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Hilton Status Match with Any Other Hotel Loyalty Program


I did a quick search and didn’t find anything about this on here.

You can get your status matched with Hilton. It’s meant to be with selected chains, however you can select “other” and get it done with most of them from what I read elsewhere.

Takes up to 5 business days and you just need to upload proof of status and stays.

Note: it lasts for 90 days as pointed out in the comments, which you can extend by doing 4 stays. I guess 4 separate nightly bookings might count.

As a bonus, you can also get silver automatically here:

It’s meant to be for Amex but there’s no checks. 🤷🏻‍♂️

You get two free bottles of water with silver status. 😎

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          @RandomNinja: At a minimum, Platinums are guaranteed upgrade to Executive Lounge access (with potential upgrade to Suites); while Golds have only have potential to be granted access to Executive Lounges only if they are upgraded to Executive level rooms.

      • +3

        The main advantage of Diamond is guaranteed Executive lounge access (even if they can't upgrade you to an executive room).

        • yep, I noticed this difference when I dropped to gold from diamond. I waa unpleasantly surprised :(

        • And in the absence of executive lounge (e.g. Hilton mongkok), they give you 2 drink vouchers redeemable at the hotel's bar

        • @orapronobis: I get this as Gold

  • Worth noting, it only lasts for 90 days. Unless you reach the minum stays nights to extend.

    • +1

      Yeah but completed the reuired stay within 90 days and get the status till March 2020. Not bad if I may say so.

      • Book 4 nights separately and it probably counts as 4 stays.

        • They’ve started cracking down on that. I think Marriott counts individual consecutive stay at the one hotel as one stay now. Not sure about Hilton.

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      Also note if you are going for this then be aware that it is based on number of stays not number of nights, so if you are making a status run for this swap hotels each night to rack up the stays.

      • Yeah that’s what I thought too, so I added it in the post.

        • You need to switch hotels, so could use two hotels and switch each day.

  • Hmmmm. This might be interesting to me. I have 3 nights in November and 4 in December booked so I just have to hope that the deal lasts a bit longer before I apply for the status match.

    Just checked and I'm still Platinum Elite with IGH which knowing my luck is just Gold for Hilton.

    • That would be 2 stays as Hilton counts it.

    • IHG Plat should match to Diamond with Hilton. Just make sure you wait till your stays are within the 90 days. Any chance you could split each in half with a different Hilton so you hit the 4 stays?

      • +1

        I actually booked the three night stay in Sydney Hilton as separate nights and the four night stay in Brisbane as well (as I was using the Amex Hilton Spend $400 get $120 back deal).

        I think though that I subsequently merged the bookings into singles after though so that I did not have to check out and in all the time. :-(

        I also suspect that only IHG Spire Elite (the level above IHG Platinum Elite) will match to Diamond.

        Either way I'm going to be ok as I already have executive room for all my Hilton bookings. Exec room is the main benefit for me when getting tiered Hilton status.

        • I matched IHG Platinum to Diamond although I was already Gold so that may have something to do with it.
          Yeah unfortunately consecutive nights won't ever count as separate stays.

        • @Ruth Tiffen: Was recently reminded (in post below) that Velocity FF Gold gives matching Hilton Gold or IHG gold Elite so I'll make sure I trigger the Hilton Gold part before I try the status match to hopefully upgrade to Diamond.

          Also in my bookings, I see the three night stay in Sydney as three separate stays and the four night one in Brisbane is all in one booking. I'll then probably go and stay in a Hilton or equivalent in HK in Jan 2019 just so I can maintain this Diamond thing (assuming I get it).

  • Do any other chains offer this? I am Diamond with Hilton, but usually book a variety of hotels.

    • +1

      SPG (along with Marriott) offers a status match challenge, not a direct match.

      • I'm lifetime SPG gold and I have to say I get much more value out of Hhonors (e.g. breakfast).

  • +10

    Will they match my EB Games level 2 status?

  • +1

    I don’t really like Hilton, don’t ask me why. I enjoy SPG hotels more, cheaper and better than Hilton and you can use MR points to book. Also, there is 35% off SPG points at the moment.

    • Hilton regularly have 80-100% extra points when buying with cash. Hilton Diamond is another experience, excellent benefits.

    • +1

      35% off SPG points but each point costs 3.11 cents still.

      So a hotel costs 10000 points, you'd be paying $311 for a basic room.

      Also, category 1-4 hotels are crappy. Most 'normal' 5 star hotels are category 5 and above - that is 12000-16000 points.

      SPG has one of the worst points redemptions across any program. Only good thing are the 7 night travel packages after transferring to Marriott.

      SPG is not really cheaper either, every country I look at SPG is equal to or more than the equivalent Hilton. If you're comparing brands like Four Points, then you should be comparing to Garden Inn and Doubletree

      Hilton you can use points to book at a set rate with cash and points. MR is never a good redemption unless its the 7 night travel package.

      As for which is better I think its highly dependent on the hotel itself. There are some better SPG hotels than Hilton, and some better Hilton than SPG.

      • It depends on the hotels you book and I agree with you this.

        But SPG is more flexible as you can transfer points to most airlines at ratio 1:1 and after this August you can transfer to Qantas as well.

        I always use SPG points to book 5 nights, so it costs me 4 nights and the 5th night is free.

        Or transfer points to Marriott to book the travel packages.

        • An SPG point is 3.11 cents AUD on sale.

          An airline point goes for 1.1-1.4cents

          so you're only getting 35%~ efficiency for your points by swapping them over.

          Hilton also offers the 5th night free when booking with points

  • If you need a shortcut to Gold get a Macquarie Hilton card. Gold has been good, free breakfast, room upgrade, water and wifi. Also free drinks at the bar if no lounge to access. Room rate at sale time combined with amex offer makes for a very reasonable deal!

    • What is the fee on that each year?

      • 295

      • Normally $295/year, but last promotion was $0 for life (but that horse has bolted).

        • bugger, in hindsight I should've signed up even though I didn't need a credit card. $0 fee credit card always comes in handy when you are waiting for the next bonus points Credit card promo to sign up for :p

        • @Homr:

          Yeah they have took that card off the market. Was a bloody hard card to get approval for. Macquarie is notorious for declining. Anyway card with 2 week night and Diamond status for me so far. Best of all cost me nothing.

    • +1

      Macquarie Hilton card is no more.

        • You'll find there is no apply button, and new applications aren't being accepted anymore if you still want to try.

        • @Bitsurfr: Noticed that on their website last week.. Wondering what'd happen to the existing cardholders. Hope the card doesn't get replaced by some other product offering poorer value.

        • @lba2:

          So long as it/whatever replacement is offered remains $0 I'll hang onto it. Hilton Diamond status awarded recently is good til March 2020 at least :)

        • @Bitsurfr: Wow that’s nice! How could you be sure about that? I’m under the impression the elite status last for only one year if no effort is made to maintain it.

        • @lba2: I think status is maintained from min spend. Gold is easy, $6k in a few months but Diamond is like $40k….

        • +4

          @lba2: Status expiry date is printed on the virtual membership card (bottom right corner), which you can see after logging into Hilton online (not via the app): My Account > Go to my account > My Hilton Honors Card > Download

        • @Bitsurfr:

          Awesome thanks. Let's hope they don't find some way to retract this error.

        • @Bitsurfr: Beautiful.. got it confirmed there too. Thanks Bits. I guess my spending strategy around the MQ HH card will change accordingly in the rest of the year now that I don't need to worry (hopefully) about hitting the $ mark to keep Diamond.

  • +1

    I am starting to catch up on FF status but am quite oblivious to hotel status.

    • What are the main benefits of having the different tiers of hotel status?
    • Is it much like FF status where if you aren't a frequent flyer/hotel stayer you won't get much benefit from it?
    • Any tips for getting status and then using this deal?
    • +1

      Main benefits are free room upgrades, free drinks, welcoming chocolates and lounge access from experience.

      The free room upgrade is the best bit I find.

      • Lounge access as in airports?

        Thanks for the info.

        • +1

          Most of the better Hilton hotel ranges ('Hilton' 'Conrad' and 'Intercontinental' in particular), have an executive lounge which provides buffet breakfasts, free drinks throughout the day, afternoon teas (generally Intercontinental or Conrads) in the afternoon and often some nice canapés in the evening. Enough so that you might not even bother going out to dinner.

          Holiday Inns in comparison do not generally have an Exec lounge so the benefits to you with Diamond would be things like room upgrades and free breakfasts.

        • @danielh: Oh that sounds pretty good. Is it diamond for Hilton as well for the exec lounges? Is there a quick way to obtain diamond in a certain hotel range to get Hilton to match them?

        • +1

          You'll find that's the problem. Hilton are status match whores, they'll match basically any other program. And because of this, it isn't easy to get most of the other major competitors (Marriott/SPG, ICH, Hyatt etc) to match Hilton Diamond cause they know it's so easy to obtain…

        • +1


          From the looks of things Diamond is still pretty hard to get. Gold is easy but they’re going down the Marriottt/SPG route and not offering breakfast for gold member soon. Should definitely reduce the number of people that can access the lounge.

        • @nightelves:

          Is that why I got a random upgrade to Diamond… because they're dropping the benefits of Gold. Says I'll lose Diamond some time in 2019 but it doesn't specify.

        • +2


          You’ll have diamond until March 2020 if you got upgraded to Diamond this year. I rang up and check. They’re not dropping gold but rather devaluing the benefit such as complimentary breakfast for gold member. Rumours has it gold might not get breakfast in future.

        • @scrone: holy crap just checked and I also have had random upgrade to Diamond wtf… only had one stay this year (soon to be 2). Pretty happy about that but might be because they are going to devalue Gold for new Gold members soon!

        • @lainey13:

          Yeah I just recently booked 7 nights (2 free/points) and I received a notification that I was upgraded to Diamond. If they remove the free breakfast from Gold I'll dump the Macquarie Hilton credit card I've got. How long does it say you're Diamond for? I'm hoping nightelves is correct that it runs to 2020 but mine says 2019.

          EDIT: Thanks to Bitsurfr I've confirmed it's to 03/2020 by loggging into my account and reviewing the date on "My Hilton Honors Card".

  • +1

    I wonder if they will match my YHA status

  • -2

    Hotels are very expensive when booking direct with them. So it doesn't really work out well in the end.

    • Direct is always the cheapest. If you find a better rate, you can price beat and get 25% off. Also direct you get points which are actually a sizable amount.

    • I'm currently doing 4 stay status match using the Vivid $120 cash back offer over seperate night stays so it will work out cheap

    • Booking direct with hilton was cheaper by 10% over the prices from the duopoly third party booking sites, i was trying to get their price beat with no luck.

  • Just applied with IHG Platinum. I already have comp Gold via AmEx Platinum Charge so hoping for a Diamond… ;)

    • Please let us know how you go. I think you will just get gold as I think they do not rate the IHG tiers as strongly as other chains.

    • It’ll probably be gold as Spire Elite is the equivalent to Hilton Diamond.

      • I should probably note that my Spire Elite was matched to Hilton Diamond a few years back during another status matching promotion but as I did not maintain enough stays it dropped straight down to the lowest level (Blue) after a year so if you are planning to do this, make hay while the sun shines.

    • I applied with IHG Plat and got Hilton Diamond, I do need 8 nights stay in next 90 days so not sure if I can keep it.

  • Will they convert my flybuys points?

    • +1

      No dylo, no

  • +1

    Got my Spire Elite matched to Diamond. But my offer is stay 8nights and extend to march 2019 not 2020 like the web site says… :(

    • Mine said stay 8 nights and extend to March 2020. I was already Hilton Gold at the time. What were you before the status match? Maybe that had some bearing on it.

  • Same here. I got IHG Platinum matched to Diamond, but the offer is also for 8 nights, then extended to March 2019. If it was March 2020, I'd definitely switch some bookings to Hilton.

    • Hmmmm, at least it is 8 nights and not stays. Pretty poor form if you only get it extended to March 2019 instead of 2020 though.

      Also glad to see that IHG Platinum gets Hilton Diamond. Was worried that it was only going to be Spire Elite.

  • how long from applying has it taken for the match to come through? I'm IHG Platinum but need to line the application up with some upcoming stays to try to get the 8 within 90 days.

    • Yeah. Well I have my first Hilton booking during Melbourne cup long weekend so I’m really hoping this offer lasts until November.

  • Anyone tried with Accor plus? I've got silver class membership.

  • I believe I have complimentary Hilton Honors Gold with my Velocity Gold status. Can I status match with PriorityGuest Rewards? I have a QT stay coming up…

    • Is that Hilton gold renewed each year?

      • Only available for 1 year unless you make the requisite number of stays.

    • Oooohhhh, forgot about that. I'm Velocity gold as well. Got to check that now.

      Yep just checked and VFF Gold grants one of Hilton Gold or IHG Gold Elite. Will last for 12 months so I would probably only apply just before you stay in that hotel chain.

      • Take the IHG then status match to Hilton

        • I actually plan to take the Velocity Gold to make my Hilton Blue -> Hilton Gold and then do my status match of my IHG Platinum to hopefully Hilton Diamond.

          • +1

            @danielh: FYI I did just that and now I’m Hilton Diamond with the spend 8 nights get Diamond until March 2020 offer.

            I used to be Hilton Gold before via the velocity gold match and I provided my IHG spire elite details to match it.

  • If anyone has screenshots and other forms of proof they wish to assist me with, please pm

  • The updated link for AMEX silver

    Note the silver status is valid for the current year, need 10 stays to maintain for the next year.

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