expired JAEGER 75" JA7500U 4K UHD LED TV $1200 + Shipping from Catch


Deal was $1379, literally saw it changed to $1200 after a refresh!

Not eligible for freeship / Club Catch though, about $250 to WA for me.

Edit: Combine with Catch gift cards from AustPost for additional 10% off - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/382535

Still works out cheaper than Aldi's 75" 4K @ $1599 in 10 days time.

Limit was 5, now 1 at this new price. Enjoy the deal you cheapskates, am getting 1 for the office!

The JAEGER TV collection offers premium features at affordable prices.

4K Ultra High Definition: Watch your favourite shows with superior picture quality!

Energy saving LED Technology: For energy efficient entertainment.

120Hz Panel Refresh Rate & 4000:1 Contrast Ratio: Total picture clarity

ARC (Audio Return Channel): Allows your TV to send sound back to an AV receiver without the need for additional cables

HDMI & USB ports: Connect your devices & view content instantly!

Sleek & Contemporary Design: Modernise & enhance your living space.

Get the value you deserve & fly high with JAEGER!


Model no.: JA7500U
Screen: 75" / LED LCD TV
4K Ultra HD picture quality
HDMI functionality
USB playback
ARC (Audio Return Channel)
Resolution: 3840 x 2160
Speakers: 2 x 10W
HDMI: 4 x 2.0
USB 2.0: 1
USB Media Playback:
USB Supported Audio Codecs: MP3, AAC
USB Supported Video Codecs: MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, HEVC
USB Supported Photo Formats: JPEG, PNG, BMP
USB Supported Video File Types: MPG, AVI, MP4, MOV, MKV
Max USB Playback Resolution: 1080p
Input port:
Cable/Antenna Input
Component Video Input (Y/Pb/Pr | Y/Cb/Cr)
Composite Video Input
Audio Input L-R
PC Audio In (Mini Jack)
Output port:
Composite Video Output
Audio Output L-R
Headphone Output
Wall mountable: Yes - Vesa Mount Compatible
Panel refresh rate: 120Hz
Panel response time (GTG): 8ms
Brightness: 300cd/m2
Contrast ratio: 4000:1
MEPS energy rating: Tier II (4.5 stars)
12-MONTH MANUFACTURER WARRANTY - full product warranty details inside the packaging.
Please note: This item will be charged and posted individually.

Please note: This item can only be shipped to a postal address, NOT a P.O box. Please ensure your address details, complete with contact number, are updated in your account.

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  • +1 vote

    Has anyone bought Jaeger TV's before? Ive got a soundbar and a chromecast, so only care about the panel. 120hz Refresh rate is great for 4K gaming too, but want to check before buying…

    • +2 votes

      4K @ 120Hz? You running dual 1080Ti?

      • +1 vote

        True. Refresh rate means nothing for gaming unless you can actually drive it. I guess maybe if you're playing older games on a beefy system?


          Yeah could be for emulation or low spec type games like many esports titles.

          Man 75 inch 4K 60Hz alone would be nice for any game let alone 120.


        Dual Wii u


        Ok, i may be wrong here but I'm running an xbox one x and trying to play Forza 7 (for example), want to make it look as beautiful as possible. I thought the X supported 4k at 120 hz?

  • +2 votes

    From what I've read, 120hz is only FHD, 60Hz in 4K. TV is cheapest out and from a 4k perspective movies play great.


    FHD @ 120Hz
    UHD @ 50/60Hz

    For this price range, they are the same (closely similar) as Kogan, Bauhn, Hisense, Polaroid, TCL, Viano, JVC etc. Don't expect too much :)

    • +5 votes

      hang on but isnt Hisense pretty expensive and also considered decent lots of OZBers?

    • +13 votes

      Hisense and TCL have no business being lumped in with those other brands. All are generic rebranded department store brands, which Hisense and TCL aren't.


      Are you saying this is as good as a Hisense 75N7?


        No, sorry chaps, was comparing to the lower end Hisense models (which I have, just bought 4 years ago). They were once entry level too, y'know? No doubt, have gotten better over time, just as Kogan is improving now.


        Bought 75N5 for 1600$ from StanCash few months back.. 4K is pretty impressive.


    Are giftcards still 20% off at Auspost?


    Won't deliver to Adelaide… :(

  • +3 votes

    This deal is the bomb

  • -2 votes

    $1155 delivered with Unidays code.


    Please explain


    Hmmmm no deals on Magnetbox or Sorny….

  • +1 vote

    Chinese manufactured - AKAI, Bauhn (Aldi), Blaupunkt, Changhong, Hisense, Hitachi, Jaeger, JVC, Kogan, LG, Linden, Palsonic, Phillips, Polaroid, Samsung, Seiki, Sharp, Soniq, TCL, TEAC, Toshiba, Viano, Xiaomi

    Czech Republic –Bang & Olufsen (LED range only)

    South Korea - Bang & Olufsen – (OLED range only), LG and Samsung

    Japan - Panasonic and SONY

    Malaysia - Panasonic and SONY

    Germany - Lowe


      Happy to stand corrected on this but most Samsungs have 'Made in Vietnam', Sony mostly have 'Made in Malaysia' and LG often have 'Made in Korea' on their units. No idea about most of the others though.


    Also made in China- Your future. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rz8FiFa8SrA
    I don't like it but I cannot fight it. Elon Musk should take a launch in one of his "so fake it must be real" Falcons because he is dead on the ground (but hiding under a tent)


    Any way to see this in person somewhere. I really wished there was like some dedicated store even one in like a main or capital city that had all the latest and maybe also oldest tv's on display so that the general public could go in and test drive them before buying.. I swear there is some kind of business model for it.. even if they charged like a good coin for every visit I would definitely go.. Can even charge food and drinks and play some decent content and make it like a mini tv cafe or restaurant kind of thing..

    I guess the conventions are the only realistic place to do this but even they sometimes don't have all the models on display and right next to each other.


      It's cheap(er) because of having no costs to market them in brick and mortar stores, really.


    Price has gone back up to $1379


    did anyone buy it?


      Looks like only I did?

      Thanks to @Jimmy007, I got the shipping price reduced by half (10% discount from $1200). Could've gotten further 10% with gift cards from AustPost…


        What was the actual code in the end?


        When is your ETA on delivery? I am thinking of buying delivered to MEL 3000 for a spare TV … would be good to hear your reviews


          I'm in WA, so understandably it'll only take forever.

          ETA is this Friday (Fri 29/06/2018), coming from SYDNEY.

          EDIT: If it's anything like my Hisense from 4 years ago, I'm not gonna expect too much (slow response remote, video/audio not sync, weak builtin speakers, not great for high FPS gaming) but great for movies etc if you attach it to a good sound system. The Hisense had a split second but reasonably noticeable audio delay via HDMI and I had to resync using VLC.

          With this TV, anything better is a plus since it's for work and I'm curious about the 120Hz refresh rate @ FHD; we're gonna be using it for simple presentations and stuff in the office anyway. I've gone with a 75" UHD LG for movies at home.


          @moorey: I saw that 120HZ refresh rate … I am a bit skeptical as Hisense N5 at 2k price point was 50HZ

          What about service and warranty - what happens with DOA?

        • +1 vote


          You and me both, mate. I have a 55" Kogan at 120Hz too, no idea how that works as it's only for news.

          Catch return policy seems alright: https://help.catch.com.au/hc/en-us/articles/115002395528-Wha...

          There was no option for me to include insurance for the shipping though but it seems to be covered by Catch if there are any issues.


          @moorey: Thank you! I read the FAQ and they have a contact number, so I am going to call them and find out about who pays postage etc … I went into HN and they sales person actually scared me when they mentioned DOA, warranty and shipping …


          @moorey: what is your opinion on the Kogan. Am in the market for a TV for everything including attaching a pc for gaming, browsing and YouTube etc



          The Kogan I got was great on paper, but in reality it's junk.

          The model is "Agora Smart TV with Playstore/Netflix" 55" 4K 120Hz @1080. Was on preorder specials on Xmas 2017 for $499, delivered January.

          The OS is Android 5.1.1 non-upgradeable, no further updates on Kogan's website (possibly root-able?). It has air mouse but the remote buttons/click and keyboard is shite af. Tenplay doesn't work, nor does 9 or 7 apps from Playstore. Netflix barely works, Spotify worked in the beginning and stopped working after the update. Youtube works. Didn't even bother with Kodi because the OS is too slow in everything. Edit: Oh and the sound - I used an old iPod Nakamichi speakers for it — huuuuge improvement!

          In saying that, the newer models ("Android Smart TVs") do look promising but I'm taking everything Kogan with pinch of salt from now on.

          My take is, if you're after price, Kogan's OK - just don't expect too much (I didn't, though it still fell below my low expectations). But hey, it's cheap 4k! I don't game, but obviously those are basic features and will work as promised. If you are thinking about using it as a PC monitor, just remember the refresh rates wont be great. This is true on most TVs - they are just not meant for it.


      I wanted to but didn't get in on time.


      I got one too, thanks to @Jimmy007 for 10% off code and I bought vouchers through work rewards at 8% off plus had $30 credit in my account from not shopping on catch since buying bulk dishwashing tablets over a year ago and I got about $1 cash back on the remainding $30 that I had to pay with credit card :p
      I got about 1150 Qantas FF points too

      In the end it cost me about $1150 delivered to Brisbane ($190 for delivery to Brisbane) and it arrived yesterday, I havent opened the box yet but it is rediculously big
      I was looking at an $800 kogan65 4k but jumped on this because of the 120hz at 1080p, hopefully it turns out alright (I have a sound bar to go with it)


        Sweet mate, mine's in the box still too.


        Arrived yesterday (~10 days shipping to WA)

        Edit: true OzB style, you did well with the discounts!


        hey, have you plugged in the TV yet? any feedback?


          Just towards the end of last week: https://imgur.com/a/g0rRX40

          As described, really. Popped in a Chromecast Ultra (4k) to make it somewhat smarter.

          Not too laggy on the remote, channel does take about 1 sec to change. Panel has a slight noticeable halo towards the edges if viewed on a bright display. For what it is, we're happy compared to what we had: an 800x600 projector.

  • +1 vote

    Any buyers wanna give us a quick personal review of what they think of this product am highly interested.


      Picture / Video = 8/10
      Sound = 3/10
      Price = 9/10
      Build quality = 6/10

      Dumb TV + Chromecast + cheap soundbar = win.


        Any experience with usage as a pc monitor (input lag, chroma subsampling 4:4:4)

        Can the native YouTube or Netflix apps do 4K or 2k or just 1080p and how is it, slow or functional?

        This TV is such a good price for the size you get.. no HDR but I honestly might be able to live with that.


          As a PC monitor (mirroring) @ 4K, definitely lag-ish as expected I think at 30Hz? @FHD was smoother but LED/LCD TVs aren't great for monitors in general due to the response time.

          It's a dumb TV hence no native apps. I used Chromecast Ultra to make it smarter and 4K on Netflix/Youtube is fantastic! https://imgur.com/a/g0rRX40

          We use it for the office training/presos/GoT so it's perfect. What's left is a cheap soundbar to improve the sound.

          In comparing Kogan "Smart" to Jaeger "dumb", give me "dumb" any day. Boot time and any operation will faster in general as the TV wont be bogged down by the apps. The higher end TVs will of course have better processor management. I use a Smart LG 4K 75" at home and it's perfect, but LG uses WebOS so you will miss out on PlayStore.


          @moorey: how much was the LG

          30Hz 4K might not cut it damn.. but might work as a 4K YouTube watcher hmm.

          So I guess a no for gaming but maybe for everything else hmm ok sounds not too bad.

          So you reckon it's not washed out like the cheapie tv's you find at big w.

          Had a look at some Viano's, Soniq's, Phillips and I think a TCL.. picture quality was atrocious everything was not sharp and washed out they honestly looked damaged.

          But they were all absolute bottom bargain bin versions so wasn't expecting much but would not even buy it for a dog.

          I remember looking in JBHIFI one day and their quantum dot tv's were pretty fancy and nice looking but too overkill for my wanting I think. Maybe only if I win one in some competition maybe but even then I might just sell it and downgrade.

          Nah something between Quantum Dot and washed out bargain brands is what I am looking for. The Hisense N7 looked good but found some posts about worrying frames shocking users touching the frame might have been a small one off but still was enough to cancel my order on that one.. whirlpool forums that one.

          Btw what's the energy usage on this model is it above or below 300 watts.. small consideration but can tip me either way depending on my eventual setup.. soundbars can use a lot of juice depending on the variant and model. I think ranges from 50 watts to 500 on a crazy setup maxed out. Not much to think about honestly but if I attach a monitor, pc, console, heater, lighting, chargers and a vacuum even maybe for example I can be close to reaching the limit maybe. And that's best case scenario. In summer if I run a fan well I guess I won't need the heater then could add more amperage.

          I am mid level when it comes to electrical measuring and stuff so there is always a chance I might overload something. Have accidentally done so previously lol. It was a shock.




          For the Jaeger, the color doesn't look washed out but there is a very slight noticeable halo towards the edges of the screen on a clear bright display. It's quite hard to see most of the time, but it's there. It's not uncommon though for panels in this price range.

          Good luck with your search mate! :)


          @moorey: thanks man. Yeah u don't mind a bit of halo but if the picture quality is really bad it's an instant no no for me.. The stores tvs always look really bad at the bargain bin side but the mid range are not too bad.


    Anyone who picked up one of these can comment on how it has held up?

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