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Logitech Harmony Elite Universal Remote $288 (Was $449) @ EB Games


Just found this while looking around for the cheapest Harmony 950. Looks to be the cheapest price anywhere at the moment (especially given the possibility of pickup in store).

More info on the remote:

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    Does it alter time?

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    So much money for a remote!

  • Just bought one of these and it’s bloody brilliant once set up properly! Got it for slightly less ($275) on eBay with 11% off code from LTS.

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    Kewl, I couldn't wait for special's and paid about $299…
    Has been down to $200 at JB HIFI I think…

    8/10 is my score on this :) Elite is the best remote available I think…Nothing Is Perfect
    Online App to change things annoying.
    Macro's start another device sometime's. lol
    Battery run's out too FAST…A Coupla Dayz if you lucky.
    NO Zigbee, Z-Wave without another $200 hub…der
    Device that you choose need's the heading (I have to return to Main Menu and select device again every time).

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        I did use English

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    with this price, i expect it to be able to mute my housemate

    • You can. bribe them with this as a gift

  • These are the best! and I have two Elites!

    Now if only Alexa can control more than one hub… I'd get more one for each room.

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    At this price, I wish our phones still have IR transmitters, like in 2005.

    • If your phone has a headphone socket, it can be an IR transmitter. Search "IR Blaster" on ebay, about $5.

    • if youre happy using your phone app, try the broadlink ir/rf blaster

    • Xiaomi represent

  • Decent price for local pickup stock.

    Love my Elite - best Logitech remote hands down, and awesome when combining the Hub with Google Home (which my 3 year old recently discovered, and is now turning the TV on and changing channels and volume etc lol).

    Super tempted to combine this with the Amex / Harvey Norman $50 off deal and pick up a second…

  • Love this remote! Biggest pro is the app on your phone when you can't find the remote. Biggest con is the battery life - only lasts a week or so.

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      So the biggest pro isn't even to do with the device?

      • LOL. I wasn't aware of the find app… Never actually been an issue for me, nor has battery life. It is lithium, and has a charging dock. When you are finished for the night, put it in the dock. Solved…

        I find it good, but quite a bit of work setting up to be how you would like it. Mainly the button assignments (eg setting up the eject button on 3 disc players plus 8 associated activities). They have some pretty lazy or stupid defaults. Separate next chapter / fast forward in the main area would be nice.

        I can't get the gestures to work on the touchpad so gave up.

        The mobile app is pretty crap on android too, IMHO, in that you can't switch out (eg to lookat online help) and back to it, and it stuffs the connection and needs closing.

  • There is a limitation with this when controlling home automation ie lights. If you change from one activity to another, it switches off the lights. There is no way to configure it to switch off the light only when the press the off button

    • Typical. Good to see nothing has changed in 10 years since I last owned one.

    • With normal activities you can choose what happens to a device when you change the activity. Can you not to the same for lights so that the light stays on even when you switch to another activity?

      • No. Home automation devices are not considered as a audio visual device.

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      I'm doing a fair bit of work with my Raspberry Pi and connecting via the hub
      You can get around a lot of the issues

      • Your input would be relevant here.

  • these are the best, I bought mine at full price when they first came out, mine is still going strong and controls all my lights, and home theatre, also allows voice control via the echo dot in the living room (helps when juggling / changing a baby and need to pause / change volume)

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      1. not everything is interconnected via HDMI
      2. HDMI CEC cannot pass keystrokes for Kodi Media Centre, the elite can
      3. HDMI CEC cannot turn off power at the wall, the elite can using smart plugs
      4. HDMI CEC cannot control the dimmer level of the living room lights, the elite can.
        many more points, but you get the idea.
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