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Galax Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 EX $517.65 @ Pcmeal [eBay Plus]


Went looking for a cheap deal on the GTX 1070 and found this.

Original 15% off eBay Plus Items Deal Post

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    Strong possibility of big price drop across the board for Nvidia GPUs and anything that uses RAM/VRAM, due to Nvidia oversupply and legal action against RAM manufactures for price fixing:

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      Please, please let RAM prices crash.

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      Pretty much this.. I would hold off buying some gpu gear for now.. well honestly until the next generation hits.. If you want good deals and know how to check hardware go the gumtree route can score a deal on those leaving the scene or upgrading their rig. Much better than brand new and sometimes even has previous owner warranty and receipt.

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        Going to play devil's advocate here..

        It might actually be a good time to buy now if you need a new GPU, because all that news has been lingering for a while and has already started to affect GPU prices. Nvidia themselves have said not to expect the new line of GPUs for a 'very long time' indicating late this year as being a safe bet for when the new line will be released.

        If you don't need a new GPU, then you can always wait for the next one to decide then, but if someone is rocking something older but still good like the 970 but got a 1440p+ or high refresh rate 1080p monitor recently - waiting months on end to save another hundred bucks or so might actually be the worse choice.

        /Devils advocate

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    Woohoo, Bitcoin going to zero dollars hopefully this year. Means normal priced graphic cards for all!!!


      high demand from gamers now that cryptos are dying = still high prices

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        Huge difference there was always high demand from gamers as they are the predominate group that used them but they wouldn't pay stupid prices. Miners however were making money from cards so had no issues paying way above RRP and clearing out stocks.

        Now that they are losing money prices are normalizing and there is about to be a huge oversupply as Nvidia misjudged mining demand which has now dropped to virtually nothing.

        Also mining helped AMD close the gap between Nvidia and their shitty practices.


      Crypto mining has bought me my last 3 GPUs :)

      Bring on the down votes.


        I’m interested but no clue of what to buy / specs. Any info you can help with for a starter?

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          Start with a big fortune, so when you lose a lot of money, you might still have a small fortune left.


          @c0balt: what’s a fortune worth to you?



          I wish I knew!

          Financial security, I guess, but it doesn't really matter to me - I'm too frugal to take advantage.

          But seriously, stay away from Crypto. The rush is over. Mining difficulty is ever increasing with lower payouts. Volatility is high. Like with any investment - if you need to ask for beginner tips, what you really need to do is stay very far away until you do a plethora of research yourself and understand what you are getting into.


          @c0balt: thanks for the advice mate.

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    Here's the link to 1070ti deal, and for just $70 more at $596, probably worth the extra. Why the negs?

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      Because you wrote:

      The 570ti deal is better.

      It's wishful thinking to expect people to magically convert the 'typo' to 1070Ti. It's only after you posted the comment above I realised you meant 1070Ti. BTW, I didn't neg you.

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      Because the 570 is 10 years old and the 1070 isn't?


    wow pretty nice price, i got my 1070 for 541 last year. hopefully prices keep falling


    I want a GPU upgrade myself. Prices have dropped recently so I'm considering a 1080 but then I wonder if they will drop more before the release of the new cards? Then I wonder if the new gen will be heaps better and will I be kicking myself for buying so late in the cycle (I just bought a PS4 pro a few weeks ago so I'm kinda already experiencing that kinda remorse). Then I read that nvidia may try to price hike the next gen, so I go back to wondering if prices of current gen may drop further and so the cycle continues.

    I guess there is just no ideal time to upgrade.

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      Compared to graphics card prices 18 months ago, the current prices are still above them. Even though we are seeing people selling cards used for crypto mining now, prices are still not being reflected. Until nVidia release their next gen consumer GPU chipset officially, prices will only drop slightly.

      It actually doesn't help that so many people are caving in this early with 15% off. Basically, retailers clear their graphics card stock and the demand remains high. If the demand for graphics cards remains high, further price drop is unlikely. High end graphics card RAM shortage also contributes to the increase in price.


        Theres news of millions of GPU overstock by nvidia trying to ride the crypto rush so I think waiting is the best policy.


    I have one of these. Actually very quiet under load and zero issues. Red fan glow may bother some people.

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    Dropping video card prices are a good indicator for Bitcoin's death. Back to normality, last 5 years has been horrendous for the PC gaming market.


      5 years??

      It's barely been over a single year since the layman heard 'bitcoin' for the first time.


        I remember the great video card war of the 7950 era hell I even made a few bucks and bought me a stack of 7950's.