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LG 55” OLED55B7T B7 OLED Smart TV $1834.40 (+$77 Metro Delivery) @ Videopro_online eBay


Not exactly the cheapest ever but I believe it's the cheapest at the moment for previous few months.
Maybe better than shelling out another 900 bucks for the current 2018 C8 version currently sell for $2792 C&C (+$77 Delivery)


Be quick before the stock run out as the model is end of life soon :-)

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  • Pickup only in Queensland :(

    I think I would have given in and bought if it wasn't for the shipping cost

  • Good price. I don't know how much longer I can hold out for this series to get much cheaper than this.

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    The current 2018 C8 version will be $1600 in 12 months time.
    Then the 2019 C9 version will be $1600 in 24 months time.
    Then the 2020 C10 version will be $1600 in 36 months time.
    And on and on and on and on…

    • 12 months? Make it 5. From memory Black Friday was the first sign of seriously good prices last year on 2017 models.

    • Why buy anything at all with that logic? Why not just wait until the end of time for the universe to enter heat death and then I guarantee you everything will be the cheapest you've ever seen!

  • Is there a B8 coming out. No sign of one yet.

  • Man I want to soooo bad. But Ive waited this long.. missed out on the boxing day sale ($1699) and now the B8 is out. might as well wait till the gets below $2000.. I mean its got higher MHZ picture as well.. and this TV will look amazing with my new XBOX ONE X and NVIDIA 1080 I picked up. (ive had no 4k screen to try out :( )

    Id get the older 65inch B7 if it was sub $3k. For me to be ozbargain happy.. I need 55 sub $1600.. price of tech must COME DOWN!!

    • The only significant difference between the C7 and the C8 is Black Frame Insertion for low framerate sources (mostly movies), helps make the motion less stuttery.

      Beyond that they're pretty much the same. In turn, the only real difference between the B7 and the C7 is the better speakers on the C series.

      I don't think we know yet if there will be a B8 coming to the AU market.

  • This is a pretty good price. I’m holding out for a 65 inch 4k under $1800 that’s better than the Hisense.

  • Just bought one. Thanks OP for the link. I’m not in QLD so had to pay the $77, but scored some back with CR and mopped up some gift card credit I had on my account which was good. $1893 delivered is pretty good for this TV, (even if it’s higher in price than the Boxing Day sales).

  • Thanks for the heads up Squirtle, just grabbed one for myself. I was about to get the Sony X90F 55" for $2200 but OLED for under $2000 was too hard to pass up. Any idea how long videopro usually takes to have these ready? I'm in QLD so I can collect from their store.

  • Thanks mate, been wanting one of these for a while. Decent price. Cheers!

  • Wondering if I should pull the trigger on the 65" C8 hmmmmmm