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Mens Work Boot Clear out Safety Jogger Brand Saturnus: $12.90 + $5.90 P/H + Free Returns (RRP $70) @ Top Brands Shopping eBay


Mens Work Boot Clear out Safety Jogger Brand Saturnus RRP $70 Today Only $12.90 + $5.90 P/H + Free Returns @Top Brand Shopping

  • Today only $12.90 + $5.90 P/h - Pay postage once - Free postage for ebay plus.

  • Free Returns, if you dont like it or doesnt fit we send you return label

  • Shipped from Sydney Warehouse today and Monday

  • While Stocks Last

-Only Few sizes left

  • Thanks for support and happy hunting.

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  • Got a size guide at all?

    • Yeah. Click the link and pick what you want.

  • Blue Nubuck leather boot
    Nylon mesh lining
    Antistatic, puncture resistant steel sole
    Shock proof, antislip,
    Steel toe, S1P PU/PU sole

    Even for the RRP of $70 I doubt all of that.

    • 100% rating with almost 11,000 feedback.
      No negative or neutral over the last 12 months.

      My personal rating doesn't get close to that.
      I think i'll take them at their word.

  • +1

    Great. Bought. This is perfect for mowing.

  • +1

    Safety jogger

    Thanks OP great for my upcoming half marathon.

  • How is it free shipping? Not showing as Ebay Plus.

  • +1

    Wow - over 30 sold since posting.

    Free Returns, if you dont like it or doesnt fit we send you return label

    That's pretty good!

  • Pay postage once - Free postage for ebay plus.

    you're not an ebay plus seller.

    How do you get free postage?

    • I think they're gone.

      • they're still available

        • The OP has gone, and the booties are vanishing.

  • +1

    Thanks - grabbed a pair for mowing lawn - always amuses me when you drive by someone in thongs pulling their mower backwards towards them! Just one lil slip and your toes would become coleslaw!

    • Which reminds me of this.

    • This actually happened to a pensioner neighbour I used to know- he stumbled backwards on a root and pulled the petrol mower across his shoe; being elderly he couldn't react quickly enough. He severely damaged the bones to his big and second toe, had to have surgery and was in terrible pain for a couple of years. He ended up with a limp, poor bloke……….so yeh, wear steel toe caps if you have them, it does happen!

      • Yes, lawnwmowers & feet remind me of this scene from Mad Men: https://youtu.be/iI2A8bQv2xA

        Generally pulling any lawnmower back towards you is consider bad technique - even moreso if you're on a slope or around trip objects - is very easy to make a small mistake and I am sure that because they're such common machines folks are very blase about safety around them.

        Same as the number of folks I've seen using their whipper snipper without any safety glasses etc…..you might get away with it for 20yrs but it just takes one angry stone & bye bye to the vision from one eye.

        I'm on a rural property so marginally different but I always now use a full face visor - the number of stones I've had thump into it always makes me appreciate using it.

  • +1

    I bought a pair, not free postage, not footy boots but worth a punt

  • How do these fare as hiking boots?

    • I was thinking just that- whether they might be a bit too heavy for my daily run up Mt Warning.
      Have to decide soon or they will all be gone.

    • +1

      Too heavy - steel cap & sole protector - definitely not a good hiking shoe.

    • +3

      These boots ain't made for walking.

      • +1

        One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you

    • I know someone who needs a good kick in the nuts.

      These will be perfect.

  • +1

    Every thing but US 11 is sold out. That too will be out of stock soon since there's only 2 of those boots left. And then it's all over!.

    It got Ozbargained.

    • they say you have free return postage if it doesn't fit and you need to change for another size, but there won't be any stock..

      • In that case you'll probably get a refund.

  • Sold out totally now.

  • +1


    • We did it!

  • +1

    FWIW received these and the quality is excellent - really robust with a lot of smart little features. Regardless of whether this specific shoe is available again I'd say this obscure brand, is worth grabbing at a decent price as they're well built. Also very quick postage and well packed - thanks seller!

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