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This is a coupon I received for the Matshop. It is valid only once per account.

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    OP, can you supply more info about this coupon code? Is it 15% off storewide? Does it discount the delivery fee? Any minimum spending?


    if anyone is after articial grass, I can recommend their 35mm+ stuff, its so soft & well made.
    I chucked some over cement & gravel (I didn't even need to anchor/glue it, it just stays there),



    This might sound like a stupid question, but i'm after a PVC chair mat to go on top of a timber laminate floor.

    My desk is 970mm wide, so what is the largest size mat I could fit in that space?

    It would be so much easier if they provided a diagram/image that showed all of the measurements not just length and width, but the size of the lip in particular.

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    Careful with their mate for laminated floor, it is slippery as. It is scary how slippery it is, when I told them about it I was told it could be due to particles on the floor, so I vacuumed the floor again and the same result.
    I ended up not using it and I was told I could buy something different which I found weird given that I have already purchased one for hard surface.
    I couldn't be bothered pursuing them further for $21.


      Yeah, I often wondered about that… what holds it in place?

      I don't want it to be like playing the Rock Band drums on a rug or even carpet, the more I play, the more they keep moving forward.

      Thanks for the info, may have to contact them directly and do some more research on it!


    Thanks for this. Just completing my second matshop purchase. My 2.5mm mat from two years ago is just about cracked through. Now going for the 3.5mm in the hope it lasts a bit longer