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Samsung Galaxy S9+ Dual SIM (256GB, Coral Blue) $919.19 from Dick Smith (Kogan HK) eBay


Don't know why this one has not been posted yet. This is by far the cheapest 256GB s9+ I have seen anywhere. Grabbed one alreay and there seems to be quite a few left. Correct me if I was wrong or there is another deal.

6.2” Quad HD+ Super AMOLED display
6GB RAM and 256GB internal storage
12 + 12MP dual rear camera, 8MP front camera
64-bit Octa-Core processor
Android Oreo 8.0 Operating System
Water and dust resistant

Original 20% off at Dick Smith / Kogan on eBay Deal Post

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    Maybe because is grey import???

    • +2

      Still a good price considering. Hardly Normal are currently asking $1487 for Australian stock

    • +5

      For those who wants dual sim, grey import is the only option.

  • If this had a SD845 I'd be all over it like a chimp on the jack-knifed big rig spilling bananas all over the freeway

    • +1

      I was betting on this one. If it comes in with Exyons I might just return it.

      • How do you find out if Exyons ?

        • you can simply install Antutu and it will show you which cpu you have under system information, I think Kogan is selling HK stock so hopefully it should come with 845 Cpu

        • You can simply tell by looking at the model number on the box, while they don't state it on the website.

        • sorry guess im a bit out of the loop, how come sd845 is preferred? I remember with the s7 & s7e the exynos was the much preferred soc. Has it switched around since?

        • +1

          apparently 845 has better GPU performance and some users mentioned that the exynos version has worse battery life.

        • +1

          Correct, i own the s9 exynos variant, it is apparently true that exynos has worse battery life than snapdragon and sd gpu is slightly superior. But nonetheless it is still a great device! But since snapdragon is limited to US, Canadian and Chinese market, getting updates or flashing roms to the Australian version would be pretty much impossible. So if you want to use Samsung Pay and such you will need exynos version. Although i wouldn't recommend it, if you want to root your phone or flash different roms, kernal you won't be able to on sd. Any questions about the device feel free to ask.

      • I don't think there are dual sim Snapdragon phones

      • Please choose your product/s carefully, as Dick Smith do not provide refunds for products where you have simply changed your mind.

    • But if it has an Exyons you can install an Australian rom and have Samsung pay work properly.

      • Mate, can you please throw some light on why we need Exyons for Samsung Pay?
        I'm interested in buying this but not sure the relation between those two?
        Are there any issues we can face with this model for use in Aus? Thnaks

        • Since this device isn't intended for the Australian market, it wouldn't support features like VoLTE, VoWiFi, Samsung Pay etc out of the box. In order to fix this, you'd have to flash a Australian firmware depending on your carrier. As such, the Snapdragon variant does not support these firmwares.

        • You dont need Exyons for Samsung Pay but it is better if you do.

          If the ones for sale here are a HK model then Samsung Pay will display in Chinese because it has a HK rom on it. (I think it is just the promotions but I have never seen it)

          If you get an Exyons model then you can easily install the Australian rom so Samsung Pay will be localised to Australia.

          China and the USA get the Snapdragon model so if you get one of these you will not be able to install an Exyons rom which means that your Samsung Pay will always be localised to China or America.

          If you install an Australian rom then you will also get VoLTE and other features which you may not get on an international rom.

        • @spaceflight:

          what's so good about samsung play.. can't you just use google pay?

        • +1


          I use both. Citibank does not work with Google Pay, it does with Samsung Pay which is good for mt Citi Plus debit card.

          Samsung Pay is also easier to swap between credit cards and loyalty cards (you don't need to unlock the phone, you can just swipe up when the screen is off)
          Scanning loyalty cards on Samsung pay can also be better as Samsung Pay uses a beaming technology that sends the barcode information using the proximity sensor so scanners do not need to be able to scan the phone screen.

      • That's what I thought. When I purchased my s9 plus I went to immediately flash the aus rom like i did on my s8 and found out it doesn't work like that any more.
        Have a look.

        But for some reason Samsung pay still works. So it's all good.

  • People waiting for the S10 prob why.

  • awesome deal…dual SIM rocks

  • i just bought one but a bit concern about the tax, do we need to pay tax for this item since it is shipped from HK? I dont know if i am correct but after 1 July all good from oversea need to pay tax??

    • You just need to have paid for it in full by today to avoid the newer import taxes.

    • Invoice is over $1000 so you will (might) have to pay GST

      • I only pay 919.19, Hopefully i dont need to pay 10% GST for it

    • Your order total / invoice is over $1000 so you will pay GST.

      But the Dick Smith conditions say

      The Dick Smith AU eBay store Product listing states the offer or and/or supplier of each Product.

      I cannot see the listing stating who the supplier is but as the seller is "dicksmithau" and it does not say you are buying from a Hong Kong business it would be reasonable of you to assume you are buying form an Australian business, which means you have already paid the GST in the price.

      • Preamble section at top of the DS terms of sale (my bold):

        Where you place an Order for DSE Products to be delivered outside of Hong Kong, you will be the importer of the DSE Products into Your jurisdiction.

        section 15.5 (my bold):

        In respect of any Order, certain taxes may be levied by the destination country to which Your DSE Products will be delivered. You will be the importer of record for the purpose of customs and border processing. As the importer of the DSE Products, you agree that you are liable to pay such taxes with respect to the DSE Products to the relevant authority in addition to Your payment to us under the General Terms and Conditions above. It is Your responsibility to determine whether any such taxes apply in Your destination country for delivery or the country from which the DSE Products are shipped.

        Could go either way on this one: IMHO import duties and GST will be payable by the buyer. The bit that actually matters at the end of the day: whether Aus Customs hold your product for payment of applicable taxes and duties or you manage to get the product delivered free and clear.

        • Yes I know but that assume you are buying from DSE, the listing does not state this.

          As you are buying from an Australian company by name and AU is in their seller name it would be misleading if you are actually buying from an international company as this has not been stated.
          Should you be charged GST by customs you should have a reasonable case to get Kogan to reimburse you.

        • Thanks for pointing it out, seems like that DSE do not include GST on their product.

        • +1

          @spaceflight: Yes, I am assuming this is a purchase from DSE.
          Sure, I accept they are generally * reasonable points but in context of the ambiguity you are adopting an interpretation with an outcome favourable to the buyer, and dependent upon the same view being adopted by Customs, or (if not paid and in the case Customs seek GST & duty) that Kogan / eBay will accept same and pay / prove already paid. I'm not sure that is likely, based on Kogan's feedback; and it is my view (opinion) that your interpretation is not substantiated as opposed to speculative (optimism bias).

          The item is specified as being located in and shipped from Hong Kong. It is irrelevant that both DS entities are ABN registered in Australia, since the terms of sale imply this is a Kogan DSE Product (rather than simply a DS Product) being sold via the Dick Smith AU ebay store. The Kogan HK DSE terms and conditions apply and 'You' are defined as being the importer, responsible for any taxes and duties that may applicable at jurisdiction of import (Australia, NZ, USA, Asgardia etc).

          My point is that the certainty is not evident that GST has been paid and it would be prudent to consider the alternative case. There is a limited basis for favourable perspective and (in my view, a stronger) case for unfavourable perspective on how GST and Customs duty will be applied, or not.

          * au in the ebay vendor name is not a legal or reliable indicator of whether the vendor is a registered business entity in Australia (along with their subsequent tax registrations and conditions of sale). Plenty of the sellers rely on that inference being made by people.

          Anyway, like I said earlier, the key factor of interest to any buyers here is whether they get the item delivered free and clear (hopefully for them), or caught in GST + Customs payments due.

        • @xdreamyst: I have already requested to cancel the item, do not want to take the risk, thanks

        • +3


          but in context of the ambiguity you are adopting an interpretation with an outcome favourable to the buyer

          I am not trying to come up with an argument that favors the buyer.
          Using the information available I am stating what a reasonable person would conclude based on the information available.

          "Dick Smith" is known as an Australian Company.
          "dicksmithau" indicates Australia.
          Australian companies must advertise GST included prices and there is no mention of GST needing to be paid on import.

          So with that the default position of a reasonable consumer would be that they are buying form an Australian company who has paid the GST.

          If the item is being purchased form a non Australian company then with the information in the listing a reasonable consumer is likely to be mislead.

          since the terms of sale imply this is a Kogan DSE Product

          The terms of sale do not imply it is a DSE product, you are assuming that because it comes from HK you are buying it from DSE (and I do think this will be the case)

          The terms of sale make it very clear that a product page will tell you which company you are buying from. In this listing it does not.

          So in the absence of this information what is a reasonable person who simply wants to buy a phone form a company they have always known to be an Australia company more likely to think? This is all that matters.

          Plenty of the sellers rely on that inference being made by people.

          Which is what I have been saying. If a reasonable person would expect they are dealing with an Australian company and they are charged GST when they import the item then they have every right to have the seller reimburse them for the GST.

          If my argument does not make sense then have a look at the Australian Consumer Law.

        • +1

          I wouldn't be too concerned if they refuse to cancel (or don't communicate). spaceflight makes an entirely valid point that their terms of sale contains a statement "The Dick Smith AU eBay store Product listing states the offer or and/or supplier of each Product." They don't appear to have done that specifically and expressly in this case - and so it is determined by inference / assumption (which is where spaceflight and I differ in opinion).

          (IMH entirely not legal advice opinion) It is the absence within the Product listing of a statement as to which entity is the supplier, that you potentially have a reasonable basis to claim and assert that you were of the honest view / belief that you were buying a DS Product, where Kogan Australia Pty Ltd ABN 53 152 570 351 T/A Dick Smith (Dick Smith) was the supplier. Also possible that DSE Kogan HK are relying hopefully upon Customs not to seek the taxes and duties when processing import at the border. This scenario would also likely rely upon you seeking recourse after paying the fees to release, or not receiving the product until payment is completed by another party and it is cleared for delivery.

          Customs won't have a 100% success rate on identifying imports requiring duty and gst so it may work out favourably for you and any others buying the item. Anyway, clear as mud.

        • +1

          @spaceflight: Really solid points and well articulated, +++ if I could.

          I also agree with your interpretation of how a reasonable person would be considered to interpret the Product, and form an honest view on the applicable conditions of sale and supplier. Just depends on how eBay interpret it or the remedies and avenues available to people if it lands against them (all of which is irrelevant if the product delivery is not intervened by Customs).

          Yep, agreed and concede doesn't imply it is a DSE product, that was poor wording, apologies: should have been potentially infer.

          Your argument makes sense, is reasonable, and hopefully prevails for those buying this.

        • @spaceflight:
          Not sure if we missed it previously, or they've just recently updated it, the extended "See full item description" page states: "This Product is offered and supplied by Dick Smith Electronics pursuant to the Terms and Conditions."

          Folks thinking of buying this should be aware this import will incur GST and Customs duties, and you will be responsible for paying them, based on it being a DSE Product shipped from HK, if the item is identified by Customs when processing.

        • +1


          Thanks xdreamyst :)
          No need to apologise either! We are allowed to interpret things differently.

          The one other thing that I forgot to mention (which is probably more important than what I said above) is that an australian business advertising a price to a customer (that is not a business) must advertise a GST inclusive price.

          So really it shouldn't matter which Dick Smith you buy from, the price shown on eBay needs to be the total price you will pay. If it is not then the ACCC is not going to be happy.

          It is interesting to think about along with section 15.5 of their terms and conditions.

          Also with the link that corwee shared below (which the banner on the description page should link to) it looks like GST is included in the price.
          If you also try and buy a phone from the Dick Smith website the checkout shows that it is a GST included price.

          Customs won't have a 100% success rate on identifying imports requiring duty and gst so it may work out favourably for you and any others buying the item. Anyway, clear as mud.

          If it comes with a courier (instead of post where customs dont have a 100% success rate because there is no electronic record) then they will collect GST based on the declared value.

        • @xdreamyst:

          the extended "See full item description" page states: "This Product is offered and supplied by Dick Smith Electronics pursuant to the Terms and Conditions."

          I looked for it before, but I could have missed it

          Folks thinking of buying this should be aware this import will incur GST and Customs duties, and you will be responsible for paying them, based on it being a DSE Product shipped from HK, if the item is identified by Customs when processing.

          You replied as I was making my comment above. Even if it comes form DSE you probably shouldn't be paying GST when it is imported.

        • @spaceflight: more solid points and a respectful, robust and quality web discourse: a rarity these days. Would buy you a coffee / beer if you were in WA (GST included, even though we don't get to keep much of it).

          Was a little sad no response comment about shipping to Asgardia, given your username ;)

          Have a great evening!

        • @xdreamyst:

          Thanks xdreamyst! It's always nice when people get along without fighting :)

          I have no allegiance to Asgardia, I only transport people and goods between it and Earth. I wont go in to the issues of interstellar tax collections that I overhear.

          It's actually impressive you know what GST is, you were formed and finished before GST had even been thought of :P

          Enjoy your weekend!!

      • just to make it more confusing, the dicksmith website itself says that all gst has been paid for with this model.

  • I think Dicksmith will issue the invoice with full amount because Paypal pay for the 20% discount

    • +1

      Yes they will issue an invoice for the full amount.
      The value of the phone is over $1000. eBay have paid 20% of the value for you.

  • grey import means I can't repair this in Australia?

    • Samsung wont repair it but you can repair it elsewhere.

  • Brought it, will not want it if I need to pay GST

  • This is a great price for 256GB model. Nothing wrong with grey import, how much can go wrong with a phone? Most issues are easily fixed anyway.

    • yea but samsung australia wont touch the phone.

      So you have to go to a private company for any repairs and they rip you.

      i.e screen repair via samsung is $250 via private it is $450

      • -1

        So don't break the screen. I've never broken the screen on a phone, I take care of my things and also invest in a decent case. If it did happen though, I would buy the part and replace it myself.

        • +1

          Why is this being downvoted? Take care of your phone and you won't have this problem - it's that bloody simple!

        • +1

          Maybe because accidents happen? I'm sure there isn't a single person out there that wishes to have their screen smashed

        • @BlitzR: Im careful with mine. The only screen that broke was the nexus 5 when it fell once from below waist height. Looking back, that phone had the thinnest glass of any phone at the time. I remember everybody that owned one was questioning if it really had gorilla glass.

          These days they're more durable but Ive seen people completely shatter a 1K+ screen within a week. Usually due to clumsiness. Glass screen protectors are also a good investment when it comes to these things.

  • Thanks OP, bought one.

  • +2

    Wow, half the price of an iPhone X (max mem).

    • And twice the specs

  • Sorry guys as my question is off topic. Are iPhones sold by Dick smith covered by apple warranty ?

    • +1

      Who makes IPhones ? Apple or Dick Smith ?

  • +1

    Great price - can anyone recommend a decent case to go with this (lightweight but protective)?

    • +1

      It will come with a TPU case included in the pack. But if you want something more protective then the best protection will be from an Otterbox, but Spigen Neo Hybrid is a good compromise between protection/aesthetics.

    • Tech 21 is the best :)

  • Seems that some of DSE "item location" is local and some are from HK. I wonder how accurate that is. Bought something yesterday that clearly stated "item location: Australia", ships from Victoria. Hopefully it isn't coming from HK directly and I'll be charged GST.

  • Does the S9 AU stock run on SD or exynos? thanks

    • To the best of my knowledge, only China and US have SD. All other stock (including AU) use Exynos.

      • +1

        So basically the biggest benefit of buying AU stock is warranty & buying US/HK stock is cheaper and slightly better performing? So much preference over the AU stock though…

        • Yeah I think part of it is OZB getting inside our heads though - realistically people flipping out over getting the same phone as anyone who buys from an Aussie seller.

          The real world difference appears to be up to 1 second loading time for graphically intensive games.

        • +1

          @AlanHB: Yeah… I wouldn't be caring about performance. The SD845 (or the Exynos) are both overkill for almost every function a phone currently does or conceivably will do within the next few years…

          The only hesitation for me is that the Exynos has a (slightly) poorer battery life, which, for me at least, has more real-world implications.

        • @dstambou: Yeah I getcha, it would be less helpful if you can't charge your phone at work/during daily duties.

  • Thanks Op bought one. Hopefully dont have to pay GST.

  • Use Google Pay instead of Samsung Pay. You are not missing much in case of VoLTE and VoWifi.

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