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Amazon AU Prime (inc FREE 2 Day Shipping) for $4.99/Mo until 31/01/2019 ($6.99 Thereafter) or $59/Year + FREE 30 Day Trial


Its here guys. The Official Launch of Amazon Prime on Ozbargain.

Also cheaper than the US Prime which is $99 USD ($133)

Updated from Amazon:

  • FREE Two-Day Delivery -Items shipped by Amazon AU arrive in as fast as two days after they ship

    • Free domestic delivery, no minimum order threshold
    • 2 business day delivery is available to nearly 90% of Australians

  • FREE Standard International Delivery

    • Get free delivery on eligible orders over $49 shipped from Amazon US
    • Refers to items shipped and sold by Amazon US via AU Marketplace (Under the domain)

  • FREE Release-Date Delivery - Be among the first to get new video games, music & more

    • $2 discount on Priority Delivery for all eligible items shipped by Amazon AU. Delivered in as fast as 1 business day to select Metro areas (includes Saturday deliveries)

    • $10 discount on Priority International Delivery on eligible orders over $49 from Amazon US

  • Discounted Priority Delivery - Receive everyday discounts on Priority Delivery in as fast as one day

Amazon Prime Delivery Benefits
Cities Eligible for 2-business day Expedited Delivery
About the Amazon Prime Membership Charge

Start a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime to experience the membership program that over 100 million Prime members enjoy worldwide. After your free trial, Amazon Prime is just $6.99/month. Until 31 January 2019, take advantage of an introductory price of $4.99/month. Cancel anytime.

In addition to the free shipping benefits :

  • Enjoy instant access to video streaming - Prime includes popular movies and TV shows
  • Prime Reading - Free access to over 1,000 e-books with Prime Reading
  • Twitch Prime - Every month, free games, access to free in-game

Updated 9AM AEST 19th June

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  • +11

    “Get FREE Standard International Delivery on millions of eligible items shipped from Amazon US with international orders over $49.”

    Probably not a great deal for us in Australia …

    • +5

      you missed Get FREE Expedited delivery on Amazon’s local selection in as fast as 2 business days - doesn't mention anything about a minimum spend

      • +37

        Nor their woeful dispatch times, which happens before delivery

        • +9

          Never heard of woeful dispatch times with Amazon. Maybe you ordered items that were out of stock?

        • +28

          @Diji1: I've had a number of things obviously deliberately held up so they're not delivered before the standard free shipping timeframe. Items bought from sellers on Amazon marketplace in the same transaction arriving up to 4 days earlier than the Amazon fulfilled item.

        • +10

          From Amazon AU, not the US one. You're likely to get an order from USA faster than one from Australia right now.

        • +8

          Ordered a PS4 on June 7 from an Ozbargain deal. It was only dispatched yesterday. The games I ordered on the same day also only arrived yesterday.

        • +14

          @Diji1: Out of the 45 orders Ive made on Amazon so far only one has been fulfilled (sent to shipping) within 24 hours. Pretty woeful.

        • +5

          @Diji1: Have you bought from Amazon AU? They take nearly a week just to ship it.

        • +3

          Yes, I've made several orders, all in stock, and it's taken around a week for each one to even ship. They really need to sort that out.

        • +4

          You're missing the point of the priority shipping options. You chose free 7-10day shipping but expect faster delivery that is paid for. They have other orders to deal with and their automated systems are optimised to favour priority and standard shipping requests.

        • +3

          @mj7312: if you're not getting your item after the designated window for your shipping option, I'm not sure if it's fair to complain.

          You're paying a lower price, your order gets picked and packed at a lower priority than other orders. Sometimes they'll do it early and you get your item very quickly, other times it will take the expected amount of time.

          Even if they're artificially delaying the fulfilment of your parcel, I think that's their prerogative.

        • +3

          I ordered an Xbox One controller and had it the next day :)

        • -7

          Yeah buying from Amazon US is slow af

        • +1

          Lol, you're pretty demanding. Guess you better stay with kogan or jb hifi then.

        • +4

          Really?… Not in my experience. All my Amazon AU purchases have been despatched on same same day and deliver by AusPost within the week. The only issues I could imagine is where 3rd party sellers are selling listed items via drop-shipping, although I would expect Amazon's strict fulfillment policies would have filtered these resellers out by now.

        • @et tu brute: My latest one is using TOLL

        • @et tu brute: Had an item on back order for a week. Was in stock since last Thursday. Amazon still wouldn't despatch my order. Price dropped on the weekend, still no delivery Monday. Contacted them, cancelled and re-ordered. Now, back to waiting for Amazon to despatch.

        • @IDontWantToSignUpJustToComment: same thing happened to me, arrived this arvo but they did make me reorder it after a week

          Pretended they were validating my cc on new enrolement.

        • I bought a laptop charger and got it in 2 days.

        • +1


          Yep they can't have basic post items arriving at the destination the same time as their premium express services which they take a cut from.

      • +1

        When I was in the US, it was totally free on any items that are fulfilled and shipped by Amazon. Buy a cable for $2 and it's still free shipping.

        But marketplace items (i.e. those listed by third parties) generally aren't "Prime Eligible", since Amazon doesn't ship them.

        • If I'm not mistaken, some third party sellers are Prime Eligible and obviously, they don't play by the rule book as Amazon with returns, warranty, etc. I have seen it with watches. Buyers get caught out because they just look at 'Prime'.

        • +1


          A lot of items are sold by a third-party, but fulfilled from Amazon warehouses. Basically, the third-party sends the stock to Amazon and lets them handle the logistics. Many of these items are "Prime Eligible".

          The actual return shipping is free on all Prime items. But as to what happens once the seller receives it, that may well vary.

    • You won’t lose access to those items. Don’t believe the clickbait.

    • My issue with amazonAU is that from what i've seen it's fulls of sh!t from chinese sellers flogging crap they buy for $2 and sell for $20, can't easily sort anything, it's a crap system right now, I don't know if prime will make it any better, doubt it, and if like alot have said sellers will just hold sorting the order out until the free window passes, there is no incentive for them to do otherwise, becoming like ebay, sellers selling junk, making a few hundred sales then disappearing like the scum they are.

      • Is this your first time using Amazon? Amazon is a marketplace chief, the same as eBay…

  • +37

    the free international delivery is appealing ….what can i buy in the next 12 days from amazon globally before its reduced to a tiny subset on the AU site ……

    now if prime members continued to have access to amazon us and de sites and they just add gst that would be appealing …..

    • +3

      I hadn't come across anything with free international shipping with my last prime membership.

    • I just signed up to Prime trial. And I'm not getting the free standard delivery on Amazon US.

      It still wants to charge me the full delivery fees. My order is definitely over $49. Is it actually working for anyone???

      I knew it was too good to be true, dangit!

      • is the seller Amazon US?

      • +14

        I am assuming this means Seller = Amazon US on site. Not

        • +11

          I think you're right. The OP left out some crucial details in the OzB post. Here's the exact wording from Amazon Prime after I signed up:
          "Free International Delivery on millions of Prime eligible orders over $49 from Amazon US when you shop from"

          So it looks like you have to shop via Amazon AU, not Amazon US. That makes it useless for me, as all the stuff I usually buy is not available on the AU site.

          [edit] OP has now updated the description to remove all mention of free shipping from Amazon US.

        • @44sunsets:

          Free shipping is available from the US now > $49

        • @doweyy: Do you mean on

        • +2


          Whoops, I meant Amazon Global Store via Amazon AU

        • [@44sunsets](/comment/6065 kg619/redir): many items that are eligible for shipping to AU are showing up on the au site. I noticed this 2 days ago.

        • +4


          Unfortunately the selection of US items on the AU/Global store is woeful, and when the actual items are available the prices are often ridiculously inflated by scalpers.

      • I started the trial and it didn't work on Amazon US, so I cancelled. If you shop on Amazon US and the shipping address is Australian, Prime doesn't work

        • +4

          Did you try Amazon US seller on Not

        • -2

          @addict: no, I didn't

      • Same here :(

      • I think this might be a soft launch, and as soon as July 1st comes they might "proxy" all sales through the Australian store, with Australian prices to get around GST issues.

        You will no longer be able to order directly in USD from however.

        • +11

          id have no problems paying is AU$ and gst on top provided I had access to wider selection ….for me its not just cheaper prices, its more about wider selection of stuff I cant buy in Australia/

      • When signing up for Amazon PRIME with, the 'membership' is only with and not the worldwide amazon network.

        I discovered that a few years back when I signed up with Amazon Prime @ USA. I also do a lot of online purchasing with Amazon UK and Amazon Canada and found that I couldn't view Amazon Prime Video except from the Amazon US site. I would have needed a separate Amazon Prime membership for Amazon UK and Amazon Canada if I wanted to have the Prime benefits in either of those geographic locations. That made sense to me.

    • As of next month Amazon can only be used from Australia (as in due the GST online stuff.

    • It doesn't help with the crappy AUDUSD FX rate

      • +1

        The more links in the chain with fx rates, the worse they get. Everyone in the chain collects a margin along the way. In my experience, it is best dealing fx rates direct with your bank. I use a multi-currency (VISA / Mastercard) 'Foreign Currency Card (debit card) which I top up with currencies I purchase online at my bank. Most of the major banks have them. Not the best FX rates, but about the middle range between the TT (telegraphic transfer) & the OD (on demand or cheque) selling rates when buying a currency. Anyways, these are published by the banks daily and are easy to track. The rates can and do change in real time. It sure beats paying the 3% fx currency conversion fee that MasterCard & VISA levies on each transaction which are passed onto your account with the bank.

        If you want to monitor and set alarms for currency movements, a good app to use is XE Currency (available across all platforms). I use it to set FX rates and purchase currencies to top up my Foreign Currency Card account at my bank when they reach the target rate. There are other apps available, but this one fits the bill for me. You can use it to purchase currencies, but it is a cumbersome process and I don't bother with that part of the app.

  • +3

    Anyone know if I have to convert my active prime video subscription, or if it'll be upgraded to the full prime package?

    • +18

      I just signed up to the prime trial and received the below from amazon prime video:
      "We noticed that you recently signed up for a Prime membership, which includes Prime Video as a benefit. For this reason, we have cancelled your standalone monthly Prime Video membership and will refund your last payment. Your access to Prime Video will continue uninterrupted and you can continue viewing our great selection of Prime Original series, Movies and TV shows."

      • +1

        It sucks if you're on the $2.99 USD special for Prime Video.
        I am, and will take up the Free Amazon Prime Australia trial in July/August when my Prime Video goes to $4.99 a month.

        • Get a new account for the free Aus trial and keep the US subscription then.

        • +2

          My $2.99 USD special was $3.99 AUD last month (currency conversion), so for $1 AUD extra per month, I get the other prime benefits (shipping + prime reading, are of interest to me), so make sense to change over for me.

  • +2

    Anyone know how many screens per account? Also 4K? Or are there tiers like Netflix? Ta

    • +5

      3 concurrent streams per account. yes, they support 4k.

    • +1

      4k only on select devices. very annoying

      • And 4K with half decent audio is on even less. Last time I checked, the 4k amazon on apple TV was 2.1…

        • +1

          Not long ago they halved the bitrate. Reversed their decision when people went crazy.

        • +1

          Seriously? Insane? I understand the convenience of it, and material availability, but for any home AV enthusiast, streaming is a frigging joke. Take the poor audio capabilities aside, and the low bandwidth over compressed rubbish, you also have to deal with these dixx head devices upping the frame rate to 60fps for 24, whichisas big an abomination as the old NTSC 3:2 pull-down, where they have to double up every 2 out of 3 frames giving you stuttered flow.

          And XXXX amazon. They don't even sell the proper fire TV 4k on the Australian store. Just the old one.

  • +1

    What's the video range like? Anybody know?

    • +16

      Here's the catalogue. Infinite scrolling.

      • Stopped scrolling after three pages for me…

      • +1

        Thanks for that

      • They don't have a very big range. Does the library get rotated?
        Most of the movies listed are the same ones currently offered for free by Crackle.
        Edit: I had multiple filters on and the range is different.

    • +1

      It's somewhat weak outside of their own shows. And that said, Stan has a lot of the Amazon stuff on it already, so I've found that between Netflix and Stan, Prime Video was pretty much redundant.

      • Stan & Netflix individually should be more expensive than Prime video access via Prime membership

        • +1

          Oh it is, but if you're like my family and already have accounts for both Stan and Netflix, then Prime Video as a 3rd service offers little.

      • I had Amazon video for all of last year. I watched a few movies, and half of a TV series. I cancelled it this year.

      • +2

        Yeah I'm looking at the Prime Video range, and it feels like browsing a dying VHS blockbuster store circa 2008. It's predomionantly classic movies that everyone has already seen & B-grade stuff you don't want to see, but almost nothing new that appeals. Only "Man In The High Castle" looks decent & new to me, rest seems very weak, gave up after scrolling for 5 pages.

    • -2

      Amazon just buys everything.

    • I have both Amazon Prime (US) and Netflix (US). For my family and me, we prefer Amazon. A good broad ranging catalogue and fantastic original content. I am watching Netflix less than ever now as they are adding far too much 'reality TV' crap to their catalogue. I am at a point of dropping Netflix altogether as we watch it maybe once or twice a week at best.

      • Hi
        How did u get Netflix (US) to work in Aus?

  • +3

    Any free music streaming with this?

    • +3

      yeah buy a TV with faulty backlight

    • If you go to prime music it says it’s a benefit of your prime membership, so it sounds like it.

      • I think Prime Music is limited to around 2 million songs, unlike the Full Amazon Music Service

    • +4

      No Amazon Music

      Spoke to live chat as I couldnt see anything refering to music like the US prime:
      Rakddon, I would like to inform you that we do not have the Amazon music in the Amazon prime, however we have Stream or download hit movies, TV shows, and more
      Here is the direct link:-

  • +1

    What does “Amazon’s local selection” mean?

    Just Amazons stuff or everything they sell?

    • +1

      Items where the seller is Amazon AU.

    • It all about the existing licencing rights already in place. A lot of content is currently licenced to Australian commercial and public tv, Foxtel, Stan et al. PRIME video would not be able to show any content already licenced. Once those rights have expired it becomes a different ballgame and Amazon, Netflix, Stan etc. can negotiate for the digital rights to this content if it is available or becoming available.

      Content owners and/or their agents are fast becoming savvy to digital rights distribution of their content and are coming on board very quickly to the needs of these streaming services.

  • Okay I clicked 30-day free trial, and it says:

    Prime Video (Available Now)
    Twitch Prime (Available Now)
    Prime Shipping (Coming in the future)

    … Haha… Not sure what to say… I guess that's why it costs only $4.99/mth, because the other $2 is for Prime shipping.

    • Can you provide us a screenshot where it says that?

      • (removed screenshot, contains personal info) here you go.

        • +4

          Thanks, I've removed the screenshot as it contains info about you. I've updated the deal.

        • @scrimshaw: Thanks I was actually editing the screenshot now :) It's okay I am not adding it back.

  • +7

    What about game pre order discount ?

  • +4

    Hey folks..

    In terms of Amazon US, I believe this means the Amazon US seller, from the site.
    Just like Amazon local means Amazon Au seller.

    Basically the limited selection of Amazon US stuff they said they will make available to Aus buyers once the us store access is cut off

    eg. this stuff

    I have an prime subscription and it was never recognised on other amazon sites, so assuming a prime membership will not be recognised on other Amazon sites either.


  • I've just gone to the deal page that you link to and all I can see is Prime video and Twitch currently on offer with a 7 day trial not a 30 day one and Prime shipping coming in the future.

    So where is the deal you are posting about?

    EDIT: scrimshaw beat me to it!

    • You just log in after you Sign up for the 30-day Prime trial, and then you login to those services you get free Prime video and Twitch.

    • This might actually be incorrect, doing some testing right now,

  • +1

    I already have prime for US. Do I automatically get switched over?

    • +1

      I am wondering this question as well.

      I am considering trying to cancel my US subscription (with refund) so that I can sign up for the discounted AU membership. Especially now that they will be blocking AU users, and that the Mail forwarders also seem to be wanting to apply GST.

    • No. It's always been the case that you buy Prime individually on a per-country basis. If you split your time between two countries, you can buy two Prime memberships, one for each country.

      Prime UK doesn't work in the US. Prime US doesn't work in the UK, and so on.

      You can have as many Prime memberships as you like. They are independent subscriptions.

      • This is correct. Each Amazon operates within it's own geographic jurisdiction, not globally. You do need to purchase a separate Prime membership for each country.

    • +3

      I spoke to an Amazon rep about this.

      You are able to cancel your current Prime membership for the U.S.A. site and be refunded for any time remaining if you purchased a yearly subscription (if you're 6 months in, you'll get refunded for 6 months that are left).

      Then sign up for Amazon AU Prime :)

      • that's what i just did.

      • Yeah I just did that, I got a full refund ($99) 7 months into my prime membership. Not sure why a full refund, maybe since I barely used it?

    • +1

      I'm happy to cancel and move over… But does anyone know what happens with my photos on Amazons unlimited photo storage?

      … I've got too many backups on there now to download and re-upload them to the Aussie prime account!

      • I’d make sure you subscribe to the Australian Prime first before cancelling the US one.

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