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Create 100 Invoices & Quotes $0 (First 50 Signups, Normally $35) @ Invoice Owl


Good morning Ozbargainers!
I've spent the past few months creating an invoicing and business management platform.

Q: Why would I use your software over someone else's? e.g quickbooks, simpro, reckon, xero and countless others

We offer a two tier subscription, the first costs nothing and has limitations on the amount of invoices that can be created per day along with a few other things (branding, accounting features and so on)..

The second has a cost per job business model (starting from $0.25 cents), with branding removed and all features unlocked.

Q: But still even for free, there are other platforms out there, you haven't really answered the question..

Well, from experience with other platforms, they're usually trying to land corporate clients, while their free offerings may suffice for some small business owners, essentially you'll need to upgrade to a paid subscription. This then leads to the first two differences our opinion between our platform and others, which are:

There are many individuals operating a small business that could continue to use our platform under a free account and still have enough functionality they require
as most platforms have the business model of catering to large scale corporate clients, there software can come across as overwhelming or full of features a small business owner does not use or even know how to use, our platform is straight forward and simple.

OK, I might be interested, what about privacy?

We store emails using a 256bit encryption (why not a hash you ask? Because then the emails wouldn't be readable should they need updating) and a salted hash for passwords.

How do I test out this magical software then?

Simply head on over to and create an account, the first 50 signups will receive credit for 100 invoices and quotes, no catches.

3/07/2018 - Offer has been extended due to popularity

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    May i know if the free invoice will have your company branding? Honest question, i ve been using waves for free invoicing what's your advantage over wave? Thanks


    Created an account, couldn't log in. Created another account, couldn't log in. Created another account for the express purpose of testing the login, couldn't login in. Nothing "magical" about this software. If they can't even get that right…


      Hi there, did you activate your account first via the activation email that is sent upon signup? For example if someone were to sign up using [email protected] they will never receive the activation email to activate their account.

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      It worked for me. Did you receive the verification/activation email? The username is the business email address, which wasn't made clear in the process. randolpg should do something about that.

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        Thank you for the feedback, placeholder text has been updated.

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        Thanks, alvian, that worked.


    randolpg, is the website optimised for use on a mobile device? I'm using on a computer, and the menu layout seems very strange. e.g. To logout, i click on the three horizontal bars top right, the menu expands and I click on my user name which is in bottom left, then the 'Logout' button appears on the bottom right of the screen.


    My emails not being one way hash at this service? I am disappoint. Next you'll say you won't put username and password in url so I cant bookmark the site to log me in automatically. I want complete privacy and convenience!

    Lost a sale.


    What happens if I have more than 100 customers?


      Our current target demographic is small business owners, should you have over 100 customers it's more than likely you'll require a more feature packed platform than Invoice Owl. In future we definitely plan to integrate more features like bank account integration and xero support.

      You're more than welcome to give the platform a try for free, should it meet your current business needs we'd be more than happy to increase the customer limit for you.


        so we have a very small business, we have a different customer for every sale, it wont take long to get to 100. They wont all be active (we have about 30 active customers) but it seems pretty limiting


          Thank you for your feedback, we have increased the customer limit to 50 for free accounts and 250 for premium.