Where Can I Get a Cheap Car Key Cut?

I wanted to buy a blank replacement key off eBay or similar, and have the blank key cut. I can program the key myself but just not sure where to get the key cut.
If anyone knows anywhere that's cheap around Sydney, please let me know. And also what are the costs involved with getting a cut? (It would need to be a side cut on both sides of the blade)

Thank you :)


  • So you want something cheap, but you don't know how much it costs? Have you done any research at all?

  • Bunnings depending on the key type or your local locksmith. Shop around though as some will charge you more as you haven't bought the key from them

    • Bunnings won’t cut it if it’s your own blank since we don’t have anything to replace it with if it doesn’t work.

  • Local shopping centre and go to one of these key cutting/shoe repair/bong/cigarette/knife/engraving shops like Mr Minit. They will do it for cheap.

    • The one at My local didn’t want to. Had to go to a different locksmith.

      • As a locksmith, we wont do them. I have another post somewhere in my history (that I'm too lazy to look up), but basically, we wont do them because they are either made of the wrong metal (steel instead of brass) and it wrecks our cutters. The dimensions are wrong and sometimes these cheap keys just cant be cut correctly because of poor tolerances.

        The other things is, if we cut a shit quality ebay key, it's never "cheap shitty key" it's always "stupid shit locksmiths". So, some places might, most places wont. Because if they cut your cheap ebay key and it doesn’t work because it's a cheap, nasty bad quality key, the owner of the key will come back and complain it doesn’t work and you have to cut them a key on a much more expensive blank for free…

    • This. A friend of mine manages a Mr Minit and he's always on about stories of how much the car dealerships want to charge vs their cost to do the same job. Of course he also has the horror stories of what the base wholesale price is for some keys, so just because a key can be cut doesn't mean there's a "cheap" way to do it, if the vehicle manufacturer decides they want to charge an arm and a leg for the blank.

  • Bikies

  • Look under 'key cutting' in all formats of search at your disposal, paper or online, and tell them everything…a;ll details of what and why. Then after you have a few or quotes you can choose. There are different prices and services suburb to suburb let alone city or state and privateers to multi nationals etc. You need to do some basic research in the first instance….surly so we can attempt to help you bargain that better..

  • I searched on gumtree and asked for quotes.