expired [PC] 50% off Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire Expansion ~AU $19.72 (US $14.99) Collection ~AU $32.89 (US $24.99) @ Guild Wars 2 Store


Cheapest it has ever been. If you bought the expansion(s) from this previous deal, you might be able to get back the difference by submitting a ticket. Their customer support is one of the best, though may take some time to respond.

From the article

Your ticket to Living World Season 4 is on sale just in time for the next episode! Upgrade your account with Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire™ or a Guild Wars 2 expansion collection and start your journey into the Crystal Desert—and beyond.

50% off Sale—Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire

  • Valid for standard and deluxe editions of Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire
  • Valid for standard and deluxe editions of the Guild Wars 2 expansion collection
  • On sale from today until Wednesday, June 27

Offer applies only to Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire Standard Edition, Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire Deluxe Edition, Guild Wars 2: Standard Collection, and Guild Wars 2: Deluxe Collection purchased through buy.guildwars2.com from 6:00 a.m. Pacific Time (UTC-7), June 19, 2018, through 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time (UTC-7), June 27, 2018.

Path of Fire Price
Standard ~AU $19.72 / US $14.99
Deluxe ~AU $36.18 / US $27.49
Collection (All Expansions) Price
Standard ~AU $32.89 / US $24.99
Deluxe ~AU $49.34 / US $37.49

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    love this game :) over 8k hrs on it now.


    I might be a drongo but I can't seem to find the collection anywhere. The buy page only shows me the Path of Fire standard and Deluxe. Any ideas or a direct link?


      the buy page was confusing when i was looking at it at the start of the year so i wouldn't rush to call you a drongo


      I would directly link it in the post if I could, but to make it into the collection, you first have to add either the Standard or Deluxe to your cart then just before checkout it asks you if you want to add Heart of Thorns for an extra $10. Once you add it, your cart will have the collection.


    This game isnt dead yet? I havent played since the base game and it had so many problems and the community was almost dead when I left, has it improved over time? or is it still much the same way?

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      Dead? hell no, you should login and see.

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      nah, the game isn't dead, still going strong; it's just with the new maps in the expansions being so huge that makes it look desolated. but if you go into the main areas in towns, events, or just yell out in map chat, there's a fair bit of people.

      in my opinion, the game has definitely improved (a lot of variations in class builds and playstyles; but still suffers from the an "optimal" build); but there are some problems. I believe the devs have given up on improving the base game dungeons, and instead focusing only on the late game activities - fractals of the mist dungeon (available to everyone), raids (requires expansion), and open world events ((profanity) of people)

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      the game has improved massively over the years with a lot of game mechanics and contents, lots of things to do

      The state of WvW is in pretty good shape, can't wait til they implement WvW with alliances


      I don't think it was almost dead when you left, it had just settled down from its massive unsustainable pre-release hype train. Expansion releases definitely brought some people back in though.

      If lack of good end game was the biggest problem with it, there's raids and essentially a set of dungeons called fractals now.


    This, tes or bdo.. Hmm decisions decisions


      Classic WoW.

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      definitely GW2 over others, it's a game you can continue to play without missing out even if your lifestyle changes, I used to play 10 hours a day during uni days, these days busy with work so 1-3 hours a day with breaks in between, on weekends spend a bit longer to do raids occasionally

      the community is especially helpful and entertaining, since you can be part of 5 guilds at once, and there isn't a lot of toxic elitism in this game.

      having played BDO too, players in BDO can be very toxic, especially the fact it's open world PvP, there is no pure PvE server

      not to mention the fact the game is action MMO, so you will be at a disadvantage at PvP or just kill mobs for leveling; those high levels will jump in on you and murder you because you stepped into their farming path, and if you happens to be unlucky to have the mob getting the killing blow, you get slapped with death penalty of hours of exp grind down the drain

      what you probably end up doing is just afk 24/7 fishing



        GW2 - casual
        BDO - very super toxic
        Classic WoW - nirvana
        TES - somewhere in between? but leaning towards super casual?


          i would not say GW2 as totally casual, it can be casual, because of how the in-game progression works, really depend on the players; I've seen ppl doing PvP and WvW contents 12+hrs straight

          take gearing for example

          ascended gears are about 5% extra stats over exotic gears, legendary gears are the same as ascended gears with fancy skin and can change stats on the fly
          so if you fully geared up in ascended gears, leave game and come back in 2 years there's no need to grind for gears; also ascended and legendary gears are fully transferable to another toon with the same weapon and armor class

          in PvP all gears are the same, there's no gear advantage at all, just your builds and skills

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    Definitely recommend it for anyone looking for a mmo. Especially for a new player, there is so much content and variety of things to do. Plus another content update next week which adds another mount, map and addition to the story :)


    The game doesn't have a tutorial like other MMOs does, so try to learn the game with an opened mind, and you will find yourself enjoy the game a lot like myself and other posters who have rolled up thousands of hours.

    One of the first thing to do in game is to find a guild so you can ask question for any game mechanics you dont understand, you can be part of 5 guilds at once, and you can see all the guild chats by default in chat log unless you mute a guild in chat log

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    If you played it on release and left due to one of the following:

    • Lack of end game (specifically raids)
    • No mounts
    • Not enough variation in class builds
    • No LFG tool
    • Visiting other servers being a pain

    There's now

    • Raids (and a collection of mini-dungeons called Fractals)
    • The best implementation of mounts in an MMO (currently 5 different types, all with different types of movement)
    • Class specialisations to allow for different styles of play within the same class. For example, Mesmer has the Chronomancer and Mirage, the former more of a support mage with time-based magic to speed up attacks and cooldowns, and slow down enemies, the latter more focused on offensive magic that punishes enemies for moving or using skills, as well as their dodge being replaced by the ability to briefly turn into an invincible mirage that can then ambush the enemy. One for each class gets added every expansion.
    • LFG tool was added
    • The megaserver system combines people into one instance regardless of server, without having to visit servers. Server only matters for WvWvW.
    • Also new maps

    Do I need the first expansion? Will I be missing much if I skipped that?

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      not really, but four reasons to get Heart of Thorns
      1. access to HoT's classes elite specialisation
      2. to play the story
      3. access the best Condi stat class Viper
      4. some of the best gold farming maps in the game


        Thanks so if I only get POF I won't get revenant and I won't get HOT'class specialisations but I'll get POF specialisations?

        Is that right?

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          you still can pick the revenant class, but you wont have access to Herald elite spec

          if we are only talking revenant, disregarding any other classes, Herald is a better spec than Renegade because it provides a lot of passive support to your team via Facets

          with Renegade, it's just pure dps, the thing is, the top dps build is condi based, and in order to have max condi you need Viper stats from HoT, though you can go with the just marginally weaker Sinister from Silver Waste in the core game


          That's right. I'd say for the extra $10 it's worth picking up both if you're just thinking of getting PoF. I only came back to GW2 after PoF was released as mounts were introduced. I completely skipped most, if not all of HoT content. After doing a bunch of the PoF content and getting all of the mounts, I went back to the HoT content and I didn't realise what I was missing out on.



          welcome back ;)

          but now you missed the experience exploring HoT maps on foot, mounts gets you to really difficult to reach spots easily and map completion easier :p



          Thanks you've convinced me to grab both :)


    Is the deluxe worth it?

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      it comes with 1 additional character slot (800 gems, but I've seen it on discount at 560) and a permanent pass to lily of eloan which you can only get from PoF deluxe not through gem store (though not as good as mystlock, which cost 1000 gem, but seen it on discount at 800gem)

      lily of eloan in my view is not worth it, while 560 for the character slot is about 200 gold, which you should have after 1-2months of play

      as for the max level booster, it also comes with a free share inventory slot which is 700 gem (though it doesnt say it) after you use the booster

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