This was posted 3 years 3 months 15 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Balnea Liquid Hand Wash Refill 750ml $1.00, Was $2.50 @ Woolworths


as title says Balnea Liquid Hand Wash Refill(refreshing only)

only $ 1.00 Was $2.50

thanks to pricehipster

and you can save another 15 cents by getting free reusable bag

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    Not at all stores. Mine has it for $2.

    • The 15c Recycled Plastic Bags are free. Not the $2 ones.

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        I think he means the hand wash

        • oh gotcha .. oops my bad :( I apologise for that

      • 15c Recycled Plastic Bags? free? scan it system will treat it as zero dollar?

        • The recycled plastic bags are at the self checkout counters and will be free only up to 8/7 Sunday. You don't need to scan it.

        • @gm3stevens: my store shows 2.50 :(

        • @gm3stevens: you need to scan the bag for inventory and the price comes off once you scan your first item.

          I don't think it should be included in the pricing of this deal though.

  • Thanks!

  • Well spotted OP.

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    Username checks out… Well done OP

  • Good find OP, seems to be an everyday price now to replace their Woolies home brand.

    Coles ones are "temporarily unavailable" so you can expect to see it follow suit soon enough.

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      Are they going the Aldi route of making home brand look like a third party brand?

      • I'm not sure but quite possibly. There seems to be quite a few third party brands replacing the Woolies homebrand items..

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        Yep they certainly are. I discovered this about a year ago when buying toothpaste - just wanted the cheapest home brand or 'select', but couldn't find it.

        Found this one:

        Turned it over - it says "Made for Woolworths" etc….

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      It's a clearance line mate.

      • To all the stupid neggers who have no appetite for facts and prefer fictious tales instead ….
        I'll repeat, this is a clearance line. Woolworths Online rang to confirm this (Balnea Liquid Hand - both pump and refill) are clearance lines, and that they had no stock. I placed orders at two stores, and received the same response.

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    I read an article that warned don't buy the Antibacterial Version… I bought this religiously whilst my child was sick, but then when I got a skin infection that was hard to shake I starting reading into Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) super bugs.

    The Antibacterial soap contains a chemical now banned in the USA and EU as unsafe as it can lead to developing MSRA super bugs called Triclosan - see Woolworths page it is listed as an ingredient (Link to Woolies page.) From what I understand (but do your own research I am no expert), because you are regularly exposing the bacteria on your skin to small doses, it can become immune). This means when they use antibacterials in a medical setting such as surgery, you (or a loved one you spread the resistant bugs to) may come out with an infection not killed by the cleaners they use when they scrub in to surgery, and can't be fought by giving you antibiotics because its part of the same 'family' of how they kill nasty bugs…. really scary bad news.

    FDA believes it is better to save these chemicals for when they are needed in a medical setting. See FDA detail: FDA Article

    This is despite Woolworths saying they would stop using it by the end of 2017… ABC Article. I believe some other companies have stopped using it (perhaps Dettol?) but I have just switched to plain hand wash instead.

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      Triclosan has a whole range of other reasons why its bad for you. But i doubt that wollies will take every antibacterial everything off their shelves. Triclosan is even in colgate total which is the most popular toothpaste.

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        The bottom line problem is we don’t sufficiently know if the benefits outweigh the risks yet somehow manufacturers have decided to put it in every second product in the soap aisle.

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          Yes… why do I get the feeling in 50 years time people will look back on the wide use of Triclosan so gobsmacked as to how we didn't realise - like we do now about the old yesteryear practice of administering Mercury for dozens of ailments or Heroin for soothing babies teething or as a cough syrup!

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      The biggest problem with Triclosan is that (in typical use where you’re not soaking your hands for minutes) it just kills off the bacteria that are most vulnerable, leaving the rest to flourish since they have no competition.

      So, while you’re killing off some bacteria, you’re actually helping out the worst of them. These are the same ones that are resistant to antibiotics.

      There’s absolutely no reason to use it. The bacteria it kills are mostly harmless, and the ones it helps are the resistant ones you really don’t want.

      It’s just a recipe for more and more drug resistant bacteria developing and flourishing.

  • Pity it doesn't appear to be foaming, CMIIW.

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      you just need to dilute with 1:1 part water. Works perfectly. Been doing it for years.

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        Really? Can use that to refill foaming pump dispensers? If so, that's great, will get on to it, thanks!

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          Yes, you may need to adjust the water to soap ratio a bit to get proper foaming but as previous commenter said 1:1 should be ok. The pumps don't last forever though, you'll need to buy a new one every now and then.

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          yes, this was also discussed in another thread a while ago. like loropy9 said, the pump will die eventually (you'll notice that water gets into the mixing chamber, that's when you need a new one).

          if when diluting the foam feels too 'dry', add water; if it feels too runny, add refill.

        • Actually, you can get away with 1:2 part water if you use the palmolive foaming hand wash dispensers (which last for ages). Also been doing it for years lol. Tip: use warm water to dilute the liquid soap and never shake(just tip it up and down repeatedly until diluted).

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      The foaming version is on sale too. Can't remember the price but was on sale.

  • Bought this yesterday. Not bad for $1.

  • Is this any good as lube?

    • Average at best.

  • Managed to get 4 today. Thanks OP.

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    Got 10 yesterday. Going to get another 10 today

  • Is the deal still valid?

    • As I stated earlier, this is a clearance line unlike what the deluded derelicts in this post believe. If your local still has stock, good for you, though it's likely all gone.