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Apple Certified Lightning to USB Cable 0.9m - $0.99 Delivered @ Amazon AU (Using Free Amazon Prime Trial)


I don't have apple devices, but from what I'd read on here this seems like a good price for an Apple MFi certified charging, data transfer and syncing cable for Apple devices.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Buy 50, free shipping.
    Sell on ebay for profit.
    Buy Sydney apartment (in the declining realestate market).

    BTW : are these really MFI?

    • BTW : are these really MFI?

      They say they are so I presume so? FYI, with (free) Amazon Prime Trial you don't need to spend $49 for free delivery. Can just buy 1 for free delivery

      • But then you don't make profit to buy a apartment

    • they only allow 2 max

    • Buy 50, free shipping.

      OP meant use Amazon Prime (free 1 month trial available). $0.99.

      A family member bought some lightning cables from feeBay. They looked stronger than Apple's ones, but lasted just 3 months (with relatively little use).

      BTW, watch out for fake ones too:

  • Has good reviews on other Amazon sites. Nice.

  • How can you tell if it's MFI?

    • Maybe due to the made for iPod, iPhone, iPad logo printed on the box.


      • +1

        Theyre everywhere in China too. Too bad they either cant spell or its printed slightly smudged, so you know there are counterfeit logos too.

        • +1

          It's probably a legal requirement that counterfeits have poor spelling or be printed slightly smudged.

        • @muncan: Poor spelling means you can avoid the legal implications… though i think you can avoid them simply by being in china

      • Ah, so like the Apple version of the "Nintendo Seal of Quality".

        • No, it just doesn't charge properly because there's a micro in the cable that tells the device whether it's licensed or not.

  • Max 2 per costumer :(

    • So no Sydney apartment

  • And then I gagged when searching for a hopefully related deal on these!!

  • -1

    told u amazon blizzz now!

    • it was good before but never had an amazing selection and everyone just bitched saying it was dead in the water 3 days into it's launch…

      • Tbh Australian Amazon wasn't that great compared to ebay (when it started to sell all products in late 2017). Hopefully it should be better from now on.

  • +1

    looks like it's sold out

    • Yep :(

  • Just got taken off?

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    it wouldn't even be worth using the amazon prime free trial until it adds more features and gets better.

  • out of stock whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!:((((

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    With the amount of traffic that ozb gets the owners should sign up to amazon affiliates and earn a good mint. Up to 10% for each of the click through buys.

    • They probably do? Non logged in users generally get referral links which benefit the site iirc.

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    I missed out on the Sydney apartment

  • +1

    Pretty sure this won't be MFi, no matter what it says.

    • Agreed, no way this is MFi for less than $1 delivered.

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