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NSW Public Transport iPhone App 'Link' Promo Code Giveaway EXPIRED


Hey, back again with more promo codes for my app for those who missed out last time.

Here's the details from my previous post but with some changes to the conditions so I can send out the codes quicker:

Hey guys, I write an app for iPhone called ‘Link’ which provides an interface for 131500 that’s easier to use than their regular website but has the features that the mobile site does not. Recently, Apple has lifted the restriction on promo codes, and they are now available worldwide instead of just in the US iTunes store. As a result, I have a few codes to give away to you.

Anyway, check the link for more information. The direct link to the app on the iTunes store is

The first 50 posts in this thread asking for a promo code will be sent one via OzBargain. There are just a few conditions:
• As suggested by moderators, this competition is open to existing members of OzBargain only. Only users with an account created before today (1 Feb 2011) are eligible.
• Please post a new comment as opposed to replying to someone else’s comment.
• After you make a post here requesting a code, please contact me through OzBargain's contact form ( This is because there's a limit to how many messages I can send.
• As this app is only relevant to NSW, please do not ask for a promo code if you live somewhere else and do not need it.
• If you got a promo code last time, please consider letting other people have a go. Thanks

I’ll send out the codes once all the replies are in so please bear with me if there’s a delay.

Please read the conditions carefully as they have changed since the last time I posted this ( Also a +1 doesn't hurt :) Good luck!

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  • code plz!

  • code please :)

  • a code plz

  • Code - Thanks !

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  • Can i get a code please

  • Could I get a code please

  • Can I have one please?

  • Can I have one code please…

  • Hi, can I have a code please, cheers!!

  • You do know that if you go into the 2nd page, you missed out a while ago…

  • +1

    I'll do a nudie run of Central for a code!!! :P

    j/k, but would love a code!

  • I got the free version of this app and paid for the app trip view sydney. Just for the record, Link is better than trip view. If you change your mind and give out more codes.. ohhh yeah..

  • Code please, (if there are any left)

  • can I have a code please

  • code plz

  • Can I have one please :) Looks like a great app

  • Yes please.

  • prob way past 50. but if you're feeling generous… CODE ME TOO! :P

  • M I too late? Can I have one please?

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  • code please!

  • a code by george

  • yes please

  • I'd love a code, please.

  • Code please, if there are any left. Thanks.

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  • me too

  • Could I have a code please thanks!

  • can i plz have 1 bro ^^

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  • Code Me Up please.!!!!

    • mate, give us an update on the Macca's fries comparisons!!

  • Please send code. Thanks

  • I would love to have one..Thanks..!!

  • I just missed out last time by 2 spots, can I get one this time?

  • May I have it please?

  • can I have one code too pls.

  • I Hope I am not too late. Please send me as well. Thank you.

  • can I have one code please? thanks

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  • Can I have a code pls?

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  • Code please and thanks!

  • Code please :) Thank you!

  • Lovely app, can you please give the code!

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  • Can I please have a code, good app was recently using the lite version.

  • Would be great if you can send me the code. Thanks

  • Can I have a code please?

  • -1

    Last time posted but didn't receive the code. Like this app and want it anyway, thanks

    • did u enable ur personal contact form?

    • prob because you weren't a member as at 23/1.

  • That's great, thanks very much for this!

  • Can i have one?

  • Can I grab one please?

  • Code please!!!

  • could i have a code please??

  • -1

    Surely this isn't what this site is for…..

    I just wonder how many negs there would be if someone like COTD tried something like this on. Placing a post on Ozbargain and asking punters to request a discount code in the comments, thereby generating an inflated number of comments. And since anyone that wants it are forced to make a comment they will probably drop a +ve vote while they are at it.

    Bargain or not, the delivery smells a bit off to me.

    • The reason I post it here is to promote Ozbargain too. I could have just as easily posted it somewhere else like Facebook, but it wouldn't be exclusively for members of this site. I've asked the moderators who suggested this method (you can see the old post if you like).

  • -1

    i might be #150 but i'll still ask for a code. free to type in always :)

  • Can you send me the promo code please?

  • Can I please get one? Thanks.

  • May I have a promo code for this iPhone app? Thanks ~

  • Can I have one please?

    Thank you

  • Code please, thanks! :D

  • would love a promo code, thanks! :)

  • code please ^_^

  • Can I have the code, thanks.

  • can i grab one please? :)

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  • Could I please have one as well. Thanks

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  • Can I have a code please!

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  • Am I too late? Can I have the code too? Thanks!

  • can i have a code please?

  • please may i have a code? thanks in advance.

  • can i have a code please

  • I have the code from the last giveaway but how do i use it ?

    • +1

      give it to me and i'll show you :O
      lol jokes, go to itunes, the itunes store
      in the right hand top corner there will be your account.
      click it to show the drop down menu, and select 'redeem'
      from there, just key in your code and you can download it.

  • Code please!

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