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LifeSpring Professional Ceramic Knife Set $19 Delivered @ Living Store eBay


If you require professional knives with a superior edge and relentless sharpness for precision slicing, this razor-sharp ceramic knife and peeler set is for you.

The knives' acute blades are made from zirconium oxide, a material harder than stainless steel and second only to diamond. The knives retain their ultra-sharp cutting edge for longer, making them the go-to option for professional and budding chefs around the world.

Ergonomically designed, easy-grip ABS handles work in harmony with the unyielding sharpness of the knives’ sleek ceramic blade.

LifeSpring Ceramic Knives are perfectly balanced, making them easy to manoeuvre and a joy to use.

No matter your cooking style, this Ceramic Knife and Peeler Set ensures ultimate accuracy when slicing and cutting every time.

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    this actually looks good for the price


    It kind of would make sense to mention the size


    what is the side of these knife, why there is not mention in your ad and here.

    if it is 2",3", 4" i wouldn't say it is very useful

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    Got a set of very similar ceramic knives direct from China from an OzBargain deal a few years ago for around $10-$15 from memory including the peeler. Lovely feel, nice black blades, really really good general purpose knives and still sharp even today except they have one issue, they're extremely brittle. One drop or sharp knock and the tip will chip off. Doesn't really affect the use of the knife for normal people but is something to be aware of. My cheapie set came without a fancy box but each knife came complete with a hard plastic blade cover that we use when storing in the drawer. I wouldn't touch a set of these knives without covers TBH so REP, do these come with covers? I can't see them in the pics or detailed in the description.

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    Do not sharpen at home - they require the attention of a professional with a diamond sharpening wheel!

    If you're paying someone to sharpen these I'm guessing that'll cost you more than the knives.


      Depends on what you're doing. If you have a bunch, you might find a local sharpener you can go to or they come to you! I found one that was $8 per knife, which seemed pretty good.


        Even if $8 per knife is to sharpen ceramic rather than steel you're still up for $24 to sharpen 3 knives that are worth $19.


      I mean, this is $19 a set whereas a set of really good knives (which are this sharp) would set you back way over $190. You could just keep buying new ones as they wear out.


        I mean, this is $19 a set whereas a set of really good knives (which are this sharp) would set you back way over $190. You could just keep buying new ones as they wear out.

        Each to their own but I'm really not a fan of this approach and don't like to encourage it. Firstly there's the wasted resources producing, transporting and having to dispose of the product.

        Then you have the problem of never really having a sharp or comfortable knife. All the ceramic knives I've seen have a relatively thick blade which makes slicing more cumbersome. Despite the marketing claims ceramic knives do dull and can't readily be touched up to keep their edge so you end up with a knife getting blunter and blunter until you throw it and buy a new one. It's not difficult or involved to keep an shaving sharp edge on a steel blade, for home use a few quality steel knives can easily be kept sharp for a lifetime and will be much more enjoyable to use that cheap ceramic knives.

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    OP - sorry but you're stating facts that are clearly false:

    The knives' acute blades are made from zirconium oxide, a material harder than stainless steel and second only to diamond

    By my count there's atleast 15 materials that are harder than Zr02 before Diamond - so 2nd only is absolutely false - check the combined Moh & Knoop chart at bottom of link:

    making them the go-to option for professional and budding chefs around the world

    I've never seen a ceramic knife in all my years of watching cooking shows nor being around restaurants. I've also several friends who've owned restaurants and worked in kitchens and never in discussing knives with them did ceramic even rate a mention.

    FWIW these and all ceramic knives are all but disposable - in that you cannot sharpen them without very high end diamond sharpening plates. So whereas a good steel knife can be resharpened many, many times - these are all but useless when blunted or damaged - the latter being more likely as they're very easy to chip.

    PS. What kind of pro knives are sold without any reference at all to their lengths? Buyer beware.


      "Second only to diamond" is literally the copy from Kyocera. As this claim is made in the context of knives, it might be interpreted as: of materials that are in common usage for the manufacture of kitchen knives, the hardness of ZrO2 with the addition of small quantities of magnesia, calcia and yttria, is second only to diamond.

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        I guess I'll keep using my diamond knives then….. ;-)

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        @twocsies, I'm assuming it was you who negged me? Why? Do you understand the way negs are meant to be used on OzB?

        As stated below - if the claim is made in the context of knives - ok….so where are the diamond knives for sale??????? It's not made in that context - it's made to mislead folks to get them to buy this product. Plain and simple.

        PS. You can have your neg back. ;-)


          I think in terms of context - people are either lazy or unknowledgeable on how to sharpen knives at all so its not really fair to compare it to a professional who will sharpen their knives daily.

          not saying they are good but they are not outright bad either.

          as long as you know what you are getting into then I guess thats all you can hope for.


        Yeah I second that this probably relates to knives currently on the market. I knew tungsten carbide is a not uncommon material, but I've never heard of a tungsten carbide knife.

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    I've worked in food industry for over 30 yrs and in some high end restaurants, and have never seen them used before in a professional setting.
    They are good for the casual cook at home, but once blunted, have to be professionally sharpened.
    I know, cos i got caught up in hype and bought 1 6yrs ago.
    Didnt last 18 months,before having to be sharpened.


      Good info - FWIW I've only used these a few times but I was underwhelmed by how sharp the edge on these is. The basic sharpness test i use for all my knives (and I've a lot) is can I easily shave the hair from my arms with them. The ceramic one I used didn't do this - now with no real way to make it sharper that it is able (with a lot of extra care) keep this level of sharpness for longer than average steel isn't a real plus to me - as if my steel knives dull a tad I can just run them over my ceramic hone and they're back to razor sharp.

      I suspect due to the highly brittle edge on these they can't make them too sharp or they break extra easily, whereas steel is more able to flex with user error and allow the edge to be honed back to being sharp (which is what a butchers steel is for).

      PS. Nearly 3hrs later and the OP, who's associated still hasn't even advised the lengths of these knives….amateur hour and then some.


    Great, got two for $36.10 using penny5. will have spares for when they chip and break

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    I got this exact set free with a dehumidifier/air purifier. If that means anything for the price.


      I got this same set free with a dehumidifier also. I tried to sell on eBay, but couldn't get $10 for them, so they're sitting in the garage until I get around to chucking them out.
      They are nicely presented though.

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