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Panasonic Lumix G7 w/14-42mm & 45-150mm Lens w/Bonus 25mm Lens, Bag & Tripod - $899.10 + $9.95 Shipping @ Camera House eBay


Looks like a fair bargain i'd pickup if I didn't already own half of it.
Camera body, 3 Lenses, Tripod and camera bag all for $999 is pretty fair of a price in itself but saving $100 really makes it a nice large set of gear for anyone that wants to get into micro four third cameras.

Original 10% off Sitewide on eBay Deal Post

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    Those lenses aren't that great (all entry level ones). Not a good price for the package either.

    14-42mm: I bought that one two years ago for less than $60 with a GH4 body - it was the cheapest lens. 25mm is often a bonus lens offered by Panasonic during cashback and/or bonus lens promotions.


      care to share a better price from somewhere else? I am not interested as I bought a GX85 at Xmas time, also dual lens kit plus free 25mm. Sold off the extra lenses made the body pretty cheap! You can always do the same.


        Past deal with just the body and the bonus 25mm - $537. The 14-42mm is generally overpriced and really is only worth less than $60. 45-150mm for $300?

        G7 is old so avoid spending too much. Also, even you didn't want to keep the lenses.

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          and you have a time machine people can borrow yeah?

          this is not about me and my preference of lens. or anyone and their preference of camera.

          just asking if you had a current valid deal that is better, since you do not feel this pkg is worth the money or deal is not worth it.

          eg. for someone after a G7, is there a better deal out there?


          @hippo2s: I suggest just get the body only and then get a better lens. Talk to a friend who knows a bit about photography. I doubt he/she will recommend twin lens kit + a bonus 25mm (50mm full frame equiv) which is often offered free during promotion.


          I don't get why OZB nowadays need to be heavy on the cheapest current packaged deals. If it is a GH5 or G9, then I can understand. Many people seriously in the market for G7 now? Also, unless the price is fantastic, it might be worthwhile to wait for the next Panasonic promotion. You are clearly paying for the average lenses.

          Should I go and find the cheapest price currently for every camera and list them on OZBargain now?


    I get what you are saying, there are better value cameras out there for the money. And buying body only is a better way forward. And G7 is ageing, get something newer. These are sound advice in general.

    However ozb is ozb, and people are looking for the best deal for an specific item. You don't have to look for lowest prices of all cameras, but if you make a statement like 'Not a good price for the packages' I read it as you have seen cheaper price of same item somewhere else.

    We should compare like for like.


      The product matters. It's an old model and for photography, we can let people know packages to avoid. It's easy to get hooked on 20% off eBay voucher and you could end up buying things you don't really need or unsuitable just to maximise the discount.

      G7 is not a camera you buy when you feel like it. It's for budget conscious buyers or people wanting a cheap B cam.

      I mentioned I got one of the lens for $60 (brand new, from a shop, no bargaining). 25mm - got it free. The remaining lens is not worth much. Body, check the link I posted. You do the maths.