are eligible? Might be wasting a lot of time if not.

  • Went to Cabramatta optus store and show him the offer from optus website. Told you can only apply online through chat for free or he'll charge me $5 to do in store?

    What a load of bs right there….

    • That's Cabramatta for you though LOL

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    Just a got a call Optus Store regarding the Fetch which I collected earlier. Said there is a glitch and now I have pay $5 per month for the Fetch mini.

    • +1

      Can they legally do that, id be going to the ombudsmen about that one.

    • +1

      Wow, that is some glitch (like the one where you pay for a service and don't get it, and then they offer to provide you something to make it a little palatable, but make it a little too public too early, and then change the outcome due to a glitch).
      Interested in what your response was.

      • They said I can return it immediately and there is no charge. They also said that it will be charged month per month.

        Anyway after all the trouble to sign up, I said I will have it for one month and return it after World Cup. It is only $5. :)

        • TIO

        • Update:

          Got a call from Optus Store today and the staff clarified that there is a mistake and there is no $5/month charge. It is free for 12 months.

    • Seriously WTF?

    • You and they signed a contract bro

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    Called the South Melbourne and they said that the system is down and was not able to check eligibility.

    However, the guy over the phone said that anyone that subscribed to Optus Sports Premium directly ($15/month plan thing) should be eligible, but people that have phone/internet plans will be a case by case basis as mentioned in the other comments. I'll drop by tomorrow to try my luck (subscribed to their $15/month non-Optus customer plan) and see if I can snag one.

  • They did a search and I returned that I was also NOT qualified but they told me that because the deal is new the system is not up to date. I walked out with a fetch tv box pending credit to be applied to my account.

    • Given my experience signing up to a discounted plan with free extras that are all covered off by adding credits to your account, that is an extremely brave move. Be prepared for a lot of time in support online chats.

      • I know but I have been with Optus for a very long time so I am used to it.

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    Went to Optus South Melbourne and they said come back Wednesday or Thursday…waited 10 minutes to be told that. FML Optus can get *%#$

  • Anyone with Fetch Mighty managed to get one? I asked the live chat rep. He checked and told me I was eligible. I went to the store and they asked me to come tomorrow as they don't stock mini and they should be arriving tomorrow.

    • +1

      How did you get Live Chat to help, I ask them and they say you have to contact the store.

      • Live chat told me to visit the store too

      • I asked before 1 PM maybe they have been instructed otherwise. I was asked to go to the store but they checked and confirmed I was eligible. I have it in writing so if any trouble I can complain.

    • Will be interested to know if you actually get one when you get through the in-store process. As per my post (above), they wouldn't give me one - excuse being "I have a Fetch TV already and that should be working".

  • Richmond VIC has one left and processed mine happily.

  • This shit is real shit, laggy as hell, especially on Optus network..be warned

    • Even the mighty is laggy. The remote on the current gen is terrible and the box doesn't pick it up easily.

    • All fine here for the past 8 years. :)

      fetch second gen standard

  • Anyone know if there is any point of me picking this up if I have an Apple TV? Is the quality any better?

    • If you have bought packs on Fetch tv then yes because you can multiroom. By itself, it won't be that great.

    • Quality is slightly better and is much more reliable in my opinion. Mine hasn't buffered once in 2 years.

  • Just got a call back after going into store and being unable to get one given to me although in stock. Feel sorry for the instore staff as they are flying blind on this! Advised that this will be online only and you enter the details and they will send out. I'm not so confident about this actually happening but we will see… Good luck all

  • Perth store knows about offer but the guy showed me the wait list and there would have been over 40 names on the list. He wasn't sure when stock would be in.

  • +1

    Anyone wants a Optus Sport Premium subscription, I have a couple extra , open to reasonable offers