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Allphones EOFY Sitewide Sale: 15% off up to $300 & 10% off $300+ w/ Free Shipping (LG G7 $931, Galaxy S7 $499, iPhone SE $372)


Hi all,

Happy EOFYS! Allphones are running a limited time end of financial year sale until the 30th, with many deals to be had. An additional 10-15% off for fellow ozbargainers can be obtained through the coupon codes:

  • EOFYS15 for 15% off all products $300 or less
  • EOFYS10 for 10% off all products greater than $300

Offer ends 30/06/18 11:59pm, don't miss out. Once again, thank you Ozbargain for all your support. The Allphones Online site has been launched for 2 months now and we've progressed leaps and bounds in that time.


As usual, you'll get 100% Australian Stock, Local Manufaturers Warranty, GST Invoice, and TRS if eligible. All in-stock items are ready to dispatch.

Allphones Online regularly review pricing to ensure that we have low prices across the entire range for Australian Stock. If you have any suggestions for deals (AU stock), feel free to message me and I'll do the best I can to see what we can do. Thank you!

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    LG G6 still ~$500.



    Would the new Samsung A8 be better than the S7? I would presume more updates too (Even though A8 still doesn't have Oreo yet)

    • +2 votes

      Why are updates considered so important by consumers?

      In my experience, updates only bring minor fixes that always go unnoticed (by me) and more resource intensive software that slow down the phone.

      (serious question)

      • +4 votes

        Many features get implemented at the OS level, and android gets some great updates that are only available on certain android versions. As an example, android 8.1 brings the native autofill feature. Many apps can take advantage of this, but obviously you need to be on 8.1.

        Another example is security patches. If there is a fatal security flaw found in android, it generally be patched within the month, Pixels will get it the following month, most others will get it shortly after, but some devices may not get it for months.

        So if you are happy with all the features and don't really care about new things or security patches, then updates may not matter to you. Also in general, yes updates can slow down phones, but if you factory reset them, they may perform better and have better battery life than before the update.


        With updates come security fixes and patches, performance enhancements, and new features that make the user experience better. I care more about security updates than features, but like knowing that I can get the latest features for at least 2 years on a $1k device (I think thats a reasonable expectation for a device that costs that much).

    • -2 votes

      I wouldn't touch the older sammy's, perhaps look at a Xiaomi, OP etc. nokia 7 plus looks quite nice!


      S7 has a notification led where as the A8 doesn't (important for me). The S7 camera I also believe is better with image stablisation and also a higher dpi screen….just to mention a couple of many differences. Was looking and comparing both myself and a hard call especially as the A8 is current mid range model. As it doesn't have a notification LED, have ruled it out so stopped there. Shame.


    Is the seller reliable?


    Thanks. Purchase Google Home $117.30.


    10% off rrp for Eofy sale not good enough


    Is the deal on that iPhone good?


    Is iPhone SE worth it?


      I'd only get it if you HAVE to have iOS and HAVE to have a very small phone. Otherwise no, there are much better phones for the money - I'd recommend a top-end Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 and throw LineageOS 15.1 on there.

    • +1 vote

      32GB iPhone SE has been my phone for nearly two years and I think it's great. Recently convinced my brother to replace his old android phone with it as well, and he's thanked me a few times since.


        I have a 16GB iPhone SE. Was super cheap and had it for 18 months. I think the 32 GB would be slightly better, but I manage as stream most of my stuff (plus the cheap Large Kogan Sim plan helped).


    Hi Rep/OP
    Any idea on when the Google Home Max is going to be released in Aus? I really want one but don't want to buy from Kogan/DS


    Trying to buy a Google Mini but am being charged shipping. How do you qualify for free shipping?


    I miss Phillip Di so much. :)


    Mobileciti have an iPhone 7 32Gb (Black) on their eBay store. Any chance you'll have some on the Allphones site?


    Getting a 404 when trying to add the code. Do you need to be logged in? Tried two different browsers. Maybe the extension wasn't applied properly?



      Could you let us know what product you are buying? We will make sure it works :). In general, its best to turn off any adblock or noscript extensions you might be running, this sometimes interferes with the checkout process.

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