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15% off eBay Plus Items (For eBay Plus Members, $50 Minimum Spend, 30 Day Free Trial Available)


Saw it on Facebook. Edit: Coupon code now available PLUS15.

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Get ready for the best news of your ENTIRE LIFE. Plus Weekend is coming with tons of deals and 15% off Plus items*.

  • Available to Plus members only.
  • Mininimum spend $50.
  • Max discount $200.
  • Maximum 1 Transaction Per Person.

Ends 24/6.

Exclusions and T&Cs apply.

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  • Right - signing up now ;)

    • Yep, that's what they want us to do and continue using.

      Here's my take on eBay Plus.

      The main benefit of having eBay Plus membership is:

      • Free delivery and free returns on Plus items

      Right now, majority of sellers are offering free shipping on most items by:

      • Incorporating the shipping into the fixed price (eg. instead of $100 + $10 delivery, listing price is $110) since there is no incentive to separate the two.
      • On the condition that a spend threshold is met (eg. spend $75+ for free shipping at Target).

      There is no incentive for an average user to have eBay Plus unless they make multiple orders for bulky items a year or they live in a regional area, where in both cases, a separate delivery fee may most likely apply. Either case is unlikely for an average user and the items may not even qualify as "Plus item".

      I reckon over the next year, to make eBay Plus more attractive, these will happen:

      • Free shipping above spend threshold will only be applicable to eBay Plus members.
      • Sellers will be given an incentive (or punished otherwise) to separate the item price and shipping price (eg. Pay a fee if you want to make your listing more attractive by offering free shipping; or receive a discount in listing fee if you want it to qualify as a "Plus item").

      This means eBay Plus will be like what eBay is currently, and if you don't pay extra for the membership, then you'll see less items with free shipping. It won't add any value to eBay services.

      • Honestly, it is the 15% to 20% discount that matters the most. If the shipping is such a big deal, then sellers offering in store pick up would sell their items like hot cakes.

        The true test will come when the free trial is finished.

        15% off + free postage on 1 transaction for eBay Plus members. Honestly, it doesn't look that special.

        Best news of your ENTIRE LIFE… spending more money is the best news of my entire life… ebay… really?

      • +13 votes

        Remember when items used to be 1c + exorbitant shipping?

        Pepperidge Farm remembers.

      • eBay actually in their plus news to sellers encourage sellers to still do free shipping, I guess to minimize the damage.


    • Aside from non-eBay related news, there was obviously the 15% off anything on eBay, making this one more of a "15% off some stuff if you sign up for a membership". So yeah.

    • +17 votes

      Ooh, Mr Exciting Life. Lah di dah…

    • LMAO! Who on earth would think of a lame slogan like that?!!

      Whoever did their marketing must be the saddest people in the world, probably only born to serve Lord Ebay, and never experienced joy in their life outside ebay office cave.

    • The time I found 7 Mcnuggets when I only ordered 6 was more exiting than this…..

      Ps: Then several months later I got 5 nuggets with a 6 nugget order. I knew it was too good to be true… :(

      • One occassion I was pressed for time so I filled up the kettle over the maximum and turned it on. My wife found that it had overflowed and I never admitted it.

        It was more exciting than this. She still has no idea.

        PS. Couldn't blame the kids because we have none.


    So, the is eBay plus worth it? Seems pretty decent introductory offer of $29.

  • buy now, pay in two days, risky

  • WOW Finally a real close to 15% discount?

  • Never heard of ebay plus, is it new?

  • So what are Plus items?

  • 15% off "selected items" only?

  • So now I have to pay a monthly fee to get percentage off deals? This is the best news of my ENTIRE LIFE.

  • Does that mean 15% off site wide only if the item is listed as Ebay Plus?

  • any price jacking?

  • Any bargains? eBay plus is for a select few sellers who have signed up.. most OP.

  • Something, something Amazon

  • Looking like standard 'sales' prices for most PCs and PC parts.

    When you figure in Amazon's 5% cashback via CashRewards ($50 max cashback per transaction), Amazon US via Amazon AU Prime looks at least as good, often better.

    • In a world where Amazon AU and US offer the same range at the same price this may be true.

      • They're starting to by listing an Amazon US store on site and waiving shipping with prime if the item is over AU $49.

        For items with an international warranty (like Ryzen parts), it's a steal. You can get a 1700 for $261 after cashback.


        its deja vu, I was in the UK when Amazon UK started everyone was excited "finally they'll be no UK price gourging, no UK tax, retailers will be screwed" ….until they realised that AmazonUK just change the price from $usXX -> £XX (with the exchange rate it was 50% more then US). Same seems to be happening here. $us100 -> $au200 on many items.

        At least the cheap shipping is welcome. Hopefully general parcel postage in oz will now drop.

        • General parcel postage won't drop. From my limited experience with Amazon AU so far (they had to upgrade my shipping to expedited shipping), I noticed:

          • Amazon AU packed my item very close to the parcel delivery cut off time (despite it being expedited) instead of early in the morning.
          • The parcel then somehow reached the carrier's facility within an hour.
          • The carrier / delivery company immediately scanned / processed the item.
          • Despite it appears to be standard parcel delivery, I can see more events and it feels like the package was delivered with a much better SLA (service level agreement).

          So Amazon AU appears to have a good deal with some if not all the delivery companies they deal with here (at least for Amazon Prime type delivery). Wouldn't surprise me if Amazon AU actually dropped off the items at those companies' main parcel processing centres.

  • Searched for many items I’m in the market for with eBay plus filter… 0 results.

    Not for me

    • eBay wants to charge every user a fee for using eBay, buying or selling. Eventually, there will be no eBay plus, just eBay and everyone needs to pay.
      With government evening the playfield by charging every parcel a GST, Australia is like a chicken cage, farming for the rich. Guess who are the chicken.

  • Should have held off on buying all those clothes the other day…

  • This EOFY lead up period is looking a lot less promising compared to last year in regards to ebay discounts.

    • Indeed, they had an $800 Mavic fly more last year, and QC35s at ~$200 during that wednesday night promo (this time last year).

      I still haven't opened the pots and pans I bought during that same promo.

      • I thought it was just me. Just quickly went through the list of items I bought from feeBay last year and this year. So many impulsive purchases, bought because they were cheaper than RRP due to 20% off voucher, not because I really need them. Sigh…

  • This is getting too complicated.

  • I bought a HDHomeRun network tv tunder for my plex server recently and signed up to get the free shipping

    Brings it down to $123.25 with free shipping or $117 if you use 5% disc ebay GCs.

    • How do you get it for $123.25? I'm keen to get one.

      • I think they mean it'll be 15% off with this promo bringing it down to $123.25.

        • Ahh, I see. It's sound like he has already bought one. I must have reading difficulty, I'm going to see my GP.

        • @O O: Yeah I bought one before this promotion. So it's normally $145 plus $15 shipping (for me). So assuming there's no price jacking should be able to get it for $123.25

        • @O O: btw feel free to post the deal!

        • +1 vote

          @marquise: I'll post it if no one did. Thank you for bring it to my attention. I'm after this network tuner for a while, but can't pull the trigger.

  • War between Amazon and eBay starts

  • Hmmm. Have been waiting for a sweet discount to buy an expensive iPhone.
    “Maximum discount : $200” means I’m not getting a full 15% off the sale price.

    There is a $1333 ceiling before the discount stops applying.

  • Everyone wants you to buy subscriptions to their places..I just saw a news article that FB is trying to do the same thing. I'm not sure IF this is any good for me tho..not a huge eBay buyer atm.

    • +10000000000 for FB to charge a subscription. It would be nicer to charge for every post and message/like sent as well. People have to pay to show what they ate for breakfast.


    I really don't see many Plus Items yet, so it's probably not worth it outside the free trial.