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Pixel 3 supports esim. It doesn't support dual sim.
28/05/2022 - 13:55
I wouldn't call it completely worthless for everyone. You can be on the recent Android 12.1 with some efforts and compromises....
06/05/2022 - 00:56
It could be the cheapest right now. But wasn't it $99 at JB just a few days back?
18/04/2022 - 13:22
>pixel 5 XL Non-existent phone will definitely give you issues :D Jokes aside, I did not have any issues with my Pixel 2 and 3XL.
07/04/2022 - 01:35
Perhaps information from this [JB Website](https://www.jbhifi.com.au/pages/jbtradein) is more useful?
07/04/2022 - 01:11
It's pathetic. That's why I had to include the Trade in website "operating hours" in the description
07/04/2022 - 00:58
Google Pixel 6 $699 / 6 Pro $999 + Del - Tradein Value (min $10) after $300 Bonus Trade in Coupon @ JB Hi-Fi
Very similar to [this](https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/661777) deal but with extra $100 trade in coupon. I am stealing the title from...
07/04/2022 - 00:34
If it's for school/uni, probably Lenovo or Dell with education discounts may be able to match the specs/budget? There is an Inspiron 15...
30/01/2022 - 16:41
Acer Aspire 3 15.6'' FHD (i31005G1/4GB/256GB SSD) $498 + Delivery (Free w/ C&C) @ Harvey Norman
Budget Acer Aspire 3 (Intel 10th Gen i3) on sale at HN. Some compromises would be no USB-C and no backlit keyboard. But considering the...
30/01/2022 - 16:04
If you intend to use Linux extensively, I would recommend Intel processor in this one over ARM in Duet. If you intend to use Android...
26/11/2021 - 01:05
Sorry to hear that. When did you place the order?
30/09/2021 - 16:56
I have a spare newsletter code and EDS code. Please PM
30/09/2021 - 14:53
As far as I know, NFC was a huge omission on Microsoft's part in the Surface Duo
06/08/2021 - 13:26
> Another repeat freebie. Thankfully my unplayed games library will not grow today :D
25/12/2020 - 00:08
Amazon Prime Video streaming is available Netflix is not available on mine at the moment. But Netflix app is **not** recommended for...
24/11/2020 - 17:11
Unfortunately it is incompatible with C330. Don't know about x86-based Chromebooks
24/11/2020 - 12:43
> does anyone know if Linux (such as arch) still be installed Do you mean via Crostini or proper Linux distro? Crostini is available. >...
24/11/2020 - 11:32
Which apps are you looking for in particular? I can check on my ARM-based Lenovo C330
24/11/2020 - 11:24
Maybe you can try using live linux USB to see if it can connect to WiFi properly.
27/10/2020 - 16:18
What is the difference between the OP model and model below? https://deals.dell.com/en-au/productdetail/5r4m There is a price difference of...
20/10/2020 - 15:51
One of the feedbacks mentions receiving 8GB RAM so safe assumption?...
13/10/2020 - 17:08
Considering 256 GB versions of current iPhones are priced about $250 more than their 64GB counterparts, I would say this deal is pretty...
25/05/2020 - 19:46
It has support for eSIM but not the dual SIM functionality. Dual SIM is available for Pixel 3a and Pixel 4
05/05/2020 - 23:01
If anyone is put off by the notch, disabling/hiding it in developer settings should do the trick. You lose some screen space, but the phone...
23/04/2020 - 17:25
I wonder what F stands for in your username.....
19/03/2020 - 21:03
> Can one easily turn Windows 10 S into Windows 10? Yes. Converting is fairly straightforward. The steps are listed...
30/11/2019 - 22:19
Nothing against OP's deal, but deal [here](https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/496344) was certainly better.
27/11/2019 - 20:38